Day 2312: Struck

I’m struck by how I’ve never used the word “struck” in a blog post title before.

I’m struck by how I’ve used the word “struck” in 13 previous blog posts, including Day 1966: Memorable linesDay 1875: Tipping Point, Day 1292: Seeing patients, Day 981: Righteous Numbers, Day 956: Never Give Up, Day 717: Interrupting, Day 463: Surprises, Day 367: Screen Shots, Day 364: What day is it?, Day 284: We never know how we affect people (The Ta-Da Pose),  Day 100: I Confess, Day 75: Things that make me go _____, and Day 58: Accelerated learning.

I’m struck by how …

  • long it takes me to do one of these “linking to old posts” openings,
  •  much my blog has changed over the years,
  • relevant some of those old post titles seem to me today,
  • many challenges I’ve been struck by (but not struck down by) over the years, and
  • many of my photos from yesterday connect with today’s title.










I’m struck by how

  • long it takes me to make photo montages look right,
  • much I love being a group therapist,
  • many gates there are around Fenway Park, and
  • wonderful it is to live near the water.

Here’s the award-winning short film Struck:

What are you struck by, here and now?

As usual, I’m struck by gratitude for all who help me create these daily posts and — of course! — for YOU.


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20 thoughts on “Day 2312: Struck

  1. I was struck by that painting of the boat and duck…it made me smile!

  2. I hope everyone feels ducky enough to experience a whale of a day, Ann. No matter how much your blog has changed over the years, you continue to strike themes that influence me.

  3. I’m struck by how creative and affirming your posts are, and your heart. ❤

  4. I was struck by that duck picture and the fact that you shared it on May Day. Is that a coincidence? Perhaps not, although striking coincidences do sometimes happen. As Stephen Stucker once said, “May Day? Why, that’s the Russian New Year! We’ll have a big party and serve hot hors d’oeuvres…”

    • I am struck by how similar “Stucker” is to struck, although that might not be a coincidence. I am always struck and well served by your creativity, Chris, every day.

  5. I am struck by how much I liked this post
    May Day not a thing here, just another day here

  6. I am killing time in the ER and struck by how wonderful it is to be able to revisit some of your old blog posts because of your links. Thank you.

  7. I’m struck by awe that you offer such a delightful post each and every day! 🙂

  8. Maybe I’m Moon-struck!

  9. I’m struck by the beauty all around us

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