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Day 1752: The universe

There’s a mindfulness exercise I often do in my therapy groups where I mention the universe, as follows:

When you breathe in, think of something positive you’d like to breathe in —   from this room or from the universe.

Every time I do that  universal mindfulness exercise, I tell the group I expect to breathe in gratitude, and I do.

Here are the pictures I was grateful to take in from the universe yesterday:








What would you like to take in from the universe, here and now?

Here’s The Universe in 4 Minutes:

If you don’t have time for the universe in four minutes, here’s the universe in less than two minutes:

Finally, thanks to the universe and — of course! — to YOU.


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Day 1751: This is your life

This is my life.  Whenever I update my phone or my laptop, the “improvements” make it more difficult for me to blog.

This is my life. After updating my iPhone yesterday morning, I’m having trouble taking and loading new photos.

This is my life. I’m going to deal with this problem by repeating a picture  from yesterday’s post:


This is your life.  What stands out for you in that “This is Your Life”  poster?

This is my life, so here’s how I answer my own question:

All emotions are beautiful.

Life is short.

If you don’t like something, change it.

I don’t like something. The camera app I’ve been using for years no longer works with the latest iPhone update, so I’ll change it. My emotions about this include frustration and disappointment, but those are as beautiful as the hope I feel about the future. Life is short, so let’s move on to  music

… and my gratitude for everything’s that’s in my life, including YOU.








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Day 1735: Alarmed

Are you alarmed about anything today?

Yesterday, I was alarmed when

  • an alarming, rapid five-tone beeping  sounded several times throughout the day in our home and we couldn’t find the source of it,
  • we discovered that our cat Oscar had peed a little in the bathtub, and
  • I found out that somebody I care about very much is getting a lung transplant.

What do you do when you are alarmed?

I take a breath, tell myself “it’s safer than it feels,” and choose a next best step.

Are you alarmed by any of my photos?










When I sent my son Aaron that photo of Michael saying “hi” last night, Aaron wrote back, “Is he alright?”  I think he might have been alarmed.

Aaron was quoting something we say a lot, inspired by Bill Hader playing the alarming Keith Morrison.

Don’t be alarmed, but I just heard those five beeps again. I’m wondering if we could work together to figure out

  1. what those beeps might signify and
  2. what to put in the room where there used to be a piece of furniture that the cats have destroyed.


I won’t be alarmed by any of your comments, no matter how alarmed you are.

Don’t be alarmed by this:  I’m grateful for all who helped me create this post and — of course! — for YOU.


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Day 1728: Not a day goes by

Not a day goes by that I’m not

  • grateful,
  • worried,
  • happy,
  • sad,
  • satisfied,
  • disappointed,
  • nourished,
  • nourishing,
  • trying my best to be in the moment,
  • letting go of judgment,
  • blogging, and
  • taking photos.










Not a day goes by that I’m not amazed how many wonderful people have unusual hearts (like my new friend Annie, with me, above).

Not a day goes by that I’m not hearing a Stephen Sondheim song in my head, like this one from “Merrily We Roll Along.”

Not a day goes by that I’m not eager to hear people’s different perspectives, in blog comments and elsewhere.

As I stated at the beginning of this post, not a day goes by that I’m not grateful — for all those who help me create these posts and YOU.


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Day 1727: What kind of day would be perfect for you?

What kind of beginning would be perfect for this day’s post?


What kind of day would be perfect for me?















Any kind of day that includes Leonard Bernstein‘s music would be perfect for me.


What kind of day would be perfect for you?

As usual, I like to end with thanks to all who help me create these posts every perfect day and — of course! — to you.


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Day 1722: Here, there, and everywhere

Yesterday, I was here, there, and everywhere as I attended an illuminating presentation about large groups, hung around with great people and animals, went for  walks near my new home, went food shopping with my boyfriend Michael, and watched the Emmys.

Here are photos I snapped there and everywhere.










Hey there! You’re awesome for being here, when you could be everywhere.

If you’ve been here before, you know I like to include music from everywhere. There’s this, from YouTube:

When I go here, there, and everywhere, I focus on gratitude.  Thanks to all who help me create these posts and here’s special thanks to you, there and everywhere.





