Day 463: Surprises

I am surprised by how difficult it is for me, this morning, to start this post.

I am surprised that the word surprise has appeared in only one post title before:  Day 174: Surprised by joy.

I am surprised that the word “joy” in that previous is title is not capitalized.

I like surprises, in a way that surprises me, considering how many unpleasant surprises I encountered when I was a kid.

I am very careful about surprising other people, because of my experience of unpleasant surprises.


Not surprisingly, I have more surprises to share from my recent weekend in New York City, with my friend Jeanette.

During the weekend, Jeanette unsurprisingly wanted to go to some cool clothing stores. On Sunday, we went to one with a name that escapes me now. That doesn’t surprise me, since I didn’t take a picture of it.

However, I did take some photos from inside the store:


At that store that shall be nameless (for now)*, I was surprised by how they covered up the faces of the mannequins. I got over that surprise, very quickly.

See the red chair, in the lower right corner of that photo?  I was NOT surprised that chair was not for sitting. I was surprised there were comfortable places to sit, near by.

As I was sitting and waiting for Jeanette, I wasn’t surprised when two people joined me there. However, I was surprised when one of them struck some exquisite, dance-like poses. When I asked if I could take her picture,  she looked surprised and pleased, and obliged:


I wanted to get a better view, to try to capture the surprising grace I had just witnessed, in a clothing store, so I got up from my seat, to get a better perspective.


Like most human beings, I make immediate assumptions about people. So, I was surprised to hear:

  • They are both from Brazil.
  • Alice (seated) is (or was) Livia’s director in Brazil.
  • Their being in NYC that day was related to the YAGP — Youth América Grand Prix — festival.
  • Livia is 19 years old and a student at the school of the Washington Ballet.

I’m not sure I got all that information right. I hope Livia and Alice both read this blog, and help me make any necessary corrections.**

I am not surprised that getting the facts correct is important to me, considering all the surprises I encountered when I was growing up.

I seem to have come full circle in this post. You may think I’m about to end it.


Soon after Jeanette and I left the store,  we bid each other “Adieu,” parting ways for the weekend. I quickly took this snapshot, in the direction I was heading:


It’s no surprise I took another shot, immediately, to get a different view.


I was surprised, later, to see what was missing there.  What happened to that friggin’ shoe??!??***

Thanks to Jeanette, Livia, and Alice, and thanks to the store with the name I’m surprised I cannot remember even one syllable of, right now,  despite Jeanette and I discussing how non-intuitive it was, many times over the weekend. And thanks to you, for your surprising (or non-surprising) visit here, today.

* I won’t be surprised if somebody reading this blog is able to supply the name of that store.

** At this point, Livia has read the blog and made some corrections.

*** See here (and here, too) about other missing shoes over the weekend.  Surprised?


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16 thoughts on “Day 463: Surprises

  1. Yes, Ann, Livia looks full of grace, and confidence, too. Oh, to be 19 and in the National Ballet.

    As for the missing shoe … It was right there in front of us! Good trick, Nike. But Ann beat you to it.

    • I had some of my facts wrong about Livia, Mark, which I’ve now corrected in the post. You probably know a lot about fact-checking, don’t you? I love the facts you chose for your comment here.

  2. haha — it’s probably just waiting to get all lit up again! Surprise! Now you see me. Now you don’t.

    And yes, such grace. Lovely!

  3. This made me laugh … that MISSING SHOE … ha ha ha

  4. They put that missing shoe there just for you…. 🙂

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  6. Great pose!

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