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Day 2384: 2 c or not 2 c

Yesterday, I chose to see this at a hospital parking lot …


… and it occurred to me that we choose what to see and what not to see.

For example, because my eye was red yesterday …


… I chose 2  C  several eye-related things.





Because I have an unusual heart, I often choose 2 C heart-related things.



Because it’s Pride Week, I chose 2 C this:





Because I want to avoid collisions, I chose 2 C these:



Here are more things I chose 2 C yesterday:


Were U able 2 C that these socks …


… are Ouija Board socks?  I choose 2 C that those socks are 4 people who want 2 C into the future.

I choose 2 C that Prince‘s song “I Would Die 4 U” is on YouTube, at least 4 now:

I also choose 2 C that Prince’s birthday is tomorrow, June 7.   I also choose 2 C that tomorrow is the start of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy’s annual conference in Boston.

What do you choose 2 C and not 2 C in today’s blog post?

I always choose 2 C gratitude, so thanks 2 all who helped me 2 create this “2 C or not 2 C” post and — of course! — 2 U!



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Day 2195: What’s allowed

Because I often think about what’s allowed in this world, I just searched WordPress for any previous posts I might have written on this subject, because that’s allowed.

I can now allow, aloud, that I was surprised that the only post WordPress allowed in that “What’s allowed” search was Day 717: Interrupting.  Four years ago, I allowed myself to write that looooong post (which features, doctors, cows, and lots of interrupting) when I was dealing with some very confusing medical issues.  Writing about those medical issues daily and receiving helpful and supportive feedback from my readers allowed me to navigate through them.  Thank goodness all that was allowed.

So, what allowed WordPress to find a connection between “What’s Allowed” and “Interrupting” today?   I am allowing myself to speculate that interrupting, according to WordPress, is something that’s allowed. Therefore, I’m allowing myself to interrupt this post to share my photos from yesterday.











According to those photos, it’s allowed to

  • get irritated with technology (and other things),
  • dress animals in outfits,
  • be welcoming,
  • gobble until you wobble,
  • use cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia,
  • make it all work,
  • spend four days in Fenway, and
  • appreciate Prince

… but it’s NOT allowed to go into stores with animals and bare feet (although maybe bare other things are allowed).

Sharing music is allowed, so here’s Prince with I Would Die 4 U.

While I wouldn’t exactly die 4 u to comment, I hope u know that all your thoughts and feelings about what’s allowed are allowed in the comments section, below.

Gratitude is always allowed here, so thanks to all who allowed me to create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.


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Day 1558: April

April is







April is also the month I’m sharing some songs about April (here, here, here,  here,  here, and here on YouTube):


What is April to you?

April thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for being here, most likely in April.

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Day 1211: The Sweet Side

What is the sweet side?

Where is the sweet side?

Last night, the sweet side was


in my refrigerator and on the other side of this:

Now that I’m sweetly on the other side of those pictures, my sweet thoughts are that my sweet side might also include

  • hope,
  • confidence,
  • clarity,
  • awareness,
  • kindness, and
  • self-care.

Are there any sweet sides to the other photos I took yesterday?

Here‘s a sweet video of sweet Prince performing  at  the Super Bowl XLI halftime show.


Please show your sweet side by leaving a comment below.

Many thanks to all who helped me create today’s sweet-side post and to you, sweetly, for visiting, here and now.

When I was on the sweet side of publishing this post, I found this sweet video of sweet Prince on the before side of his XLI Super Bowl performance. But now the video is sweetly private.


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Day 1209: Unexpected

I just had this unexpected exchange with my boyfriend Michael:

Me: Have there  been any other unexpected deaths, Michael?

Michael:  No, Ann. It looks like everybody on the planet survived the night.

Me:  That can’t be true.

Michael: Almost.

Everybody on this planet surviving any night is certainly unexpected.

I think my question this morning to Michael probably wasn’t unexpected by him, because we  spent some time last night talking, processing, and trying to make meaning of the unexpected deaths  of Prince and Patton Oswalt’s wife, Michelle McNamara.

Because of the number of unexpected celebrity deaths since January 1, people are already describing 2016 as a particularly horrible year. I guess that’s not unexpected.

I wonder if the content of this post, so far, is unexpected.  People celebrating Passover might be expecting some mention about that.

Because I write these blog posts so spontaneously, it’s unexpected where any of them will begin and end up.

I suppose it’s not unexpected that I would  now share some photos I took yesterday.  I expect some of them might fit the  unexpected topic of this post. If none of them do, that would be unexpected and unprecedented.


















Those last two unexpected items are:

  1. the orange cup that my son Aaron has used at my cousin Lani’s Passover Seder for many years and
  2. an unexpected gefilte fish.

I suppose some music isn’t unexpected here, either.  I expect that any Prince music I include might unexpectedly disappear from this blog in the future.  However, it would be unexpected if nobody appreciated this performance, for now:


Any comment from you, whether unexpected or expected, would be most appreciated.

I shall end, now, with expected and sincere gratitude from me to you for visiting here,  before I  go out and party like it’s 2016.


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Day 1208: This is what it sounds like

This is what it sounds like when doves cry.

This is what it sounds like when humans cry.

That’s weak!

Grow up!

Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.

Don’t be a baby.

Man up!

Get over it.

This is what it sounds (and looks) like when an amazing musical artist dies.





This is what it sounds like when a surviving blogger expresses gratitude for all she has.


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