Day 1356: Important

Yesterday, while I was waiting for an important appointment at an important Boston hospital, I saw this important book:



After I saw that important book, I saw my important cardiologist Dr. Deeb Salem, who thought it important to tell me about two important people fainting when observing open heart surgery. It’s probably important for me to share now that I’m having important open heart surgery in four days at the important Mayo Clinic in important Rochester, Minnesota. That surgery is so important to me that I asked for an important hug from the important Dr. Salem yesterday for the first time in our important 34-year doctor/patient relationship. I also told Dr. Salem that I’m so important to his important colleague and fellow cardiologist Dr. Mark Estes that Dr. Estes had promised to importantly greet me with his important medical team at Boston’s important airport when I return in two weeks from my important surgery.

Then I went back to my important job at another important Boston hospital, where many important people wished me well.

Here are more of my important shots from yesterday:

























It’s important to note that those last two important shots include important lyrics from the important musical, Hamilton. Here‘s the important Hamilton number “(I Am Not Throwing Away) My Shot.”

Another important fact in today’s important post: last night I gave myself my first important injection of twice-daily anti-coagulant before my important surgery …


… and then I threw away my shot.

What’s important, here and now, to you?

Gratitude is important to me, so ….


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28 thoughts on “Day 1356: Important

  1. Stay “young, scrappy and hungry”, Ann. 💕 We’re all with you for this important journey.

  2. It is important that you get WELL

  3. What’s important is that YOU are going to be just fine through this surgery! It’s important that we’re all out here pulling for you, and more importantly the universe is pulling for you!

  4. Four days! How amazing that such an important date is coming up so soon. I love that you hugged Dr. Salem and that Dr. Estes may meet you at the airport. I’ve never heard anything like that. You are getting the best medical care I have ever heard of, Ann. You have come so far from that helpless little girl whose doctor didn’t listen and who felt belittled. I have learned so much from you about self-advocacy. I hope that following your recovery, your bionic heart gives you better health and more energy than you have had for a long time,

  5. What an importent post, Ann! I salute your importent and potentially daunting pre-surg regimen handled like the champ you are. My favorite image was the “Bee Well” card: 🐝WELL ANN!
    I’ll keep you in mind today as I recite the Metta Sutta and Heart Sutra, With a boundless heart I cherish all living beings, and that means you!

    Namasté, Sunny 🌞🐝🙏❤️

  6. It is important to follow Dr.’s instructions. Hope you are doing well.

  7. It’s important to know there are many people far and wide, whom you’ve never even met, who are thinking of you and wishing you well. I happen to be in Alaska today, but no matter the time zone, it’s important to know we will be eager to hear you are on the road to healing.

  8. Well, Ann, you’re definitely young and scrappy, but hungry is debatable with Michael around to cook you such fabulous meals! Wish we could be there with you next Wednesday, but as Ray passed out watching his son be born, it’s a 100% guarantee he’d be one of the surgery-observing passer-outers. Me? I think I’d be okay, with a Valium (or two, or maybe three, okay, ten) assist. We’ll be there in spirit, wishing you luck and when this is done, you’ll have an upgraded and improved heart with a steady beat you can dance to!

  9. May you hear this important message
    🐝 You
    🐝 Taken care of
    🐝 Scrappy
    🐝 Courageous
    🐝 Well
    Val xo

  10. We hear about things being “important” and other things being “impossible”, but while we also hear about what’s “possible” we never hear about what’s just “portant”.
    And that’s okay because right now you should only focus on what’s important. Those around you can take care of the portant things and that will make success and speedy recovery possible.

    • I’m focusing on what’s important, Chris: another great comment from you that makes me smile, laugh, and think about what’s possible.

  11. What’s important is that you stay in touch Ann. I feel a closeness to you because of this blog, please keep in touch. All hospitals have WiFi. There are no excuses for you not to post at least a paragraph. Think of you as a plant that’s being transplanted to a new container, a larger one with more space, with more room to breath in. This is what this surgery is about, a new vessel, ship, and superliner for you to grow in and spread your roots even further.

  12. Jan Woodruff

    All will be well…

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