Day 364: What day is it?

I believe this thing to be self-evident:  On the penultimate* day of The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally, I have managed to come up with the goofiest title, ever.

And I’m not being judgmental about that. I happen to think that “goofy” is high praise. (I believe I’ve demonstrated that belief, in this previous post.) Although, one could argue that praise, of any sort, is also judgmental.**

All right, Ann!  Enough with the charmingly (you hope) digressive style! Let’s cut to the chase!  Why do you think that title is goofy?

I think the title is goofy because … it expresses a confusion about the day, after stating what day it is.

Then why in the Wild Wild World of Sports*** did you choose THAT title (after considering several others, as usual)?

Because at this time of the year, I am often confused about what day it is.  There is something about  The Week Between Christmas and New Year’s**** that causes rampant confusion in my brain, about the day.  To add to this, I am taking two days  off from work before New Year’s Day, and routine changes often confuse my sense of time.

I’m assuming I am not alone, in these experiences.

Although I AM alone as I am writing this.

Although that’s not entirely true, either.  How can I say I’m alone?  There’s a cat on my lap.  This cat, to be exact:


That image meets my stringent criteria for posting my own photos here, including (1) I’ve never used it before, (2) it’s in focus, and (3) it is perhaps cute and interesting enough to ameliorate* possible feelings of annoyance at my charmingly (I hope) digressive and inquisitive writing style*****.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, I am not alone. Further proof of that: my 15-year-old son, Aaron, and my boyfriend, Michael, are both here, albeit* asleep.

Hmmm. So what IS this post about, so far?  What are the themes that are already emerging?

Well, confusion is a theme.

And what might confusion indicate, right now?

It might indicate that I need a little more food or sleep.  That’s (always) possible.

However, I think it also indicates that it’s the next-to-last day of the year. Endings — and the approach of endings — can definitely cause confusion, in me.

Perhaps I’m not alone in that, too. Also, confusion is not always a bad thing,  is it?

As I am approaching the end of this post, let’s see if I can find an image that represents “confusion,” right now.  First, I shall check my trusty iPhone. I have no expectations, at this point, whether a photo is waiting there, that will fit the bill.

(….suspenseful pause…..)

OMG!  I’ve struck gold. Not fool’s gold; real gold. The mother lode!  The mother of them all. ***


That shot, which I took last Friday in the hospital cafeteria, not only meets all my criteria for my own photos, it is the perfect representation of the concept “confusion.”   While true perfection may not exist, just look at all the confusion we’ve got there, in one single image. Feast your eyes on all the opposites, dialectics*, paradoxes, and contradictions!

Healthy/unhealthy. Biodegradable/Plastic. Cafeteria food/Salad bar. Dark/Light. Mac & Cheese/Anti-Mac & Cheese.

It’s all there, people! (And you may see more, too.)

Ahhhhhh.  My work here is done.

At least for the day.

Thanks to all my readers, no matter what day you happen to drop by. There’s no confusion here: I appreciate your visit, wherever you are.

* One of my favorite words.  I would define it, but I’m hoping the context will clarify its meaning, if necessary. Also, I hope to use this footnote as a running gag throughout the post.

** My good friend Krystal wrote me about that, last week.

*** This is a steal from Mel Brooks. See here for the first (mis-remembered) steal. I can’t find a clip for the second steal, which is from one of my favorite movies, “The Producers.”

**** Yes, Mark Bialczak, I am using this form, for now.

***** At least, in this particular case, among cat people. For people who don’t like cats, all bets are off.

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47 thoughts on “Day 364: What day is it?

  1. marc zegans

    Dear Ann,

    I think it brilliant that on the penultimate day, you don’t know what day it is. What a wonderful arrival at non-judgmental status. The day unfolds as it is, without being forced into an arbitrary calendar. I think that this year of blogging has rewarded you well. Beginners mind simply there.



  2. To be a footnote in an Ann Koplow post is to live the penultimate day of 2013 in style. Happy New Year to you, Ann, and all of my fellow readers who so enjoy you shining the daily flashlight to guide us through that interesting mind of yours.

    • I am so glad you appreciate being a footnotes in one of my posts, Mark. I certainly appreciate you. And thanks for that great metaphor for the mind of moi.

  3. Pseu

    As I only just found you at the end of the year, with only a day or so to go…. I’m tempted to ask
    “What next?”

    I mean, will it be just one year, then full stop?

    Just asking.

    • It will be a comma, most likely. Or, if it is a period, there will be a next sentence.

      Thanks for reading and for the asking.

