Day 981: Righteous Numbers

Yesterday, one of my particularly righteous high school classmates messaged me, asking me a  righteous question about our righteous reunion, taking place in a righteous number of days and less than two weeks:

How many people are coming?

I replied:

Number is difficult to say.

Here’s the reason her righteous question seemed righteously difficult to answer in that particularly  righteous moment: Many of our righteous classmates who’ve righteously expressed a righteous intent to attend the reunion had not sent in their righteous money, as of the righteous Friday before a righteous holiday weekend.  I am not the least self-righteous about this, because I  often wait to the last righteous minute to send  in my righteously earned  money, no matter how righteous the bill. 

Because my classmate’s question was so righteous, though, I also righteously told her the  righteous number of people who had righteously sent in their righteous $ ( according to  another righteous classmate, who’s in charge of our righteous class’s righteous cash). 

I wish I could say that righteous number of paid-up attendees was 42, since several of my righteous readers have righteously reminded me that 42 — according to righteous author Douglas Adams — is the righteous meaning of life.  The righteous reunion number I told her yesterday was not 42, but righteously close to that. 

Here’s  my righteous classmate’s righteous reply:

41 is a righteous number. This week it will be 42. 

How could  my righteous classmate so righteously know that our righteous reunion would definitely meet that righteous, meaning-of-life number? She had every right to know, because her righteous check was in the mail. 

I righteously expect the number of righteous reunion attendees will, at least, match the righteous number of my class’s years out of high school — 45. 

I think 

  • 45 years is a particularly righteous number to survive beyond high school and
  • we shall easily and righteously have 45 people at our righteous reunion. 

Actually, I think — righteously or not — that we’ll have a  number righteously higher than 42 or 45, on our righteous reunion date of September 19. However, as another righteous classmate texted me last week, when we were discussing the righteous reunion numbers:

Time will tell. 

He is so righteously right about that. 

Here’s another number I am righteously contemplating this morning:


That’s the number of righteously hot degrees we’re expecting in righteous Boston today.  Since the righteous high school my righteous son righteously attends has no righteous air conditioning, my son just  said to me, righteously:

Maybe I’ll wear my bathing suit to school.

I wonder if I should wear my bathing suit to my high school reunion? I could, because the righteous reunion location …
… is righteously near the ocean. 

It’s only righteous that I include a righteous number of new photos in today’s righteous post, in addition to those 2 righteous pictures. What do you, my righteous reader, guess is the righteous number of new righteous pictures I took yesterday, which was righteous Labor Day in the righteous USA?

 Was that a righteously lower number than you righteously expected?

Here’s my righteous prediction for the number of righteous readers who will comment on this righteous post:


Time will tell if I am righteously right about that, too. 

Time for some righteous music for this righteous post! 

The righteous number of Gustav Mahler’s last complete symphony is 9. This is righteous movement #4:

Here’s the righteous Leonard Bernstein, taking about Mahler’s 9th symphony:

This weekend, the righteous announcer on the righteous Boston classical radio station WCRB-FM  said, about Mahler’s righteous 9th symphony:

It’s like Mahler’s farewell to the world and life 

… which struck me as particularly righteous, because of how righteous that symphony is.

According to righteous Wikipedia, Mahler

  • knew he had “a heart that was defective” when he was composing his righteous 9th,
  • kept composing and performing until the end of his life, despite his heart condition,
  • died 2 months short of his 51st birthday because of “bacterial endocarditis, a disease to which sufferers from defective heart valves were particularly prone, and for which the survival rate in pre-antibiotic days was almost zero.” 

Some of my righteous readers might understand these 4 righteous words from me:

Thank goodness for antibiotics. 

Righteous thanks to all the righteous people and things that helped  me compose this righteous post and special thanks to you — of course! — for being so righteous. 

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31 thoughts on “Day 981: Righteous Numbers

  1. I bet you are seeing the word “righteous” in your sleep! LOL So…how MANY did show? Music was well chosen! I, righteously, never attend reunions–having gone to three different high schools, never felt like I really belonged to the one I graduated from. Hope it is fun for you and all!

    • So far, 10 righteous people have shown up in today’s comment section, including you and me. I’m not sure how many righteous classmates are going to show at our righteous high school reunion on September 19. That righteous number might appear in my righteous post # 993. Thank you for the first righteous comment on today’s post, Johann!

  2. Does that mean that at least 15-20 of my kitty cats are enough righteous numbers for enough righteous comments?

  3. Funny enough I expected 42 righteous photos, but while righteous that would have been overwhelming. And I’d like to add another thank goodness for the righteousness of antibiotics.

  4. My baby boomer class of 1969 had 600 graduates…almost 100 show up for each reunion. Sadly, I recognized very few at the last one I attended…most of my friends were like me and “got out of Dodge”..a righteous goal for a steel city in decline.

    I love the venue for your reunion…maybe you should wear a swimsuit, Ann. I’m with you on the stalling summer heat…bring on the Fall temps, please. ☺

    • Since our class of 1970 had about 220 graduates, I guess the 40-something responses make sense. Thank you for that righteous data and for all your righteous words in this comment, most righteous Van.

  5. Like my righteous Dad always says – Better living through chemistry – when it comes to using antibiotics. He’s a righteous chemist, so he should know. 97 degrees is kind of toasty for your neck of the woods, especially without air conditioning. Maybe your son could wear surfer shorts, that’s about as close as one to get to swimming trunks without looking like one is wearing a swimsuit. Supposed to be a righteous 106 degrees by the end of the week. When will this heat subside, I ask? My husband says we are training for purgatory, living in this heat – I say – I hope I have lived a righteous enough life to only train, but not experience.
    Hope you a most righteous day. Stay cool, my friend!!!!

    • My righteous son wore something this morning that looked like they could have been surfer shorts, although I’m nor righteously sure, never having righteously surfed. I am sure you deserve many righteous rewards for the righteous life you obviously lead. Thanks to you, SD, my righteous friend!

  6. NotAPunkRocker

    I just totally read this in Keanu Reeves’ “Bill and Ted” voice. Righteous!

    My class reunion is next month…I think I told someone I would write a post about why I would NOT be attending, so thank you for the reminder.

    It is sad that it’s going to be warmer in Boston than here in Richmond. I feel for ya, for sure.

  7. Jan Woodruff

    I, for one, am very glad that antibiotics exist in this world for you Ann…

  8. yeoldefoole

    Right You Is!

  9. Thank goodness for antibiotics, indeed, Ann. And how could the meaning of life possibly be something as arcane as 42? Never mind. I’ve avoided the connection so far. I really rather not think about that.

  10. I think I make 11, well on the way to that righteous 13! And here’s to antibiotics and the long lasting life they now give.

  11. Holy crap! You just elicited the most righteous belly laugh experienced in a very long time.Kudos accompany the tip of my hat 🙂

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