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Day 2398: Get in touch

Yesterday, when I was getting in touch with many feelings about saying goodbye to four members of the Northeastern Society of Group Psychotherapy board of directors (who had completed their three years of service), I noticed this on my phone:


It’s true that, in my work as a group therapist, I focus on making it easier for people to get in touch (with themselves and with others).  However, I doubt that adding a phone number to Oscar the cat’s Facebook page will make it easy for people to get in touch. Oscar doesn’t answer the phone, although by touching my iPhone yesterday he somehow managed to delete four important apps:  Waze, Wallet, Google, and Notes! Thank goodness it was easy to get in in touch with Apple support and recover those apps.

Soon after getting in touch with Apple support,  I supported people in a Coping and Healing group getting in touch with thoughts and feelings about positive feedback. Here’s what I touched on yesterday as I filled out my own Positive Feedback worksheet.


Are you in touch with

  • how you tend to respond to compliments and other types of positive feedback?
  • positive and appreciative things people have said about you?
  • positive things you have recognized in yourself?

It’s time to get in touch with my other photos from yesterday.












To help us get in touch with what we wanted to say at the Board Meeting last night,  I transformed that F-bomb into a “Farewell” bomb that people could touch as they were speaking.

Get in touch with “Get in Touch” by FireHouse:


You can get in touch with me in the comments sections, below.

Every day, it’s easy for me to get in touch with my gratitude for all, including YOU!




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Day 2396: It gets better

Yesterday, at a better hospital in Boston, I noticed this:


When things seem to be getting worse, it helps to believe that it gets better.

It gets better when we …

  • welcome each other,


  • introduce ourselves with love,


  • throw kindness around like confetti,


  • commit to accountability, communication, respect, innovation,  and teamwork,


  • accept and express appreciation,


  • accept all our feelings,


  • stop self-defeating thoughts and behaviors,


  • show our strengths and our vulnerabilities,








  • inspire and become inspired,





  • see beyond,


  • transform tomorrow while also honoring the past,




  • accept ourselves exactly the way we are,



  • realize we have options of different ways to respond,


  • set healthy boundaries,


  • eat healthy food,


  • and realize that we are loved.


It gets better with music like “It Gets Better” (by Broadway Sings for The Trevor Project):

It gets better with gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create this “it gets better” post and — of course! — to YOU.




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Day 2395: Self-Transformation

Yesterday, when I was having another day of self-transformation at the enormous South Shore Plaza mall accompanied by my boyfriend Michael and my son Aaron, I saw this:

And, as usual, everything else I saw spoke to me of Self-Transformation.

Those last four self-transformation images show Aaron’s father’s large-format camera and his transforming photographs of our self-transforming son.

Self-transformation can come in many forms, including

  • books,
  • beliefs,
  • being in the moment,
  • blogging, and
  • those are just the b’s!

Here‘s “Self Transformation” music which has transformed a grand total of three people on YouTube:

Aaron Doughty has posted this “Higher-Self Transformation Meditation that will change your life forever…” on YouTube:

Now I have to go to work and help people with self-transformation through therapy.

Feel free to practice self-transformation in a comment, below.

Self-transforming gratitude to all those who helped me create today’s self-transformation post and — of course — to YOU.

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Day 2394: A little bit different

Yesterday, when I was being a little bit different than anybody else I know, I noticed this:


and I knew that “a little bit different” was a little bit different from any other blog title I’d used before in the past six-and-a-half years.

When I looked at all my other photos from yesterday …

…they were all a little bit different, so I knew I would use that title for today’s blog post.

This morning, I realized that this post might be a little bit different from most published today by not mentioning Father’s Day up front. And then, when I looked at my photos again with a little bit different perspective, I realized they all related to my father. I guess I see them that way because I’m related to my father and we are both a little bit different.

My late father was humble and kind.


He cared much more about other people than he did about money …


… but he worked very, very hard to be a good provider for his family.

He had a beautiful singing voice and was very musical. He bought us a piano when my sister and I were young.


My father paid for piano lessons for his little-bit-different daughters but never learned to play himself. That calendar photo of the dog playing piano (which is a little bit different)  arrived yesterday in the mail from my wonderful cousin, Lani. Lani, like the rest of us, is a little bit different and she also loved my father.

