Day 192: Random thoughts at 4:17 AM, July 11, 2013

Insomnia is in the house.

I’ve had trouble sleeping, two nights in a row.

I get into patterns like this, every once in a while.

So I’m going to jot down some random thoughts, to try to help me get a wee bit of sleep before I need to go to work. (Every little bit counts!)

Here are a couple of “Cures for Insomnia”  YouTube videos I found tonight, which I think will be helpful during nights when the insomnia isn’t quite so stubborn:

I really like the fish in the second one.

My calf muscles are really sore tonight.  I’m wondering if that’s because:

  1. The new walking shoes I bought for my upcoming trip to London and Edinburgh need to be returned and/or
  2. anxiety and fear sometimes make me want to RUN!

Here are some things I want to do, right after I publish this post:

  1. Breathe naturally but more deeply than usual.
  2. Remember that lack of sleep won’t kill me.
  3. Imagine a big, beautiful box. Then, open the lid of that box, put worried thoughts and feelings into that box, and gently close the lid.



Thanks for reading. And sweet dreams for all of us.

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10 thoughts on “Day 192: Random thoughts at 4:17 AM, July 11, 2013

  1. I actually did go to sleep after publishing this. And I did have a dream (although not really a sweet one).

    The dream was this: I was at a circus or amusement park. I went on an amusement park ride. After I got off the ride, I could see that I had left two of my pairs of glasses and a pin behind. I managed to get back on the ride, before it started again, to get the glasses and pin, which was a scholastic achievement pin from High School. After I got off the ride that time, I realized I had left my delicious lunch in a paper bag, which was under the chair and out of sight. I started to try to get that but the ride started again. I gave up on the food and went along. Then, I was alone in a cart on the grounds of the amusement park and noticed two animals that were loose. One was a baboon (I think!). As I looked at the baboon, the baboon saw me and I thought, “Uh oh, I am in trouble,” and sure enough the baboon chased my cart, jumped up in front of me, bared its teeth and — I knew — was going to attack. I woke up and had these thoughts (1) Ouch! (2) What an interesting dream, and (3) I am so glad I am getting some sleep. And I fell back to sleep, easily.

    I used to run Dreams Groups where we would ask this question: “If that were your dream, what might that mean?”

  2. Love the fish.

    Hmmm…. if that were my dream what might it mean? Well…. I think I’d ask myself what is the invitation in this dream? And then…. wait for the answer. And as I did, I’d ask… what am I running from? Or avoiding? or forgetting.

    And then, when I read… Uh Oh, I am in trouble — I’d really wonder — what’s the story of my thinking I’m always in trouble….. where is my past tripping up my joy today? 🙂

    LOL — and that’s because I have an ‘I’m in trouble’ tape in my head that I always have to stay conscious of. And meeting a Baboon is I’m sure — always trouble!

    Glad you got some sleep!

  3. Five Quick Minutes

    Hi, Ann! Yeah, troubling sleeping runs in my family too. We have a number of “night owls” as well. There are studies about restorative sleep…got to get into one of those soon. Take care and try to enjoy your day.


    • Thanks, Christian! I know so many people who have trouble sleeping. My day went pretty well, considering. I definitely enjoyed your comment.

      • Five Quick Minutes

        I’m glad you wrote about the topic. Sleep is so important to our everyday needs, yet many don’t think much about it until they suffer the ill-effects of interrupted or lack of sleep.

        Thanks for the reply and hopefully you will get back to a better sleeping pattern.


  4. findingmyinnercourage

    Interrupted sleep is the worst. We all need to practice sleep self care! Sweet dreams don’t let the bedbugs bite!

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