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Day 2038: I give up!

In the last two thousand and thirty-eight days of blogging and living, I have never said, written, or thought, “I give up!” Today, I am saying, writing, and thinking it. Why? Because starting yesterday, every time I use my laptop to try to create a new blog post, contact WordPress support, or do many other essential tasks, all WordPress gives me is this unhelpful, unchanging screen:

That gives me nothing and no way to post or to get help.

I’ve given this a lot of time and many attempts at solving this. My mind is giving me no more ideas and options.

I give up!

But I can NOT give up blogging, no matter how many new obstacles life gives me, because this blog and my readers give me so much.

So how can I keep giving myself and my readers more daily gifts?

My phone does not give me the ability to contact WordPress for help, but it does give me the ability to create a new post.

So I can give you, today, this daily blog and give you my latest photos.

Harley is obscured there, just like solutions to my blogging problem are hidden from me now. Is it curtains for my blog? Or will some solution become clear and emerge?

Is there a recipe of steps that will give me back the ability to blog from my laptop? If not, maybe I can give myself comfort with the delicious food Michael gives me.

Maybe some computer genius, somewhere, will give me some solution to my WordPress problem. If not, I’ll just keep blogging, giving up disappointment and judgment.

This is the kind of look I give the world when I’ve had no sleep the night before. I’m going to give my haircutter, Mia, a look at this photo the next time I see her, so she can give me a similar haircut next time.

Even if nobody can give me the answer on how to blog again on my laptop, my phone will be just that good as my daily blogging machine.

I give my patients the choice of five “Coping and Healing” groups every week. This gives me tremendous satisfaction.

If you were lost in the woods — of WordPress or elsewhere — and it got dark, what would you do? I’ll give you all the time you need to think about that.

Michael keeps giving us amazing meals — that’s the one he gave us last night before we gave my son Aaron a ride to the airport.

I took this photo to give me a clue about how to find my car in the enormous and confusing parking lot at the airport, which always gives me a headache.

After I took that picture, we did not give up when we were told that Aaron needed a printed-out visa to board his flight to India, even though a website had given him the erroneous information that he could board by giving the visa information on his phone. Michael and Aaron gave me his bags to watch while they ran to the Hilton Hotel, which had printers which gave Aaron what he needed.

I give up trying to explain that any better.

Is it time for you to give up some comments below?

First, give it up for Jason Mraz performing “I Won’t Give Up.”

I now give up thanks for all people, animals, and things that help me create this daily blog, despite all the obstacles life gives me.

… “You’re golden!”

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Day 2037: Maybe Later

Maybe later I’ll explain the title of today’s blog.

Maybe later I’ll call WordPress and ask them why I can’t create a new blog post on my laptop this morning.

Maybe later I’ll get some sleep.

Maybe later I’ll drive my son to the airport so he can fly to India for two weeks and then back to university in Edinburgh.

Maybe later I’ll purchase an adaptor for my trip to Iceland and later on to Edinburgh.

Maybe later I’ll work more on my 4th and 5th original songs.

Maybe later this week I’ll debut my 3rd original song — “Hidden Thoughts” — at an Open Mic in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Maybe later is sooner than we think.

Maybe later I’ll explain some of the photos I took yesterday.

Maybe later we’ll finish off that ice cream cake.

Maybe later you’ll watch and listen to Lowen and Navarro performing “Maybe Later.”

Maybe later you’ll leave a comment and maybe later than that I’ll reply.

Maybe later I’ll express my thanks to all who helped me create this “Maybe Later” post and to you, or maybe now.

Maybe later I’ll reveal how they say “THANKS!” in Retriever.

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Day 2036: What does RBG stand for?

Rarely Being Grandiose, this Regular Blog Genuinely Roams Blithely, Gathering Random Business, Generally.


Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Rational, Beautiful, Great, Rapturously Brilliant, and Grand!

What else does RBG stand for?

Rapt Bird Gazers.




Really Beautiful Greenery.


Rampant Blues and Greens.


Rocky Beaches Galore.


Radiant Boston, Glowing.

Red, Blue & Green.


Righteous Barber Greeting!

Rarely Beatable Goods.


Restocking Binders for Groups.


Right Bag for Guitar*?


Rats! Bigger Guitar*!



Really Big Gratitude for RBG and for this Random Blogger’s Great Readers, By Golly!


*Really Big Goof, Readers, But Geesh!  ukulele doesn’t start with the letters R, B, or G.


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Day 2035: How to Change “OW!” to “WOW!”

Yesterday, I changed “OW!” to “WOW!”




Note that I changed “OW!” to “WOW!”

  • with one letter,
  • in one second,
  •  doing my best, and
  • letting go of self-doubt.

Do any of today’s photos change “OW!” to “WOW!”?










Flowers,  cats, gelato, beautiful architecture, walks by the ocean, my son Aaron, and my boyfriend Michael all help me change “OW!” to “WOW!”

In two days, my son is leaving home (OW!) to travel to India and then to Edinburgh (WOW!).

In less than a week, I’ll be debuting my third original song (WOW!) at an Open Mic, and that song will feature many sounds including “OW!” and “WOW!”

In less than a month, I’ll be flying (OW!) on WOW Air  to Iceland (WOW!).

Here‘s “Wow” by the Lennie Tristano Sextet:

Music I love always changes “OW!” to “WOW!”

Any comment from you changes “OW!” to “WOW!” and so does gratitude.




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Day 2034: Is this good news?

If you look at the good comments in yesterday’s post, you might notice that some good people had some trouble discerning whether that post had good news.

The news in today’s post is that I can relate to that confusion.  When I look at the news these days, I often ask myself and others, “Is this good news?”