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Day 1720: Walk this way

Walk this way, please, to see what I saw when I was walking this way yesterday.


Whenever I see “walk this way,” I’m distracted this way:

I’m also thinking this way about “walk this way” this morning:

  • No matter which way you walk, that way will hold surprises,
  • It’s great to walk with good people along your way,
  • Try to walk this way with soul, joy, and authenticity, and
  • I snap photos as I walk this way.






What brings you joy as you walk this way?

Walk this way to today’s musical selection:

Please walk this way





to leave a comment your way.

I’d  like to thank people who help me create these posts and you (of course!) this way.


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Day 1707: Finishes

Now that I’ve finished my latest trip to Edinburgh, there are several finishes concerning me back in the United States. Those finishes include

this screwed-up finish on our new dining room table, which needs to be sent back to the furniture warehouse for refinishing,

this interesting rectangle of paint where Michael finished some repair work on a wall while I was finishing things in Scotland, and

my unpacking from my trip, which, as you can see, is nowhere near finished.

Because the long flights and layovers pretty much finished me off yesterday, I have only one other photo to show you, which I’m saving for the finish.

Here’s one of my favorite musical memories of finishes ….

It’s the late great Dudley Moore playing a piano piece with many finishes.

As always, I shall finish my daily blog post with gratitude to all, including YOU!

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Day 1692: Traveling light

For as long as I can remember, whenever I travel, I travel light. That is, I bring along as little as possible. Personally, the less baggage I’m carrying around, the freer I feel.

There are things I have to take, though, as I pack for today’s flight to Edinburgh. Those necessities are

  •  my passport,
  •  my medication,
  • my laptop, and
  • money.

Anything else — including things I forget to pack — I can always buy in Scotland.

Certain people help me travel light. One of them is my boyfriend, Michael.  Yesterday, when I said I hadn’t checked the news yet, he said, “You don’t have to.  I can tell you what the news is. ‘The President said something incredibly ridiculous.'” I added, “And somebody left the administration.” No need to check the news right now, which helps some people travel light.

I think this blog is going to be light on photos today.  Let’s see ….





That second goal was added to my work white board yesterday by another person who helps me travel light: my son, Aaron.

It helps me travel light to know that Aaron and I are going to see my standup-comedy teacher and comedian extraordinaire Ron Lynch in Edinburgh this year.  If you’d like to travel light years into the past for previous posts about Ron, see here (which includes links to other Ron-Lynch-related posts).

Traveling light to YouTube, I found this ….

and this.

Funny people and artists shine a light, helping us travel more lightly through life.

I take gratitude wherever I go, no matter how light I’m traveling.  Thanks to all who helped me create this traveling-light post and — of course! — to you, for traveling here, now.


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Day 1690: What makes life worth living?

Yesterday, in a therapy group, somebody asked this question:

Using one word, what makes life worth living?

Somebody replied, “Love.”  Somebody said, “Learning.”  I said, “Everything,” which I thought might be cheating, but people didn’t think so. We noticed that  nobody said “Money.”

Then, last night, after many hours of shopping and trekking all over the South Shore of Boston in preparation for my trip to Scotland on Saturday, I discovered that my wallet was missing.  Suddenly, life seemed very difficult (although still worth living).  Michael suggested we retrace our steps and that I also call the Target Store in Braintree, which was about to close in fifteen minutes. I was almost positive that my wallet was not at Target, but I called anyway.

Here’s the phone conversation:

Me: I was at your store earlier tonight and I’m missing my wallet. I was wondering if anybody turned it in.

Customer Service Representative:  What does it look like?

Me:  It’s mostly  red and black. It’s made from recycled billboards.

Customer Service Representative:  Is there a name on cards?

Me:   Ann Koplow.

Customer Service Representative:  Yes.  It’s here.

I think the word “Yes” can make life worth living. Or, at least, less of a hassle.

Let’s see if my photos from yesterday include anything that makes life worth living.









Just so you know, I took all of yesterday’s photos before I knew that my wallet had been lost or found.

Here’s what comes up on YouTube, over and over again, in response to “What Makes Life Worth Living.”

I am ending this post with one word: “Thanks.”






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