Day 1062: Get your daily dose of goodness

Yesterday — “Black Friday” in the United States — I saw this in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts:


How do you get your daily dose of goodness?  Do you look for it without or within?

Yesterday, I found doses of goodness not only in Harvard Square, but also at a PetSmart (where we witnessed somebody finally adopting a big black cat named “Magic”),  a Whole Foods Market, and other local environs.

Lately, I’ve been allowing WordPress to negotiate how it hands out and arranges doses of my photography.  I see, as a result, some goodness might be difficult to read.

I believe you can increase the size of any photographic dose by clicking on a photo, but just in case, I’m going to re-dose these, here and now:



My good pacemaker doctor, Dr. Mark Estes (previously appearing in good doses herehere, and here), made the “Top Doctors” list in Boston Magazine, again. That’s a dose of goodness, for me.

Did anything in this post give you a daily dose of goodness?  If not, how might you get that goodness elsewhere, today?

Here’s another dose worth repeating:


Hugs and kisses of gratitude from me, to you.

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42 thoughts on “Day 1062: Get your daily dose of goodness

  1. Hmm, I think you can look for a dose of goodness from both within and without. When you see some goodness from outside, you also feel joy as well as some goodness you found within yourself (for what you did). Both are good places to look for. I hope you got all goodies on Black Friday as you have wished for. That is my goodness found within.

  2. I like your new gallery style, Ann. One click on any photo gives a slide show presentation with arrows that let you navigate to larger views of all the photos if you wish, by the way, in case anybody hasn’t tried that yet.

    An interesting image to me is the young violinist with her case open. Perhaps she’s attempting to earn her tuition to music school, to turn good to awesome?

    Happy Saturday to you, magnificent Ann!

  3. My favorite is the Cherokee proverb…worthy reminder. xoxoxox

  4. Lol, sorry, but it looks like a fun day out! Seasonal and full of joy!

  5. One of my daily dose of goodnesses is coming to see what you posted in your blog.

  6. You can take control of your photo layout. That would be goodness, but possibly would take longer – I’m not sure because I don’t know how to get WP to do it!

    • WordPress started doing a daily dose of good layouts for me about a week ago, Derrick, without my doing anything I think it happens if you post a bunch of pictures at the same time. I appreciate your daily doses of goodness here!

  7. Your posts are certainly y daily dose of goodness Ann. The sun rising in the morning also works for me 😉

  8. Love the Cherokee proverb… (memo, must act on it) and all the other good pics.

  9. Got my dose of goodness by doing some volunteer work the last two days!

  10. The tree losing red leaves, Santa’s toy land, “My Way,” “Highway” signs and your great renowned doctor, Ann. I am glad this doctor who keeps you, in one piece and with healthy heart now. Those were more than enough doses of “daily goodness.” 🙂
    Happy days to you, Ann. ♡
    Thank you for your kind comment on my daughter, Felicia’s blog.

  11. Hey, I’d like one!

    • Oscar don’t, if you have one PETA will do an undercover investigation here. Let Grumpy do what she wants and face the consequences. We get prime food here anyway.

  12. XOXO, won me over, and that beautiful tree, leaves turning red and beneath the canopy I noted a child’s swing. What a beautiful site! And then of course, the animals. They always make my day, here, there and anywhere.☕️❤️

  13. I love that sign about a daily dose of goodness – what a great sign!

    For me, I guess my daily dose is to look at my kids, and read and post the daily verse for the ministry I support. 🙂

  14. love the messages in the photos you posted- never thought about awesome taking practice, but I suppose it does 🙂 A daily dose of goodness I believe should come from within and then get out to get shared!

  15. Your photography always takes me there! Whever there is…

  16. Reblogged this on Ancien Hippie.

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