Day 452: Random Shots

Since I started blogging, on 1/1/13, I’ve created several posts with “Random Thoughts” in the title (including here, here, here, here, here and here), about topics including — but not restricted to — doctor’s appointments, sleep, fun, and love.

Today,  I can’t promise any coherent thinking — random or otherwise — the morning after I:

  1. Underwent a sleep study in a hospital.
  2. Had a full day at work.
  3. Saw my favorite musician, Pat Metheny, in concert.

So, I’m completely taking myself off the hook here, promising only random shots I took with my iPhone, yesterday.

Shall we begin?


This is Lori, a co-star of yesterday’s post, before she removed all the stuff she had put on me, the night before, for the sleep study. In further proof of her kindness (which I wrote about, yesterday), she had told me, “I love my job, but do you want to know what I HATE most about it?” and then answered her own question, “Ripping tape off of people.”



Despite proof in several previous posts that one of my socks comes off, during the night, this process was incomplete, during the sleep study. Does this portend inconclusive results, in general?



I took this shot of the shower at the sleep study to show the effects of anxiety, especially when one is rushing oneself (usually needlessly).  I had been thinking, “Oh, no!  I have to take this shower FAST because check-out time is IN TEN MINUTES and I don’t want to make them stay later because then they’ll HATE me” (or thoughts to that effect). So, I left the bathroom to ask Lori, “How do I turn on the shower?  I can’t figure it out!!!”  And Lori, in even further proof of her kindness (1) told me not to worry about being rushed and (2) did not make fun of me.*



For those of you who are curious about sleep studies, above are the kinds of questions they ask you afterwards. Here’s the second page of that post-study survey:


My suggestion for better communication was inspired by Lori, who said to me, “Did you bring conditioner to help get the stuff out of your hair?  If you had spoken to me ahead of time, I would have told you to do that.”

If you’ve read yesterday’s post, I introduced you briefly to Allie, Lori’s daughter. Here she is:


And here’s the inaccurately named Mr. Brown:


More, and perhaps conclusive, proof of Lori’s kindness: Check-out time for the sleep study was 7:15 AM. Note the time on Lori’s cell phone. She still wasn’t rushing me, at all.

I had some time, after I left Lori & Company, before I needed to leave for work. So I moseyed over to the Cardiology Department, to see if I could find people I knew. Lo and behold, I saw one of my cardiologists, Dr. Mark Estes, in a meeting:


While I’ve written about Dr. Estes before, I haven’t included any photos of him in this blog. That’s him, furthest to the left.

Here’s another shot of him, seated at that meeting:


Now, it might seem that I was being inappropriately bold and snoopy, taking those two photos. I assumed it would be okay AND I did check it out with Dr. Estes, soon afterwards.  Dr. Estes not only was cool with the photos, but he invited me into that meeting room, to introduce me to everybody there. I can’t remember exactly what Dr. Estes said in his introduction, but it included phrases like, “This is one of the most famous patients at this hospital,” and “November 22, 1963 wasn’t significant only because of JFK being shot. That was also the date of Ann’s first pacemaker implant” and “My first meeting with her  got me into this specialty.”

Those aren’t exact quotes, I know, but what he said was all pretty amazing. He also recommended that everybody there read this blog. So if those quotes AREN’T accurate, maybe they can let me know.


That’s Melanie, a beloved, familiar face I saw immediately after I entered the meeting.  That helped me feel comfortable and open, as Melanie always does, at my Pacemaker Clinic appointments.

As I was leaving, I was taking more surreptitious shots of the meeting, but — this time — Dr. Estes caught me. He invited me in again, asking those assembled if it was okay if I photographed them. They all agreed, recognizing that this was for a future blog post.


I heard Dr. Estes say, as I was leaving, “We’ll be viral, by this afternoon.”

My parting shot: “I WISH!”

Thanks to Lori, Allie, Mr. Brown, Dr. Estes, Melanie, other assorted cardiology people, and Pat Metheny (who didn’t make it to this blog post but who gave a KICK ASS concert last night). And thanks to you — of course! — for helping me go viral, in any way.

* If you’re having trouble with this, as I was, you turn the shower on with the giant lever on the top.

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55 thoughts on “Day 452: Random Shots

  1. First time ever, Ann, that a visitor in a big city hospital wished out loud for something to go viral. Again, you are a pioneer in medical doings. Thanks for this glimpse into a busy and anxious experience. Tomorrow I get something about Metheny concert, maybe?

  2. Thanks for taking us on the sleep study adventure! I love that you saw Dr Estes and went into the meeting. Somehow what could have been an ordeal really seems to have turned into a journey.

  3. Yes! This is so totally going viral! Please tell Dr. Estes, Lori, Melanie, and the other people at your wonderful hospital with the blog-friendly staff, that it’s not even 8 AM and they are on their way to fame here in Vancouver, BC, where I have been grinning back at their photos over my breakfast of Assam tea and sliced bananas.

    That is an awesome photo of Mr. Brown, and something tells me that Lori arranged for that photo (and Mr. B posed for it) just so that you would be able to share it with us. What tells me that? It’s photo 1839 of 1839. But, Lori probably didn’t go home from work to snap his picture, so I wonder whether Allie took the Mr. B’s breakfast shot and sent it to her mom. Which would be an amazing display of blog teamwork. You never just meet people — you befriend them and recruit them into your magical blog network.

    Well, I’m heading off for an appointment of my own (that doesn’t involve sleep and certainly doesn’t involve such a fancy bath-shower setup), but I don’t want to run off before saying that even though you thought you were taking a shortcut with this post by mostly posting photos, it is still one of my favourites. I loved every photo and learned a lot from the sleep study questionnaire. Will I ever be brave enough to wander into a room full of (my) doctors and snap their photos? I doubt it … but if I ever do gain the courage, I hope that I also gain that quality that you have that makes everyone adore you while you do it. People seem to smile at you just because you’re looking at them.

    • I don’t know about being adored by everyone, but I definitely feel more adorable after reading one of your comments. Thank you for this one.

  4. You are so cool Ann … Love this !

  5. Thank you for bringing your readers along on this adventure, Anne. I enjoyed the experience.

  6. Liked this lots!

  7. Great shots! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I did the sleep apnea study. Wires and sticky things in me from 9PM to 6AM. What a nightmare. Did not sleep all night . They expect you to lie on your back and not move – I am a twister/turner.
    Then the breathing mask does not stick to my beard. They told me I can’t sleep. THAT’S WHY I CAME HERE TO THE HOSPITAL-YOU JERKS. Now I read to fall asleep and do after 5 pages. It takes me 6 months to finish a novel. That’s no good either !

  9. I’ve been convinced for some time that we can never truly know if we have a ‘sleep’ problem unless we stop driving a car or sitting through traffic for a long period of time; there are a lot of studies that have been regarding the psychological effects of driving…..and while I obviously can’t say that automobiles are the number one reason people have sleep problems; unless we were to stop driving we could never know for sure…….

    Sorry…. probably a very random comment to your post I know! But just something I think about because I’ve noticed that I used to sleep a lot better when I didn’t drive as much in crazy traffic.

  10. Reblogged this on harrygrotman and commented:
    Yes Yes Yes!

  11. Thanks for sharing this day with us.

  12. Thank you for sharing this experience. What is it with showers? I can never work the shower if I’m away from home!

    • Me neither, Annabelle. When I was in Panama City, I drenched myself unexpectedly because the shower head was hidden in the ceiling in a way I had never seen before! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone with my Unfamiliar Shower Problems.

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