Day 956: Never Give Up

Yesterday morning, my son Aaron, Aaron’s aunt Deborah, and I were very happy to  meet Christina.

Christina owns a lovely tea room near our hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Christina not only served us a delicious breakfast, she also shared photos of herself when she was younger, as well as some important thoughts about life:

When Christina showed us “Never Give Up,” I got pretty teary-eyed. I guess it struck a chord.

Throughout our wonderful day at the Festival Fringe, whenever I felt tired navigating the ups and downs of Edinburgh, I remembered “Never Give Up.” And, like Christina, I kept pushing on.

And when we encountered talented, funny, and soulful people, it was obvious they had  never given up, either. They were still  sharing their creativity and vision with others, despite inevitable ups and downs.




Those last two photos are from Dr. Professor Neal Portanza’s incredibly inventive and hilarious  show  — “Catchy Show Title.”

If you never gave up reading my blogs from  the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe, you might remember the good Dr. Professor putting Aaron on stage in his brilliant performance piece from last year — “Dr. Professor Neal Portenza Performs His Own Autopsy.”

Aaron hasn’t made it on stage at the Fringe. so far, in 2015. Yesterday, however, he did win this:

… from the amazing Improvisational Group “Men with Coconuts.” My son — who never gives up having great ideas — came up with the name for yesterday’s musical extravaganza

“I Have No Spine.”

Because I have given up trying to capture everything here at the Fringe, I have no video of the many improvised songs from “I Have No Spine” — including the stirring and inspirational  title tune.

Here’s what came up on YouTube when I searched for “Never Give Up.”

Finally, as I give up trying to make today’s post perfect,  here’s free stuff some of the Fringe performers, pictured above,  gave us yesterday:

I never give up loving those kinds of encounters.

Non-spineless thanks to everybody in this never-give-up post and to you — of course! — for never giving up, too.

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38 thoughts on “Day 956: Never Give Up

  1. Christina looks marvellous. Love the second Catchy Show Title pic

  2. What a wonderful experience to meet Christina and hear her story. Love the pics thanks for bringing us along on the trip!

  3. Your enter trip is filled with wonder! I love how you and Aaron share and experience so much joy together!

  4. All fabulous!!

  5. Very sweet of you, Ann, to take us along on this trip of yours. Aunt Christina, and her tea shop with all those delectable eatables, is a revelation, specially her robust optimism about life even in her advanced years. Enjoyed it wishes.. Raj.

  6. Yes, Ann. Thanks for sharing Tea Shop Christina’s wise message from the Fringe.

  7. Lovely. And a few things that I am going to take to heart.

  8. Looks like you are having a great time. The breakfast looked like it was a proper breakfast. Isn’t there an entire underground area somewhere near there, where families without means lived years ago? I saw a show, Ghost Adventures – or something like that about the underground city. Supposed to be quite busy with paranormal activity. Aaron has such beautiful colored hair (it is the same color as my youngest’s). How is your eye? Is it feeling better?

    • Aaron’s hair is paranormally red and so is my eye! However, we are all feeling fine — no pain and all gain. Thank you for accompanying my adventures here, SD.

      • It is my pleasure. Thank-you for allowing us to accompany you on your fantastic travels.

  9. Ann, thanks for sharing all the amazing wonders that you find in a festival such as this and the emphasis on theatrical stage performances, and street performances as well. “Never give up” is an old adage that’s in the back of my mind, so I’m glad you brought it up! Have a great time!

  10. I’m glad I didn’t give up and took time to read this post! Looks like you’re all having an amazing time on the auld sod. Enjoy!

  11. Great photos and people pictures. Love them! Fanny Crosby, by the way, was blind. And one of the most prolific female writers of religious lyrics ever. She was a trooper–just like you are! Thanks so much for taking time to share the goodness.

  12. Love see Christina, her cakes and pastries and the full Scottish breakfast. Did you eat the black pudding Ann? It will put hair on Aaron’s chest 😉
    I loved Galaxy Quest. Never give up my friend!!

    • Aaron ate the black pudding and found it easy. He was more daunted by the tomato. It’s great to imagine you walking the streets of Edinburgh, Val. I trust that neither of us will ever give up!

  13. I really enjoyed this one!!

  14. I’ve missed you, AK. Glad I finally got back online to a post chock-full-of what yer self saw.

  15. Unforeseen circumstances often force me to develop plans B, C, and D instead of my preferred A.

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  18. We are going to visit Christina’s tea room pretty soon! (Is it called Christina’s tea room?) She seems very friendly.

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