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Day 3391: The creative process

Here and now, I’m trying to overcome some self-consciousness about moving forward with the creative process regarding my original songs.

Before the pandemic, I unexpectedly and joyfully experienced months where my creative process produced many original songs, which I performed at Open Mics and featured in this daily blog.

My manager — a fabulous human being whom I helped create 24 years ago — thinks I should create recordings of my best songs with excellent sound quality and feature them prominently on my YouTube channel.

For some reason, which I can’t quite process, I’ve been avoiding following my son Aaron’s wise advice, focusing instead on the creative process in my therapy groups and on social media.

Part of the creative process, for me, is naming and (sometimes) sharing the obstacles, so I’m hoping that creating this blog post will help me move forward with my original songs. Today, I plan to record a great version of “I Left the House Before I Felt Ready.”

Do you see the creative process in my images for today?

I did NOT create National Pigs in a Blanket Day nor National Pet Parents Day, but I am a proud pet parent to Joan …

… and Harley.

Here’s a video I created at the Sheep Shearing Festival yesterday, which my son Aaron is going to send to his girlfriend overseas:

I hope to create a video of “I Left the House Before I Felt Ready” with better sound quality than that, today.

What are your thoughts and feelings about the creative process?

Gratitude for what I have is part of my creative process, so thanks to all who help me create this blog every day, including YOU.

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Day 2070: What’s your super power

Yesterday, I used my photographic super power to take a picture of this:


What’s your super power?  Do you have more than one? Are you so super modest that it’s difficult to own your super powers?

Here’s a super incomplete list of my super powers:

  1. Taking pictures (see above).
  2. Blogging daily.
  3. Facilitating group healing.
  4. Coming up with new ideas.
  5. Finding cool socks.

I recently told a  super co-worker that helping a patient find a psychiatrist was NOT one of my super powers. I’m super secure that it’s super helpful to be aware and accepting of our super powers AND our limitations.

Speaking of limitations, I recently had the super idea that I stop using the super-judgmental  label “stupid” about myself or anybody else and use the superior word “limited” instead.

Do you see any super powers in my other super snapshots from yesterday?


















We think you deserve a treat, no matter what your super powers or limitations. I shall now attempt to find a super treat on YouTube for my super readers.

There’s a super number of videos on YouTube asking and perhaps answering the question, “What’s your super power?”  However, I’d rather share some super music like Super Stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious” and “Superwoman.”

I hope you use your super power of making comments, below.

It’s time to use my super power of expressing thanks to all those who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — YOU.  And I shall use my super powers to get back here as quickly as possible.


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Day 1664: Q words

Quick! It’s time for another quirky post from the quintessential blog about non-judgmental living.

In her quest to complete my yearly review, my manager recently quizzed a quota of qualified co-workers about me, the self-described Queen of group therapy. In response to that query,  a doctor quietly quipped that I was something that begins with the letter Q.

Question to all my qualified readers:  Is that Q word already quoted in this post or is it one of these?







I have no quarrel with the Q word that was quoted about me, especially since another doctor — who is definitely not a quack —  had no qualms calling me the same Q word quite a few years ago.

Do you see Q words in this quantity of yesterday’s pictures, snapped by a queasy blogger cleaning out her old home?














I saved a small quantity of LPs yesterday, including “Walking in Space” by Quincy Jones (also known as “Q”).

Before I quit, here‘s a quality cut from that album:


Un-qualified thanks to everyone who helped me quietly put together this Q-word post and un-questionable thanks to you, quite the reader!




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Day 798: The Bunny Hop

Yesterday, as I was hopping around the Boston area, I saw some bunnies hopping.

This morning, as I’m hopping around hoping I’ll quickly get used to the clocks hopping forward over the weekend, I’ve discovered this song, hopping on over at YouTube.

That’s “The Bunny Hop” as performed by the Ray Anthony band in 1953, the year your hopping and humble blogger hopped into this world.

As I hop into the beginning of this work week, here are some of my hopping thoughts:

  • I’ll be meeting with somebody, this week, who tends to get hopping mad with people who work in the medical system (like me).
  • A few people I love at work have hopped on out of there lately, for different reasons.
  • On Wednesday, I am getting my teeth cleaned AND working on my taxes, two events that can get my anxiety a-hoppin, for different reasons.
  • It helps me to remember that any progress includes hops forward AND hops back, just like in The Bunny Hop.

Feel free to hop on below and leave any comment that hops into your mind, you hear?

Speaking of hopping and hearing, here’s the first photo I took yesterday, while seeing, hearing, and hopping around town:

My boyfriend Michael and I hopped around in the snow after we saw that sign, trying to figure it out. We’re still not sure which local tree is hearing or getting a hearing, and for what.

Gotta hop to work now, bunnies!

Thanks to Star Market, to Ray Anthony, to photogenic bunny pens (which might hop better if somebody names them),  to rabbits and trees that keep on keeping on, to all those who’ve helped me hop forward in my life,  and to you — of course! — for hopping on over here, today.

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Day 299: Why haven’t I published anything (outside of here)?

This morning, I am posing questions about where I am in my life, right now.

