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Day 3564: Unanswered questions

I think many of us have unanswered questions, so that’s why I asked this question last night on Twitter:


Sometimes we need to come up with our own answers to unanswered questions, and then move on.

Are there any unanswered questions in my other images for today?

Speaking of unanswered questions, I’d like to ask the Daily Bitch how she comes up with so many great calendar entries.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “unanswered questions.”


I like this unanswered question in the comments section for that video:


Thanks to all who have unanswered questions, including YOU!

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Day 3558: Leave nothing behind but love

Love is a wonderful thing to leave behind — a sentiment left behind last night by Yogi Tea:

I’m wondering how my beloved son and heir, Aaron, will feel if I leave nothing behind but love. I think he’ll remember me, no matter what.

Let’s see if this blog post leaves nothing behind but love.

I have nothing but love to leave behind for the Daily Bitch Calendar.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “leave nothing behind but love.”

Besides love, I always try to leave behind gratitude, so thanks to all who help me leave behind a blog post every day, including YOU.

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Day 3549: I Saw the Light

“I Saw the Light” is a song I love by Todd Rundgren.

My husband Michael and I danced to “I Saw the Light” after I got home from a trip where I saw the light at Disney World, the gorgeous islands off the Southeast coast of Georgia, and (unexpectedly) a Georgia hospital after I had a TIA.

During a long and restorative walk in my neighborhood yesterday, I Saw the Light.


For me, I Saw the Light means that I’m in the moment, observing the beauty surrounding me, and realizing again an important lesson I learned when I was young: life is short and every day is precious.

I Saw the Light when I was capturing all these other images for today’s blog post.

On this precious day when people might be talking like pirates while eating butterscotch pudding, what does “I saw the light” mean to you?

I saw the light while gathering expressions of gratitude for all those who have helped me see the light, including YOU!

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Day 3547: What a mess!

“What a mess!” I’m thinking as I …

  • start to unpack after returning home from my trip to Florida and Georgia,
  • continue to recover from my unexpected hospital trip when I was on vacation,
  • try to figure out how to avoid having another another messy mini stroke/TIA in the future,
  • try to avoid a mess when taking my blood to check my INR (which was too low at 2.4 last week, which likely caused the TIA),
  • readjust to being home with Michael and the cats, who can make a mes,
  • think about our long-overdue bathroom remodel, which is quite a mess, and
  • let go of any shame I have about messes of any kind.

What a mess as I try to organize my images for today.

What a mess of National Days there are today! I like that I’m publishing this what-a-mess post on National CleanUp Day.

What a mess of videos there are on YouTube!


Thanks to all who deal with messes, including YOU!

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Day 3546: Scholars

Looking at all the images I have to share with you on my last day of a terrific and illuminating Road Scholar adventure, I think “Scholars” is a good title for this blog post.

Do you scholars agree?


Thanks to all the wonderful scholars who help me blog every precious day, including YOU!

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Day 3545: Making up for lost time

After I got out of the hospital yesterday and rejoined the tour of the Georgia islands, I’ve been making up for lost time, which you can probably tell by my images for today.

Even as I’m making up for lost time, there is no way I have the time today to observe all those National Days. I don’t even have the time to check YouTube for a video.

There’s always time for me to express gratitude to you!

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Day 3544: Never seen

Before this vacation, I’d never seen

  • the islands off the southeastern coast of Georgia,
  • the inside of a brain CT scan machine, and
  • the inside of a Georgia hospital.

You’ve never seen anybody as happy as I’ll be when I get out of this hospital and rejoin my vacation tour of the Georgia islands, which MIGHT be today.

Here are some images I assume you’ve never seen:

I’ve actually never seen the world through another’s eyes but I try to do that, every day.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “never seen.”

I’ve never seen Limoblaze before, but I’m very glad to see that video today.

You’ve most likely seen gratitude from me before, but you’ve never seen this particular image of thanks:

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Day 3543: What does T.I.A. stand for?

This Is Ann, Telling It As it is on a Tuesday In A hospital room, Thankful I’m Alive.

T.I.A. stands for Transient Ischemic Attack. The Incredible And Thorough Investigators At This Institution Are Thinking I, Ann, had a T.I.A. yesterday.

Terrifying Incident, Actually, That Included All The Indications of A stroke. This Is Absolutely not how This Individual Anticipated spending her vacation.

These Images Are what This Insomniac Accumulated yesterday:


This Is A T.I.A. video on youTube, I Assume:

Thanks In Admiration to Those Intrepidly Assisting yesterday — my Terrifically Intelligent Amiga Deb, the Emergency responders on Jekyll Island, the staff at this wonderful Georgia hospital, my Boston cardiologist Deeb Salem (who called in response to my email and talked to the doctor here) — and to Those I Adore (That Includes All of you!)

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Day 3538: I will never get over this

I will never get over how great it is being back at Disney World, where I saw this yesterday:

I said to my niece Laura that I didn’t expect to see “I will never get over this” — which I immediately associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — at the “Happiest Place on Earth.” However, I realized that it’s very possible to never get over wonderful experiences, too.

Apparently, I will never get over catastrophizing (imagining the worst case scenario), especially when I’m stressed. Yesterday morning, when the Lyft driver showed up earlier than I expected to take me to the airport, I rushed out the door and then worried that our cat Joan might have gotten out and been attacked by the coyote that was on the street. During the drive to the airport, I tried to talk myself out of that very far fetched possibility.

I will never get over how the mind can make up unlikely scenarios even when there is little evidence or data to support them.

I tried to get over this by texting my husband Michael at home.

I will never get over this: I wish my wonderful late parents had been able to meet my hilarious and adorable husband Michael.

Here are the rest of my images for today’s “I Will Never Get Over This” blog post.

I will never get over how many National Days there are & I will never get over how it’s also World Ampersand Day.

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “I will never get over this.”

I will never get over my gratitude for all those who help me create this daily blog, including YOU!

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Day 3537: No Worry, No Hurry

Two night ago, when I had trouble sleeping, I wrote lyrics to a new song, “No Worry, No Hurry.”

No worry, no hurry as I share these lyrics with you before taking off for the airport this morning.

No worry, no hurry,

Don’t care what they think.

Those fears you should bury,

That shame you can shrink.

You don’t need to scurry

And do everything.

No worry, no hurry,

Just smile, breathe, and blink.

If you close your eyes

You might see what I see:

A landscape that offers

Sweet tranquility.

Awareness, acceptance,

Just waiting for me.

No worry, no hurry,

The chance to be free.

No worry, no hurry,

No need to be scared.

No need to apologize

For things that you’ve dared.

You don’t need perfection

For protection, my friend.

No worry, no hurry,

There’s peace without end.

©️ Ann Koplow, 2022

No worry, no hurry about checking out my images for today.

No worry, no hurry and no snow, no rain on National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day.

No worry, no hurry about finding something relevant on YouTube before my Lyft driver shows up to take me to the airport.

Thanks to all who help me have no worry, no hurry, including YOU!

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