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Day 3802: Headline news

In my Coping and Healing groups (which may become headline news if I ever write an article about them), I sometimes ask this question: If there were a cable news network devoted to you, what would be today’s headline?”

Do you see headline news in my images for today?


I believe that Weird Al has a song titled “Headline News.” Let’s see …

Headline news: 70-Year-Old Local Woman Correctly Remembers Name of Song.

Is it headline news that I’m very grateful to YOU?

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Day 3755: So busy

Yesterday, after a day when I was so busy facilitating a group for patients and then a group for health care workers who are so busy they really don’t have time to come to groups, I saw this at our veterinarian’s office:

Today, on my Thursday that is SO busy, I’m going to give a presentation to nurse practitioners at my hospital to encourage them to come to my group even though they’re so busy. I may share today’s Daily Bitch Calendar with them:

I hope you are not so busy that you don’t have time to look at my other so busy images for today.

I’m not so busy, even on my so-busy Thursday, that I can’t include another photo for Plant Appreciation Day.

I was so busy listening to the vet tech explain how to apply antibiotic ointment in both of Joan’s eyes twice a day, that I didn’t take a video of her putting Joan in a “burrito” to prevent her so busy legs from running away. Here is a so busy veterinarian on YouTube explaining how to burrito her cat:

Because my husband Michael makes burritos, I’m hoping he will be able to more easily restrain Joan’s so busy limbs for her twice-daily eye treatments.

Sometimes I’m so busy it takes me a few days to respond to comments, but I still hope you leave one about this so-busy post.

I’m never so busy that I don’t express gratitude to those I appreciate, including YOU!

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Day 3739: Losing it

As I write this blog post, I’m on the verge of losing it because of

  • another school shooting in the USA,
  • rampant injustice,
  • paralyzed politicians,
  • crazy conspiracy theories,
  • broken bureaucracies,
  • climate change,
  • massive denial,
  • short-sighted greed, and
  • other indications that human beings are losing it (where “it” might mean everything).

Who is losing it in my images for today?

Lower your expectations, please, as you read these lyrics I wrote early this morning while I was losing it:

©️ Ann Koplow, 2023

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “losing it.”

Thanks to all who prevent me from totally losing it, including YOU!

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Day 3656: Why I still like Twitter

Despite its becoming Musk-y last year, I still like Twitter because of …

  • the wonderful people I keep encountering there,
  • humor,
  • fast breaking news,
  • like-minded politics,
  • answers to my many questions,
  • interesting photos,
  • the exchange of information,
  • supportiveness, and
  • cats!

Can you see why I still like Twitter in my images for today?

I still like how Twitter reacts to my posting to-do lists like that one.

I still like Twitter because I find out about talented artists like the late Kirsty MacColl:

Yes, I still like Twitter and I still like YOU!

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Day 3557: What day is it again?

Today is

  • the second day of Rosh Hashanah,
  • National Forgiveness Day,
  • a day I’m providing individual and group therapy remotely,
  • another day I need to make phone calls about my long-delayed upstairs bathroom repair project,
  • a day when I should make some decisions about a river cruise in May 2023,
  • a day when I am going to try to revel in doing those things I can control instead of dreading making mistakes,
  • a day when I’m going to take the Warfarin dosage recommended by my care team as we try to get my INR levels back under control,
  • a day when I hope to read something from the stacks of books I’ve been accumulating,
  • a day when Joan the cat is going to want to go outside while Harley will not, and
  • Tuesday.

It’s also a day, again, when I share my latest images.

What day is it again? It’s another day when I love the Daily Bitch Calendar.

Today is also the day that I share with my friend Carol and with you “A Call from Long Island” from the album You Don’t Have to be Jewish.


What day is it again? It’s a day when I express gratitude to all the kind people in my life, including YOU.

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Day 3449: Enlightenment

I often gain enlightenment by interacting with others and somebody on Twitter shared this enlightening image in response to my question about to-do lists:


Here is an enlightening definition of enlightenment:

Here and now, I’m going to make up a new definition of enlightenment: the realization that one of the reasons you’re not sleeping well is that there is too much lightenment in your bedroom because there is no way to hang blackout curtains.

Perhaps one of my readers will offer some enlightenment about how to fix that problem. In the meanwhile, I have en-lightened my wallet by ordering several sleep masks that, so far, aren’t comfortable enough.

Here are some quotes about enlightenment from

Can you find enlightenment in any of my other images for today?

