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Day 3564: Unanswered questions

I think many of us have unanswered questions, so that’s why I asked this question last night on Twitter:


Sometimes we need to come up with our own answers to unanswered questions, and then move on.

Are there any unanswered questions in my other images for today?

Speaking of unanswered questions, I’d like to ask the Daily Bitch how she comes up with so many great calendar entries.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “unanswered questions.”


I like this unanswered question in the comments section for that video:


Thanks to all who have unanswered questions, including YOU!

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Day 3563: A fear of forgetting

I just looked up “a fear of forgetting” and found this, which I hope I don’t forget.

I have a fear of forgetting

  • to take my medicine, especially my Coumadin,
  • people’s names,
  • people’s birthdays,
  • how to operate my car whenever I bring it in for it’s yearly inspection,
  • other important things I need to do at infrequent intervals,
  • something I’m going to need whenever I leave the house,
  • how to do a therapy group in person (which I’m going to do this month for the first time since the pandemic started), and
  • how to reassure myself and calm myself down when I’m having fears.

I also have a fear of being forgotten, so maybe I really do have (hold on, what’s the name again?) ….athazagoraphobia!

I actually don’t have a fear of forgetting that name, because I can always look it up again.

I tell my patients — who often have a fear of forgetting, especially as they age — that anxiety makes us more forgetful and that forgetting things is often normal. For example, as we age, we often have trouble retrieving nouns and names. And althazagoraphobia is a noun and a name.

Oooops! So close …. it’s athazagoraphobia.

Do you see the fear of forgetting in any of my images for today?

I have a fear of forgetting to share the National Days on Twitter, but so far so good.

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “a fear of forgetting.”

I have no fear if forgetting to thank all those who help me create these daily posts, including YOU!

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Day 3562: Never seen

I’ve never seen

  • a Supreme Court like the one we now have in the USA,
  • the current level of wealth inequality,
  • so much misinformation deliberately disseminated on social media,
  • a storm like Ian,
  • a cat like Joan, and
  • a movie like Metropolis.

I assume you’ve never seen most — if not all — of today’s images.

I’ve never seen National GOE Day before but I’ve seen many people who have dealt with abuse and trauma, so I’m glad this days exists.

I’ve also never seen National Name Your Car Day, but I have seen people who have named their car, including my good friend Deb (“Oskah”) and me (“M.L. Carr”).

I’ve never seen this “Never Seen” video before.

I look forward to comments I’ve never seen before.

Thanks to all who helped me create this “never seen” post, including YOU.

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Day 3561: Does this make sense?

Last week in one of my therapy groups, we noticed how some members were asking “does this make sense?” when they were making complete sense.

We tried to make sense of this and discussed how people can doubt their ability to make sense when they’ve gotten messages from the culture and/or their families that they make less sense than others.

Does this make sense? That so many people receive undermining messages like that?

An older woman in the group shared how she has learned to stop asking “does this make sense?” when she is speaking, which made sense to the other members.

Does this make sense that I’m sharing these thoughts and images with you today?

To make sense of this reading: My INR is finally back where it needs to be!

Does this makes sense that “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” would be on a WEEKEND?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “does this make sense?”

It always makes sense for me to end my blog posts with thanks to all who try to make sense of them, including you!

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Day 3560: Expectations

I don’t know what people’s expectations are about my blog, but you can usually expect to see the Daily Bitch calendar.


It’s not unrealistic to expect that there are many quotes out there about expectations.


I wonder if my other images for today will meet your expectations.

In a therapy group last night, several people expressed relief that the month of September is coming to a close, so my expectation is that some of my readers may feel the same way.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “expectations.”

I have no expectations about what comments people might make about this “expectations” post, but I’m still looking forward to them.

Any expectations about how I’m going to end this post?

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Day 3559: Rough seas

Rough seas are everywhere, it seems.

That “rough seas” sign showed up for the first time yesterday in my neighborhood, which is by the sea. Our seas are blessedly calm this morning, as I read about the rough seas in the rest of the world.

I do believe that rough seas make good sailors, but they also make people sick. I hope we can navigate our way to calming the rough seas before it’s too late.

Do you see rough seas in my other images for today?


Rough seas make the Daily Bitch even bitchier.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “rough seas.”

Thanks to all who navigated their way through rough seas to be here, now.

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Day 3558: Leave nothing behind but love

Love is a wonderful thing to leave behind — a sentiment left behind last night by Yogi Tea:

I’m wondering how my beloved son and heir, Aaron, will feel if I leave nothing behind but love. I think he’ll remember me, no matter what.

Let’s see if this blog post leaves nothing behind but love.

I have nothing but love to leave behind for the Daily Bitch Calendar.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “leave nothing behind but love.”

Besides love, I always try to leave behind gratitude, so thanks to all who help me leave behind a blog post every day, including YOU.

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Day 3557: What day is it again?

Today is

  • the second day of Rosh Hashanah,
  • National Forgiveness Day,
  • a day I’m providing individual and group therapy remotely,
  • another day I need to make phone calls about my long-delayed upstairs bathroom repair project,
  • a day when I should make some decisions about a river cruise in May 2023,
  • a day when I am going to try to revel in doing those things I can control instead of dreading making mistakes,
  • a day when I’m going to take the Warfarin dosage recommended by my care team as we try to get my INR levels back under control,
  • a day when I hope to read something from the stacks of books I’ve been accumulating,
  • a day when Joan the cat is going to want to go outside while Harley will not, and
  • Tuesday.

It’s also a day, again, when I share my latest images.

What day is it again? It’s another day when I love the Daily Bitch Calendar.

Today is also the day that I share with my friend Carol and with you “A Call from Long Island” from the album You Don’t Have to be Jewish.


What day is it again? It’s a day when I express gratitude to all the kind people in my life, including YOU.

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Day 3556: Honestly

Honestly, I’ve been having trouble deciding what to call today’s post.

Honestly, I often take my cues from the Daily Bitch Calendar.

Honestly, I don’t expect to outlive my dear husband Michael, because I’m 10 years older than he is and I have complicated medical issues. Honestly, Michael keeps telling me that I’m going to outlive him and, honestly, I prefer to focus on the wonderful moments we are sharing with each other now.

Honestly, today is the 12th anniversary of our first encounter online through the dating app OkCupid.

Honestly, I’ve preserved and printed out all the messages Michael and I exchanged online before we met in person on Halloween, 2010. Honestly, I think that collection would make a great epistolary novel.

Honestly, I don’t observe Jewish holidays any more but I do want to wish everyone who celebrates them a Happy New Year today.

Honestly, I’m relieved that my INR is in a safer range, as of this morning.

Honestly, sometimes life is a little overwhelming.

Honestly, these are all the other images I have to share with you now.


Honestly, for me, every day has to be Situational Awareness Day.

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “honestly.”

Honestly, I am very, very thankful for YOU.

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Day 3555: Confetti Moments

While preparing for today’s blog post, I came across the term “confetti moments” and assumed I knew what that meant.

To me, “confetti moments” are when you choose to celebrate …

  • something you’ve accomplished,
  • somebody/something you love, or
  • just being alive.

I remember moments when I would say this to patients who had good news to report: “I wish I had some confetti I could throw right now!” I even fantasized about inventing a reusable confetti-moment device that threw confetti attached to invisible, retractable strings.

In a day filled with confetti moments yesterday, my husband Michael and I had one last night when my car wouldn’t start after we had dinner out at a favorite restaurant. Working together, we figured out the problem and easily fixed it! 🎉

Do you see confetti moments in my images for today?


Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “confetti moments.”

Thanks to all who give me confetti moments, including YOU!

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