I have enough expertise and skill to be a published author. Why haven’t I made that happen, so far in my life?

What’s gotten in the way of that?

Here are some things I can think of:

  1. Doubts about my (previously mentioned) expertise and skill.
  2. My ability to think of a kashmillion things I would rather be doing other than writing something for publication.
  3. Concern (and perhaps some other feelings) that other people would  have the control to accept or reject something that was important to me (and what makes THEM such friggin’ experts, anyway?!??)
  4. My short attention span. (Look!  It’s a baby wolf!)


Where was I?

Oh, yes. I was asking the question:

Why haven’t I published anything, so far in my life?

Oh, I wanted to state the obvious, at this point.  I’m not counting what I’ve published here, at WordPress. Because if I did, I’ve published almost 300 times.

I’m discounting that.

Hmmmm. I’m wondering if I’m discounting anything else?

Because, recent data suggests that I can forget things that I’ve done.  By “recent data,” I am referring to my blog post, two days ago, where I forgot that I had actually taken a photo of Carl Yastrzemski, when I was at the 1st game of the World Series, at Boston’s Friendly Fenway Park.

So, let’s see. have I published anything, outside of  these blog posts?

Hmmm. I guess you could say I have.

About 20 years ago, when I was in Social Work school, I wrote a paper about how people with disabilities were portrayed in the media. I interviewed people from a local chapter of (I believe) the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, and they asked if they could publish a version of my paper in their national publication. Which they did.

And in years past, if you Googled my name, that article appeared. But I can’t find it now, to check my facts (and support my bragging).

So maybe I’ll see if I can find that article, later.

But in the meantime, it’s a beautiful day!

Which means, I would like to wrap this post up.

Before I do, here’s what feels left undone.

I want to ask  myself another question:

Do I WANT to publish (or do I just think I SHOULD publish)?  (Psssst!  The word “should” can indicate a cognitive distortion.)

Hold on, I’m thinking ….

Here’s the answer.

I do want to publish, if it’s something:

  1. I feel passionately about, and
  2. I think would be helpful to share with others.

So what might that topic be?

I’m interested in communication of all kinds, verbal and nonverbal. Maybe I should write a paper on something like this:

The people in the following image (from a national TV broadcast) are having an experience that most would consider joyful:

Slide3 (2)

That is, they are attending a World Series Game, where their home team is leading by a score of 8-1, one strike away from victory.  What emotions are they communicating, non-verbally? What are the factors influencing those non-verbal communications, from the stand-point of those sending AND receiving the communications?

That’s definitely an interesting topic.

However, I can think of another topic, that’s probably a better fit for the two criteria I listed above: The therapy groups that I have created and facilitate, where I work.

So I would like to take steps to publish, about those.

One last thing, before I end this post: I believe it helps, once you have identified a goal, to make a commitment for action, ideally witnessed by others.

Therefore, I hereby commit, to my group of WordPress readers, that I will take a measurable step, by the end of this year, to publish about those therapy groups.


Thanks to  Dan Shaughnessy (the author of “One Strike Away: The Story of the 1986 Red Sox”),,  baby wolves (and other distractions), the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, verbal and non-verbal communicators everywhere, and to you — of course! — for witnessing today.

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Day 254: Connections (9/11/2013)

There are at least four things I want to mention in today’s post.

I wonder if there will be connections among them?

The above sentence is also  a thought I have before every therapy group I do, since new people are choosing to come to those groups all the time.

Whenever I wonder about whether connections will exist among the people who come to any therapy group, I answer that question, like this:

There always have been connections, up until now.  Why should today be any different?

I have faith, too, that connections will exist among my blogging words today (even if they are not immediately obvious).

Here are the things I want to tell you, this morning:

1. I woke up feeling a sense of peace and hope.

Nothing has really changed, in my external world, to account for that shift towards peace and hope.  (Often, I wake up feeling uneasy) (although sometimes I don’t.)

When I look out at the landscape of my life this morning, I see, as usual, the light and the dark.  The hopes and the fears. Things I love and things I dislike (yes, I dislike some things, even in My Year of Living Non-Judgmentally).

So the external world has not changed significantly, to account for that shift. But something has changed internally, inside my head, heart, and soul.

This morning, I see options — ways to move forward towards some of my life goals (including my work, my medical treatment, and creating a “good enough” will).

As I have seen, so many times, in my clients and in myself, it makes a HUGE difference to see options. To have a sense of personal empowerment. Of choice.

2. After I woke up, I read this haiku, posted today, September 11.

Waking up again

Here is the haiku, in its entirety:


Waking up again

Beauty of the morning light

The mystery of life

3. After I read haikus by AshiaAkira, I read the first post in my WordPress Reader.

This was the blog post:  What Happened on September 11 — I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together.

It’s a post by If I Only Had a Time Machine, another blog I follow here on WordPress, and it’s about the first episode of Carol Burnett’s TV show (whom I blogged about recently.)

4. Throughout all the things I did and thought this morning, I was aware of my son, whom I can now hear, moving in his room.

At a therapy group yesterday, somebody told us they had started making a list of five things they were grateful for, each day.

I realize, right now, that I am doing the same thing.

5. Thanks to all those who read this blog.

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