I think it’s funny that I’m blogging about enlightenment and light on National Daylight Day and the longest day of the year. If you need enlightenment about any of the National Days in June, here’s an enlightening link:

I wonder whether people realize that Google is a path to enlightenment about many questions.

Here’s the first thing that comes up on YouTube when I search for enlightenment:

Thanks to all who help me find enlightenment every day, including YOU.

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Day 3428: Glances

Chances are you know what glances are, but here’s a definition anyway:

After a glance at that definition, I am having these glancing thoughts:

  • with all the information out there, we often need to take brief or hurried looks.
  • I used to glance at dozens of watches I had collected over many years, but now I glance only at my phone for the time.
  • I glanced at the possibility of transforming those watches I used to glance at into an art piece, but then I forgot all about that as I glanced at other things.
  • in my fall on Friday, my favorite glasses were knocked off my head and now it’s difficult to glance through them.
  • if Tom (glancingly mentioned in the definition of “glance”) is taking Coumadin like I am, I hope he got a CAT scan of his head.
  • I love glancing at flashes or gleams of light (and at many other things).

Here are today’s images which, as always, give you glances into my life:

Did any of those images get multiple glances from you?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “glances.”

Besides “Glances” by Koki Nakano, I also find “Glances/I Don’t Belong Here” by Hannah Kendall.

In my glances throughout every day I find images of gratitude, so thanks to all who are glanced at and who glance at this blog, including YOU.

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Day 3407: Good answers

People often come to therapy for good answers to troubling questions about life.

This book, which was recommended by my good friend and fellow therapist Megan …

… is giving some good answers to the question of how to deal with painful feelings in ourselves and others. Here’s what I’m reading this morning:

Though all emotional healing requires it, listening to pain is difficult — and the greater the pain, the more difficult it is to listen to. The dark emotions are uncomfortable; they are also contagious. Their energies flow through and between and among us without regard for the boundaries we erect to keep ourselves separate. If we are unable to tolerate some discomfort, it’s hard to listen to dark feelings in ourselves or others. Our best, most compassionate intentions are thwarted, our connections marred by the shadow of intolerable emotions. We become inured to the incessant cacophony of the world’s suffering, limited in our authenticity and responsiveness. And we suffer from not knowing the darker side of ourselves.

Greenspan, 2004, p. 15

Often a good answer to the unrelenting grief, fear, and despair in the world is to take a break from all that. Those breaks can be moments of deep breathing or getting away for a vacation. A good answer for me, here and now, is taking two weeks off from work, starting this Saturday, and flying to Portland, Oregon to visit my college roommate Maria.

Do you see good answers in any of my other images for today?

The Daily Bitch often has good answers, don’t you think?

Here’s my good answer to my own question of what music you would like to share with others:

I look forward to people’s good answers in the comments section, below.

Gratitude is a good answer for everything, so thanks to all who visit my daily blog, including YOU.

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Day 3374: Mastering the unknown

If you want to know about mastering the unknown, look no further than the message on this teabag:

It’s unknown to my deep self who writes those teabag sayings, but Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea is the most masterful tea I’ve ever known. It was recommended to me by another group therapist years ago and even though I myself don’t like licorice, I tried it and have deeply enjoyed it ever since.

While I was drinking that tea and watching the Oscars, my deep self (which was missing our late cat Oscar, who would always watch the Oscars with me) sent out this tweet:

It was unknown at that point that somebody was about to slap somebody else at the Oscars. It was also unknown to me that some guy on Twitter was going to lecture me for asking such a frivolous question while Putin was acting out on the world stage.

Something (perhaps my deep self) tells me it’s time to share the other images I collected yesterday, which may connect in unknown ways.


My deep self knows that there are unknowns about National Weed Appreciation day, so I’m sharing this:

It is unknown to me what I’ll find when I search YouTube for “mastering the unknown.”

Before I try to master the unknowns ahead of me today, my deep self wants to express gratitude to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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Day 3208: What’s stuck in your head?

Many things can get stuck in our heads, including

  • songs,
  • what people have said,
  • what people have done,
  • worst fears,
  • negativity,
  • beliefs, and
  • hope.

What’s stuck in my head right now is that I asked several question on Twitter yesterday about things that can get stuck in our heads.

Some things that get stuck in our heads can keep us stuck. I hope we can let go of those things and move on.

Which of these other images might get stuck in your head?

It’s stuck in my head that it might take 42 cups of coffee to pay attention to all the things people are commemorating on October 13, 2021.

Here’s the song that was stuck in my head yesterday:

What’s stuck in your head, here and now?

I hope my gratitude for you sticks in your head today!

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