      • Pseu

        it would be a shame to stop now you’re in the flow…. : I’m a fan of colons and semi-colons 🙂

      • I am working on letting go of shame, but I’m glad you see that I am in the flow. I’m also a fan of colons and semi-colons, and also ellipses (which you used so nicely in your comment).

      • Pseu

        we could have a whole post on the use of various punctuation marks, without the use of emoticons!

      • Yes, let’s do that! How about … some time in 2014?

      • Pseu


  4. Great post Ann, I hope we will be seeing much more of you after tomorrow, that is today if you are here, or later if you are elsewhere. I’m sure we’ll catch up with wherever we are sooner or later 🙂
    Have a great New Years Eve….. Susan x

  5. Dear Ann, I think I am in step with you. I have a cat in my lap, too, but haven’t the least idea of the date or day or what I’m supposed to be doing. I think it’s going to the grocery store, and will probably be reminded when I reach for the bananas and the stalk is bare. I believe I’ll recognize New Year’s Eve because everyone will be making a lot of noise. This year has been a bear, which is probably why I’m trying to forget it. Onward and upward to 2024.
    Happy New Year!

  6. confused and be playful! Enjoy your time off Ann!

  7. Marley,the great cat is in accord with your cat. What better place to rest than in your mother’s lap while she is blogging.

    I am glad to note you will be continuing after the penultimate day of the year into 2014. I like your style, the tempo of your heart and your way with wrds and photos. I like that we connected in 2013 and will continue to do so into indetermind days of the future!

    Like you I’m confused as to the date but very sure about this – I like visiting here!

    Happy New Year whenever it appears!

    • Thanks, Louise, for another kind, thoughtful, and playful comment. I’m sure that I like your visits and that I enjoy and learn from visiting you. Happy New Year back at ya!

  8. This time to the year is definitley confusing, I concur……..things that confuse me around this time of year include;

    —) why do I let the culture make me care so mucho out the day January 1st?
    —) why do I keep putting off my pursuit of a PhD (cause I’m damn lazy, and more classes makes me feel like going to sleep, getting drunk, or going to sleep while I’m getting drunk)
    —) why do I have to always feel the damn pressure of “doing something” with my life, even though I AM doing something with my life?
    —) why does Ann post SO many pic’s of cats when dogs are cute TOO! 😉 lol

    Happy new year 🙂

    • I never finished my Master’s in Film Studies, Kenneth, because I was too damn lazy to write my thesis. So there.

      I agree with you about dogs being cute, I just don’t have any. I will do my best, next year, to not be so obviously cat-ist, and to be a more equal opportunity poster of pet photos. (My best, I’m pretty sure, will not be good enough for you, however.)

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It is always an honor.

  9. Another thing that confuses me is why in the bloody f**k does my iPad have to change the words of my comments? I look back on that previous comment and I’m like WTH did the iPad do to what I typed? Pisses me off!

  10. Hi Ann – please stop writing for a while after tomorrow/today. Having bumped into you on day 364, I have a bit of reading to do. And as I can’t read and write at the same time, I am in danger of overload. Which happened once. And I cannot remember the rest.

    • Well, I wouldn’t bother reading everything I’ve written up until now. You’re just going to forget it, anyway. Thanks so much for the visit!

  11. Thanks for your goofiness, Goofy!

  12. Pensive kitty and good looking food.

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  14. Eleanor

    A post the day after “what day is it.”

    Another great post Ann and very relevant for me. I often “lose” the day, not knowing what it is particularly after a long weekend, mid-week holiday, returning from vacation. I say that I am disoriented after the long weekend, or whatever it is. It is lame because there are so many things to keep me on track – my computer with the date at the lower right hand corner, my phone, and as someone who has the newspaper delivered not only can I look at the date but I see the day of the week.

    So I am making a New Year’s resolution to be aware of what day it is, every day. No more thinking it is Friday when it is only Thursday or better, thinking it is Thursday when it is Friday.
    As an adult I generally don’t make resolutions because the year is changing but I made one a few years ago that I kept. I decided to write legibly all the time and I do. My checks are very neatly written with the exception of my signature which is kind of messy but I decided it was okay to keep my signature messy except for legal documents.

    Now on to resolution #2, another one which I can surely keep, and Ann if I run into you in Whole Foods parking lot or Belmont Center and you need to know what day it is I will be on top of it to help you out.
    Happy day!

    • It’s always a happy day when I run into you, Eleanor, no matter where that is and no matter how you sign your name, write your checks, or remember numbers. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!

  15. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Love your humour & style!
    & I love your blog title. Happy new year, Ann 🙂

  16. robert87004

    it’s mac and cheese, it has to be a good day, never mind a little confusion.

  17. I love your cat.
    Just thought I’d come clean on that.

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