Lani, and everybody else who knew my father, would say that my father was incredibly funny, although they might tell that story in a little bit different ways. My dad  told me he wrote little-bit-different rhymes for his high school year book, including this memorable one (which is a little bit different from totally kind):

Jerry is a drummer rare.

If he didn’t play, we wouldn’t care.

Perhaps you can see his influence in this little-bit-different certificate I’ll be presenting later this week to an exiting board member of my group therapy professional organization:


When I was very young, my father moved us to a little-bit-different home which was a block away from the ocean, on the North Shore of Boston. I’m now living on the little-bit-different South Shore of Boston.

I think my father would have noticed the irony in that little-bit-different last photo in that sea-side montage.

My father was a life-long Democrat and so am I, although we were a little bit different in our politics.


That very different photo reminds me of my father in several little bit different ways.  He brought home all the different magazines from the pharmacy he owned but never  ridiculous rags like The Globe or the National Enquirer. Also, he would sometimes ask my different friends this little question, “Are your parents still together?”  Leave it to my father to throw in little-bit-different conversation starters when talking to my friends.

My father really enjoyed our little-bit-different cat, Tuffy, who my parents got me when I was recovering from major heart surgery at age 10.




Harley, pictured there,  reminds me a lot of Tuffy, in looks and in temperament although, of course, they’re a little bit different. My dad and I used to play a little-bit-different game with Tuffy, where we would sit on the floor in the kitchen and roll back and forth little-bit-different balls made of Challah bread,  with Tuffy trying to catch them. Tuffy, who was a little bit different in her taste in treats, would catch the bread balls and eat them.

My father was a married to a clean freak …


… who was a little bit different from most clean freaks by letting us sit on the floor and toss bread balls back and forth with our cat. My father had this little-bit-different joke he used to tell about my mother:

I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and when I got back Weezie had made the bed.

Leave it my father to tell a joke that was a little-bit-different from the truth, even though he was impeccable with his word.

I took driver’s education in high school, but my memories of learning to drive are all of my father.


My father was one of Boston’s safest drivers (which believe me, is not saying much) and because of him, I am a safe driver, too.

After my father retired, he and my mother travelled abroad …


… but I don’t think they made it to Barcelona. My traveling has been a little bit different but I haven’t been to Barcelona, although I did travel to Spain with my beloved friend Jeanette.  I have memories of Jeanette and my father getting along really well, although they were a little bit different  from each other (but who isn’t?). Maybe someday I’ll make it to Barcelona, which I understand is a little bit different from the rest of Spain.

My father grew up in an Orthodox Jewish household and so did I, although our upbringings were a little bit different.  Whenever we ate out, we only had fish or meatless dishes.



My father was sensitive to other people’s feelings and was pretty sensitive himself.  We hurt each other a few times in our lives, but we always forgave each other, keeping the connection alive as long as he was.


I only heard my father swear once, and that was when he was very angry about a young man who had hurt me when I was in my early 20’s.

My father took care of much of what grew on our property when I was growing up, as my little-bit-different boyfriend Michael does today.




My father had a wonderful smile, which he did not keep to himself.



Actually, neither of those animals really evoke my father, but this one does:



I think my father and I were a little bit nuts, in a little bit different ways, but who isn’t?


Also, I have vivid memories of my father on Saturdays eating pistachio nuts, which he was nuuuuuuuttssss about.


My father had a wonderful zest for life, which I believe I’ve inherited.  Yay!


I’ve tried to color in some details about my father in this little-bit-different post, which is not by the numbers and which attempts to capture the magic of  my Dad.  I hope it’s no mystery why I miss my father, every little-bit-different day.

Here‘s a song my father sang to my mother on a special anniversary (and he sounded a little bit different from Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra):


I look forward to all your little-bit-different comments.

A little-bit-different thanks to all who helped me create today’s blog post and — of course! — to YOU!





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Day 2393: First-Aid for Desperate Moments

When I was having some desperate moments yesterday because of sleep deprivation (among other stressors), I found “First-Aid for Desperate Moments” online at Sundown Healing Arts, with these helpful phrases from Sonia Connolly, LMT, Reiki Master:

“I give thanks for help unknown already on the way.”

“It ended.”