It’s probably not news that I’m going to share many new photos and relate them to today’s topic.  I ask you, good readers,  is this good news?




























Is this good news that my son Aaron took so many photos of camera-shy Michael? I guess it depends on your perspective and on who you are.

Is “Good News” by Manic Drive good news?

By the way, I continue to get good news about my dentist‘s recovery from a double lung transplant.

I look forward to all the news in your good comments.

Is this good news that I always thank those who help me create these posts and — of course! — YOU?




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Day 2033: Good Bye

Good day, everybody.  Today I’ll be wishing a good bye to one of my incredibly good cardiologists, Dr. Mark Estes, who has appeared in a good many blog posts (including here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

What makes a good bye, especially when you do NOT want to say “good bye” to somebody?

Most importantly, let the good person know how important they are to you.

How will I let the good doctor know how important he is to me? My good bye, on this good day, will probably include these good things:

  1. Reminiscing about how good Dr. Estes has been to me over a good thirty years.
  2. A good greeting card.
  3. Good words, written and spoken.
  4. A last good look.
  5. A good cry.

My good reader, what do you think makes a good bye?

Here‘s a good 2007 video showing my good doctor briefly talking about a procedure he also performed on me in 2015.

Here are some good photos I’ve recently taken:











That good panel from that good Dove Chocolate advertisement shows these good words:

Find someone you didn’t mean to lose.

I didn’t mean to lose Dr. Estes, but he is moving to Pennsylvania because of family reasons. I’m glad I’m going to find him today, as we say our good byes.

Before I say good bye for today, I’ll share some good thanks to Dr. Estes and everybody else who has helped me create good blog posts over the years and , of course, to all my good readers, including YOU.




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Day 2032: Synchronicity

Despite five and a half years of blogging synchronicity, I am just now creating a post about synchronicity. Why now?  Because of the synchronicity of this sign:


I saw that in the synchroni-city of Boston, last night.

Here’s a definition of “synchronicity”:


the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.
“such synchronicity is quite staggering”

Are you ready for the simultaneous occurrence of photos that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection?






Dr. Del


Here‘s “Synchronicity” by The Police.


Ooops!  Wrong Police.  Let’s try that again.

I look forward to the synchronicity of your comments.

There’s a lot of synchronicity of gratitude here for all those who help me with the synchronicity of my blogging and — of course! — for YOU.

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Day 2031: Concerned about

I’m concerned about many things.  Perhaps that’s what’s about my  taking this concerned photo yesterday:


I’m concerned about people in power acting bananas.





I’m concerned about the people who ask for money when I’m stopped at traffic lights on my commute to and from work.  I’ve started offering them bananas with concern, which some of them take.

I’m concerned about my wonderful dentist, Dr. Luis Del Castillo, who has been reading and appearing in this blog (here and here) for years. Dr. Del Castillo just received a double lung transplant. If you’re reading this, Dr. Del Castillo, I send you concern and love.

I was concerned about many things when I took my other photos yesterday.













The first three videos that pop up on YouTube in response to “concerned about” are concerned about the current U.S. President, whom I’m concerned about.

Here‘s “Hey” by Quietly Concerned.

What are you concerned about, quietly or otherwise?

As usual, I’m concerned about expressing my thanks to all who helped me create today’s concerned post and — of course! — to YOU.


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Day 2030: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Yesterday, I saw “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” — the documentary about Fred Rogers.

As I messaged my sister beforehand, “I think it’s going to help me feel better about humankind.”

And it did.

Immediately after I saw the movie, I noticed this sign:


Here’s Fred Rogers testifying in 1969 to a Senate Subcommittee that was on the verge of removing the funding for public television, which would have prevented lots of neighbors from seeing  his show, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

I agree with what Fred Rogers says there — including “We’ve got to have more of this neighborhood of care” —  and I’m glad that Senator Pastore was swayed by his testimony.

I think the world needs more neighbors like Fred Rogers and fewer ones who send out hostile tweets to and about all sorts of neighbors.

What’s a neighbor, anyway?

1. a person living near or next door to the speaker or person referred to.
“our garden was the envy of the neighbors”
1. (of a place or thing) be situated next to or very near (another).
“the square neighbors the old quarter of the town”

We all live near to each other on this small planet, so we’re all neighbors.

Won’t you be my neighbor as you look at these other photos from yesterday?









I’m glad that the new trees in Cambridge won’t be leaving.

I want to share one of the many songs Fred Rogers wrote, which he sings here to Jeff Erlanger.

It’s you I like, neighbor.

Thanks to all my neighbors who helped me create today’s post and who are reading it–  including YOU, my neighbor.

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Day 2029: Leave

While I’ve already written several previous blog posts with “Leave” in the title (here, here, here,  here, and here), I couldn’t leave well enough alone, mostly because

  1. I want a certain world leader to make like a tree and  leave and
  2. I heard this song yesterday morning:

Because I don’t like to leave everything up to chance, I asked my son — who is leaving soon for India and then Edinburgh — to help me create a relevant image for today’s post.


If you don’t like posts with lots of photos, you should leave now.  If you don’t leave, you might notice that many of yesterday’s photos have to do with today’s title, in one way or another.


When I think a meeting is bullshit, I want to leave.


Now that we’ve found our new home by the sea, I never want to leave.


My son Aaron will soon be leaving on a jet plane.


Batman probably wants to leave the cat shelter as soon as possible.

Because I need to leave the house soon, I’ll leave it up to you to notice the connections with “leave” in the rest of my photos.




I wonder how many readers will leave this post before all the photos load?

Before I leave my blogging for the day, I want to leave thanks for all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — for YOU.


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