Day 616: Nostalgia

What does the word “nostalgia” mean to you?

Here’s what it means to various dictionaries (according to

1. A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.
2. The condition of being homesick; homesickness.


1. a yearning for the return of past circumstances, events, etc
2. the evocation of this emotion, as in a book, film, etc
3. longing for home or family; homesickness


1. a wistful or sentimental longing for places, things, acquaintances, or conditions belonging to the past.
2. a longing for home; homesickness.
3. something that elicits nostalgia.


Why am I writing about nostalgia today? Lots of reasons, including these:

  1. I am having a college reunion this month.
  2. My late father’s birthday is tomorrow.
  3. Fall reminds me of going back to school, and I’m not in school any more.
  4. Yesterday, I was talking to my son about somebody who went to school with me from 7th grade through my college years, who died two years ago.
  5. Yesterday, I started going through some old papers, which I recently  retrieved from their storage in a place I lived two homes ago. I found many letters, including some from people I’m still in contact with (in person, through Facebook, or through this blog).
  6. I found a kind and thoughtful letter from the person I was talking to my son about earlier in the day, even though I didn’t remember our communicating by mail.
  7. Last night, I dreamt about somebody else whose letter I read, when going through those old papers, whom I haven’t connected with in many years.

I found a lot of surprising and not-so-surprising things, when I went through old papers — which have not seen the light of day for about twenty-five years — including:

  • A copy of the abstract my cardiologists wrote about me, when I first started working with them in the early 80’s (which Dr. Mark Estes referred to in a previous blog post, here, when he said about me to a roomful of people, “My first meeting with her got me into this specialty.”)


  •  A copy of the memo my office-mate sent, in the mid -1970’s, about the going-away party sending me off to the company where I met the father of my son.



  • A drawing I made of my son’s father, in the 1980’s, which might surprise anybody who has seen other evidence of my drawing skills, such as here:



I have many more papers to go through. Who knows what else will show up here?

Personally, I’d like some music to show up here, now. I’m choosing two versions of a tune I heard at the Steely Dan concert I attended with my son this weekend, even though the lyrics don’t fit.

(YouTube video found here)

(YouTube video found here)

After all, I AM going back to My Old School.

Thanks to friends and family members (here and gone); to schools and other learning opportunities (old and new); to all the  cardiologists I’ve worked with in my long life; and to you — of course! — for any past, current, or future nostalgia you may experience today.

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20 thoughts on “Day 616: Nostalgia

  1. Going through the box-of-your-life, Ann, with gems and treasures of all types — wonderful drawing and limerick on paper for instance and letters of correspondence sent by post — clips of our Steely Dan performing “My Old School” most certainly fits this post to a ‘T.’ Have a fine day, Ann Koplow, she of the 70s gas-saver mode of locomotion, the nearly forgotten moped.

    • Going through the gems of this comment, Mark, I felt appreciated, as usual. Riding that moped was fun! I haven’t forgotten about it. Maybe the contemporary equivalent, the scooter, is in my future.

      • I remember fondly the movie from last year with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts , “Larry Crown,” where Tom’s character Larry joins a gang of California scooter riders. That scooter riding looking so much fun, Ann. If you take it up, I hope to hear about it.

      • You’ll hear about it, Mark.

  2. When I take the time to revisit the past, I automatically choose those things that brought happiness into my life. And, when I hear a song, see an old photo, view an old movie/tv show, old memories enter my space — some good, some bad. But, I am comforted that the present moment is within my reach. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love boxes of memories! I recently found a stash of senior photos – the ones we all pass out to each other – and I really wished more people had put their first and last name down on the front or back – I had fond memories, but for the life of me couldn’t remember their names! 🙂

  4. Wow Ann, in contrast to you, I hardly keep anything! A memo that was sent out in the 70’s – how remarkable!
    Diana xo

  5. What a lovely find Ann! It’s like reconnecting old threads into the past. Each on with a special memory. Love the limerick 🙂
    Val x

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  7. Love the drawing and the limerick.

  8. An amazing post, Ann.

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