Day 470: 4/15/14

Today is April 15, 2014, abbreviated in the United States as 4/15/14.

Points I’d like to make about 4/15/14:

  • It’s tax day.  Tax day can make me (and — apparently — many, many, many other people) feel nervous, anxious, pressured, worried, concerned, and otherwise stressed.
  • It’s the one-year anniversary date of the Boston Marathon bombings (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here for some posts related to that traumatizing event).
  • It’s a numeric palindrome (the same when read forward and backwards), in the midst of nine other such dates (starting with 4/10/14 and ending with 4/19/14).
  • It’s the day I can tell my readers this: the cultures they took in the Emergency Room on Saturday show no evidence of endocarditis, which is very good news.

What else do I want to tell you in this post?

Let’s go to the iPhone for recent photos, shall we?

I was just about to show you a photo from yesterday, when somebody walked in:

photo (94)

That’s Theresa. She was here to take some of my blood.  I’ve met Theresa before: in the middle of the night, last night.

Some Theresa quotes from this morning:

  • “I’ve got to show you how to fight back,” when noticing a large bruise from a previous needle stick on my arm.
  • “This may sound mean, but I don’t care what people say to me,” when I said it might be nicer if she had a job where people were glad to see her.
  • “I don’t take things personally,” explaining how she dealt with people getting angry at her, calling her names, or exhibiting other behaviors she considered understandable in “people who are sick.”
  • “You’ll have to let me know if I make it to America’s Top Model,”  as she was leaving, in reference to my putting her photo in this blog today. As she was on her way out, Theresa removed her mask, so I could see her America’s Top Model smile.

So where was I, before interrupted by Theresa?  Duh!  Posting recent photos from my iPhone:

photo (89)

That was yesterday’s shower. As usual, because the shower was new, it took me a moment to figure it out.

photo (90)

That was a meal from yesterday. A little better than the one appearing in yesterday’s post, don’t you agree?

photo (91)

That’s Johny, taking an echocardiogram in my room last night.  Some things I want to point out about that:

  • We both agreed it was unusual for somebody to have an echocardiogram taken in their room.
  • Johny told me, during this test, that my blood cultures showed no evidence of endocarditis.
  • Johny listened, really well, to stories I told him about previous echocardiograms I’ve had, starting in the early 1980’s, where a team of people spent all night trying to figure out my heart, one of them telling me, “We’re looking for your aorta. We know you have one, but we can’t find it.”
  • Johny explained the unusual spelling of his name like so: “I lost one ‘n’ on the way” between Jordan and the U.S.

At one point during the echocardiogram, Johny said, “You look really familiar.” I was about to tell him I hear that a lot, when Johny asked, “Didn’t  Dr. Estes bring you into a meeting the other day?”

Regular readers of this blog might remember this photo from Day 452: Random Shots, of said meeting:


I then assumed Johny had already shown up in this blog, without a mask.


It turns out Johny is the one person I missed when I took that previous shot. He pointed out  where he was sitting in the meeting: to the left, outside the frame.

I’m glad Johny reappeared in my life, so he could appear in my blog (where he definitely belongs).

Thanks to Theresa, to Johny, to others I’ve seen lately whom I know are kind (even though I can’t see their facial expressions), to the people of Boston, and to you — of course! — for visiting me in the hospital today.

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39 thoughts on “Day 470: 4/15/14

  1. Sending prayers.

  2. I’m there too, Ann. Hoping you get home soon and all the probs just simply go away! Love, Amy

  3. Yay. You are going home on such an important day, Ann. God bless everybody running the marathon today, to Boston for bouncing back from last year’s tragedy, and you for being healthy enough to leave the hospital.

    • Thank you, Mark! The marathon is actually next Monday (Patriot’s Day). That’s highly anticipated here in Boston, too.

  4. Michele Seminara

    Great news!

  5. Great news, glad it came back negative!

  6. Hey, Ann. You know I don’t like visiting people in hospital, but in your case I’ll make an exception. 🙂

    Keep up the good progress.

  7. My thoughts are with you, Ann. Keep it going.

  8. Good to hear you’re doing well Ann! Hugs to you.
    Diana xo

  9. Well, I was 95% of my way through a note to you, here, when I pressed the wrong button and launched the escape pod and was jettisoned into cyberspace. I ended up on a site about a movie star I’ve never heard of Perhaps my sofa was inspired by news of your impending escape from the hospital

    Your droll sense of humour really came through in this post, particularly with the bit about your shower. And of course Jony had a connection to this blog already! It’s proof of the magic you have — even when you are virtually bedbound, you find a whole kaleidoscope of life within your line of sight to delight us with.

    I’m so glad that you are going home to your own familiar shower, hopefully with less uncertainty than you had a couple of days ago. I thought of you during the Passover seder last night, when we were talking around the table about our personal journeys this year (from slavery to freedom, or poor health to vigor, or psychologically challenging corners to comfort) and I hoped that this was the direction that your path would take.

    • I felt sad, earlier today, when I thought of what I had missed during my stay in the hospital. Imagine how moved and honored I feel, right now, knowing that I was a guest at a seder, last night. Thank you for adding to my life kaleidoscope.

  10. Get well, Ann!

  11. What a wonderful to commemorate and say “thank you” in a special way to those who cared for you during your hospital stay. Thank you for sharing

  12. I almost didn’t read your post cuz you started out with taxes and that depressed me, I had to pay a lot this year….. but fortunately I read it and then it got me to read your last two posts as well….I hope everything goes well and you get home soon Ann, I’m sure you are missed by so many 🙂

    • Thank you, Kenneth. I am home — REALLY! I wondered if my illness was going to interfere in my seeing you on your World Tour. At this point, I think not!

  13. Good news about no endocarditis. 🙂

  14. Linda Lintz


    So glad that you are home & It is NOT endocarditis! Many blessings to be thankful for:)
    Know that you continue to be in my thoughts & prayers on your road to recovery…

    Flowers blooming then snow-enjoy your time at home before going back to work…

    Sending lots of love & healing your way:)

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