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Day 1880: What makes this a safe place?

What makes this a safe place?  What makes any place safe?

I ask those questions because without a safe place, it’s difficult to be in the moment, trust, learn, and grow.

Yesterday, in a therapy group, the members discussed many issues, including safe places.


Then people expressed thoughts and feelings about personal safe places.






In the safe place of the group room, I asked myself those two questions  — What makes this a safe place?  How can I express that in 20 minutes? — because I’ll be presenting about my groups next week in the safe place of a group therapy conference in Houston.

I hope this is a safe place for you to describe what makes a place safe for you.

In the news, people are discussing whether guns make a place safe.

Parents and children are challenging politicians to make the United States a safer place.

Gratitude helps make this a safe place, so many thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.





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Day 1879: Do it right!

Yesterday, when I was doing it right with Physical Therapy for my torn rotator cuff,  I  right away noticed this ….


…. which was right on the top of this.


Do it right and prevent fractures, injuries, and other problems in your everyday activities.

Is that too much pressure, to be told to do it right?  Is telling somebody to do it right the right way to promote acceptance and peace, especially if different people have different opinions about what’s right and how to do it right?

My opinion is that these high school students were doing it right yesterday when they were taking it to the streets, chanting “Gun Control!” and “NRA is not okay!”


The New England weather wasn’t doing winter right yesterday with record high temperatures, but that was all right with me.

Did I do it right with these other photographs?








Somebody did not do it right in that last photo.

After I do something, I wonder, “Did I do it right?”  I do it right by telling myself I did it well enough and then think about how I could do it better the next time.

The Doobie Brothers do it right.

Michael McDonald  and music students do it right at Berklee College of Music‘s 2011 commencement.

Do I do it right when I ask for feedback?


Do-it-right thanks to all who help me do this daily blog and to those who do it right by reading it (including YOU).


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Day 1461: Great

Great!  It’s time for me to write a great blog post on the final great day of 2016.

I have this great tradition, every New Year’s Eve, of listing the 10 greatest things AND the 10 least great things that happened all year.

My son, Aaron (who tops my great list), recently said to me, “I’m sure the worst thing that happened to you last year was your open heart surgery.”  My great answer? “No, it wasn’t.”

Any great guesses about what tops my worst list for 2016?  I hope you know that any comment you leave would be great.

Yesterday,  the great staff at cardiac rehab gave me this:


See that Arm Ergo exercise on that great card?  I felt great about telling the great cardiac rehab staff that  I didn’t want to do that yesterday, since that great new exercise had caused some great pain to return last weekend.  The staff said, “That’s great!  Pain just means your muscles are waking up!”

Cardiac rehab:  Making pain great again.

Are any of my other photos from yesterday great?

























One of my top 10 great memories from 2016 was watching this great Jim Jefferies routine with my great friend Maria two weeks after my open heart surgery:

It was great to see Jim Jefferies with my great son last night at the Wilbur Theater in the great city of Boston (where they recorded his great gun control routine two years ago).

Two of my pictures, above, are inspiring me to share this great song in this end of year post:


In conclusion, thanks to my great readers for supporting me throughout 2016. I have high hopes that we will have more to celebrate in the future.


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Day 1261: Sounds

When the sounds of murderous gunfire ring out on American soil, I listen, again, to the sounds  of Australian-born comedian Jim Jefferies and his monologue on gun control:

While the sounds of that comedy routine (recorded in my sound  hometown of Boston and now sounding on Youtube here and here) include many obscenities, I passionately believe that the assaulting sound of gunfire is much more obscene than the sound reasoning I hear there.

Here are over seven minutes of  important sounds about the 49 people killed in Orlando on Sunday.


As always, I yearn for the sound of your voices, in comments below.

I hope you can hear the sound of love, in my heart, for you all.



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