Day 747: Oh bother!

Oh bother!

I am bothered, right now, by this: I was THIS CLOSE to publishing a post with random thoughts about “bother,” and it’s gone.

I shall do my best to let go of my bothered thoughts and feelings about that, and begin again.

I hope it won’t bother you, now, if I list some random thoughts about “bother”:

  1. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been bothered by fears about bothering other people.
  2. As human beings, we inevitably bother others and are bothered by them, at times.
  3. It bothers me that there was a third item on my list, but I can’t think of it now.

Oh, bother!

Yesterday morning, at cardiac rehab, I wondered if I was bothering people by

  1. making noise,
  2. taking up space,
  3. getting in the way of others, and
  4. expressing my needs.

Oh, bother!  When I wrote that second list in my almost-completed-but-botheringly-lost first draft of this bothersome post, that had three items, too.

I shall now stop bothering you (and myself) by comparing this post with that lost post (no matter how much I liked it). I also am letting go of any blame of myself, WordPress, or anything else, regarding that loss.

This post — although different from my late, lamented post in how it bothers the universe — will be good enough!

I shall now resume bothering you and my other readers with what happened at cardiac rehab, yesterday morning.

I let go of my fear of bothering others yesterday, by

  1. making noise,
  2. taking up space,
  3. getting in the way of others, and
  4. expressing my needs.

Did that bother other people at cardiac rehab?

When I asked Carla if I was bothering her, she made this bothered face:


Even though it usually bothers me when people make non-smiley faces like that, I LOVE that face of Carla’s.

While Carla was taking my blood pressure (which didn’t bother me at all), we talked about our shared fears of bothering others. It bothers me that nice people like Carla are bothered by that, too.  Perhaps, now that we’ve bothered each other with that “bother” talk, Carla and I will be less bothered about bothering people, in the future.

Here are more photos I bothered to take yesterday, at cardiac rehab:




That’s Penny the Pen on the elliptical and Danise on the chair. Danise was bothered, yesterday, by how her hair looked, even though we kept bothering her by telling her we thought it looked great.

Allow me to bother you with one more photo of Danise and hair:


I hope this doesn’t bother Danise or Carla when they read this, but I prefer Danise’s hair, before.

BTBW,* Penny and I are bothered less by the elliptical, compared to any other exercise machine we’ve tried, so I ordered an elliptical last week, online. I won’t bother you with the details, besides these:

  1. the cost of the elliptical I bought didn’t bother my wallet too much,
  2. it’s PINK,
  3. it got great reviews (especially by people who are my height),
  4. it’s sitting in a box, upstairs, and
  5. I’ll be bothering my boyfriend Michael, over the long weekend, to help me put it together.

BTBW,* after cardiac rehab yesterday, I went to work, where I met with somebody who was bothered by Seasonal Affective Disorder and unhelpful thoughts (which we challenged, together).


My sister Ellen unexpectedly showed up at my workplace, yesterday, which didn’t bother me at all. I told her about developments regarding my likely need for heart surgery, which — as I’ve been blogging about lately — bothers me (although less and less, as time goes on). I cried a little, and my sister’s hug — I believe —  bothered neither her nor me.

What else should I bother you with, today?

This tune by Thomas Dolby  (who never bothers me) has been bothering to show up in my earphones a lot lately:

(It never bothers me to find a great live version of a song on YouTube, like here.)

I’ll probably listen to that this weekend, when I bother to go Hyperactive on my new elliptical!

It won’t bother me, y’know, if you bother to leave a comment below.

Thanks to Carla, Danise, Penny, sister Ellen, boyfriend Michael (in advance, for bothering to help me with the elliptical), Thomas Dolby, all those who have ever bothered or have been bothered by others, and to you (of course!) for bothering to visit here, today.

* I shall bother you with one more thing I created today: BTBW means “By The Bothering Way.”

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47 thoughts on “Day 747: Oh bother!

  1. Emy Will

    Thank goodness for considerate people like you, Ann. At least you bother to care about bothering others 🙂

  2. I love that you bother to blog every day.
    I am finding WordPress more and more of a bother. I lay out my posts, and when I upload them the photos and captions are a mess! I have to redo, redo, redo. And then redo. And they still aren’t good. What a bother!
    A PINK elliptical? WOO!!!

    • I love that you bother to read here, every day! WordPress seems to be making new changes, every day. While change is often good, I get bothered by having to learn new ways of doing things, so frequently. I wonder if we should bother anybody at WordPress and let them know?

  3. Gets my goat too if something I’m working on disappears, but if it was crucial to have, I seem to have been able to start again and do okay. I thought I’d bother to stop by and leave this comment. Cheers!

  4. didn’t bother me a bit
    reading this cheerful sharing 🙂

  5. You have some adorable people in your life. I hope that doesn’t bother them … or you. It is disappointing (scratch that: ‘bothersome’) when something I’ve been working on just disappears. Hope all is well, Ann. 😉

    • Adorable people (like you) never bother me, Judy. Disappointments seem less bothersome when I feel understood (like now). Thank you!

  6. How can reading something that reminds me of Eeyore bother me? 🙂

  7. I am not bothered by this post at all!! It’s wonderful and I can relate!! 🙂 All the best Ann, wishing you good health and an unbothersome year!

  8. I do know that feeling of ‘don’t bother me’, or feeling like a ‘bother’. Yes, do Bother to say: ‘Don’t Bother Me’. Bother to bother, I guess.

  9. Sunshine Jansen

    It bothers me that PINK bothers me so much but I really like the price on that elliptical! (I’ve been thinking about one for myself lately…) You’ll have to let us know how much of a bother it really was to put together!

  10. If I were King of the World, I would assign all companies to deliver all products to all customers no assembly required, no additional cost permitted. Even though it would be a great bother for all people in the chain of getting the product from them to us, Ann.

  11. I wasn’t bordered a minute, while I was reading your bloggie 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

  12. You really are no bother Ann! I wouldn’t bother about it 🙂

  13. It’s lovely to think that you even bother to wonder whether you bother other people at all. All those smiling faces in your photos tell me they’re all happy to be bothered by you. Your post is absolutely not bothersome to read, either. I loved the way you constructed it and bothered to make it so attracive and interesting. Thank you for that.

    • I’m so glad you bother to read and comment here, Millie. It makes me glad I bother the way I do whenever I write a post.

  14. I always worry about bothering people, too, but maybe less than I used to.

  15. I was bothered that i didn’t know BTBW. It only bothered me until i bothered to read the explanation. That bothering was worth the read. ;).

    For anyone that suffers from SAD, i hate to bother you, but it bothers me too. One of my solutions is to walk outside and let the sunshine bother me. That kind of bothering is worth the bother. If i find no sunshine, i simply get bothered by breathing fresh air. That bothers me so much that i bother to stay outside for longer than i expected. Sometimes it is okay to be bothered. It shows we are present and in the moment, aware of life.

  16. Hope you are perfectly unbothered tomorrow, Ann.

    • It is tomorrow as I’m bothering to read this comment you bothered to leave here. Therefore, I am, in the moment, perfectly unbothered.

  17. At the end, I think you should have less bother about bothering others by now. It is bothering me to hear that you are worrying about bothering others 🙂

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  19. Ann,
    It’s no bother at all.

  20. I love how randomly honest you are. But it’s also kind of scary, like you have been in my brain. 😉

  21. I’m bothered when I lose stuff on WordPress as well, Sometimes I can find it sometimes not. What bothers me most is that it usually happens when I’ve written a lot. O bother! I’m glad you bothered to rewrite today’s post. Hugs!

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