“This problem is already solved.”

“I am doing the right thing.”

“What if this isn’t mine?”

“Don’t go to the hardware store for milk.”

“Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outsides.”

“I am already good enough.”

“I don’t need fixing.”

“It’s okay to be where I am right now.”

It was more than okay to be at Sonia Connolly’s helpful website.

I would like to believe that, as a group and individual therapist, I provide first-aid for desperate moments, too.

Here are some moments from yesterday:





















Dining out near the ocean is definitely first-aid for desperate moments and so is music I love. Here’s “First Circle” from the Pat Metheny Group:


What is your first-aid for desperate moments?

Gratitude is an aid for any moment, so thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.





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Day 2392: What am I supposed to do?

What am I supposed to do about

  • creating a blog with very limited time this morning?
  • the state of the world?
  • other people’s opinions?
  • unhelpful thoughts?
  • unfairness?
  • injustice?
  • imbalance?
  • a smudged and difficult-to-clean white board?
  • punctuation?
  • spelling?
  • nutrition?
  • climate change?
  • other changes?
  • stress?
  • pressure?
  • insomnia?
  • difficult decisions?
  • self care?
  • care of others?
  • mixed feelings?
  • other people’s feelings?
  • thorny problems?
  • physical pain?
  • emotional pain?
  • distractions?
  • interruptions?
  • fear?
  • worries about the future?
  • living in the past?
  • invasions?
  • goodbyes?
  • my latest photos?








What am I supposed to do about British Invasion Week?

What am I supposed to do about “What Am I Supposed to Do?” by Whitey Morgan?

What am I supposed to do about  an important discussion from last night’s Coping and Healing group, in which we focused on radical acceptance?

Radical Acceptance means completely and totally accepting something from the depths of your soul, with your heart and your mind. You stop fighting reality. When you stop fighting you suffer less. (From “Three Blocks to Radical Acceptance” by Karyn Hall, PhD.)

What am I supposed to do about asking for comments?

What am I supposed to do about gratitude for all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — for YOU?


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Day 2386: Have pride in who you are

Yesterday, I published the post Day 2385: What is the title of this post? in which I encouraged readers to propose a title for the day’s collection of photos.

I have pride in who my readers are, and those readers include wonderful WordPresser Mark Bialczak,who posted this comment:

Have Pride in Who You Are
… would be one alternative title, but you may also have used that one in your years of post wisdom, Ann!

I have pride in my answer to Mark:

I have not used that title before, Mark. Therefore, I shall use it for my next blog post! What would I do without you, my friend?

I have pride in using that title, here and now, because














I have pride that Jocelyn Schur, LCSW, is attending the NSGP conference and also reads this blog!

Here‘s U2 with Pride (in the Name of Love):

Here‘s information about today’s Pride Parade in Boston:


Do you have pride in who you are? Please express your thoughts and feelings with pride in a comment, below.

I have pride that gratitude is a big part of who I am, so thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.


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Day 2385: What is the title of this post?

4 times be-4 (but who’s counting?), I’ve published blog posts with similar titles (here, here, here, and here).

I could label a title like  this — “What is the title of this post?” — as  lazy, or I could choose to reframe this choice more positively and with more self-forgiveness.

For example, maybe I am using this title today because I am interested 2 C how YOU might title a post with all these photos:














What is the title of this song by Da Vinci’s Notebook?

What are your comments about this post?

The title of this post (and all my posts) could be “Gratitude,” so thanks to all who helped me create this and — of course! — thanks to YOU!

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Day 2367: I’m a fan

I’m a fan of:



What are you a fan of?

I’m also a fan of gratitude, as I hope you know.


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Day 2365: Millions of Ideas

Over my long life, I’ve had millions of ideas.

Some of them are private and hidden.

Some of them are inexplicable.



Some of them are rebellious.

Some of them are blooming.

Some of them seem random but aren’t.

Some of them are beautiful.

Some of them seem repetitive.

What do they all have in common?

Hope is what they all have in common. And I hope you share some of your millions of ideas, below.

I have some ideas about which music to share (here and here on YouTube).

Here’s another idea: music is like a time machine for me.

Millions of thanks to those whose ideas helped inspire today’s post and — of course! — to YOU, for all the ideas you bring, here and now.



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