Day 577: Dopey

Dopey is one of Disney’s Seven Dwarfs.


 (image found here)

I begin there because I have fond memories of asking people to name all seven Disney dwarfs, from memory.

Can you do that? Or would that seem like a dopey use of your time?

Dopey is also the word I tend to use, about behaviors that are not smart.  I vastly prefer that word to “stupid.”

Dopey is also how I felt after I had my first night’s sleep using a CPAP machine, last month.  (CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Air Pressure.) (That is not the dopiest acronym I’ve ever heard, I suppose.) I don’t mean to imply I felt stupid after that night’s sleep, back in June at my second sleep study. Rather, having that deep and good a sleep made me feel… weird.  Like I was drugged. (I hear that reaction is not uncommon.)

Yesterday, a very nice guy named Jimmy came to our home, and demonstrated everything I need to know about how to use my very own CPAP machine.  Unlike other times when people have talked to me about medical devices, I did NOT feel dopey (or bad in any way).

I didn’t take a photo of Jimmy, because I was:

  • distracted,
  • a little nervous, and
  • not wanting to bother him, because I assumed he had lots of other people to visit on his work day.

Is that dopey?

Here’s my CPAP machine’s  new home:


How do I feel this morning, after sleeping with my very own CPAP machine? A little strange, but not as dopey as before.

I do think I’d like to call my machine something else, though. “CPAP” does sound a little dopey, to me, right now. Any suggestions?

To end this post, before I leave for work (after a non-dopey night’s sleep), here are some photos I snapped yesterday:

IMG_7550 IMG_7556 IMG_7558

IMG_7553 IMG_7557 IMG_7566 IMG_7568 IMG_7569


IMG_7573 IMG_7576 IMG_7579 IMG_7582 IMG_7586 IMG_7588 IMG_7585 IMG_7589 IMG_7591

How might you rate those, on the smart-to-dopey scale?

Many thanks to Jimmy, to medical machines that help improve people’s quality of life, to smart and dopey creatures everywhere, to the Alewife Brook Reservation, to Summer Shack, to PetSmart, to Whole Foods and to you — of course!  — wherever you are, today.

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55 thoughts on “Day 577: Dopey

  1. Gluten free deodorant is 10/10 dopey 🙂

  2. If it’s not too personal a question, what do you use your CPAP machine for? I only ask because I think I may have sleep apnea and I’m waiting for an appointment at the sleep clinic – I’ve heard the treatment is a machine that forces air into you through a mask, and I can’t imagine being able to sleep at all with that going on!

  3. I’d call your CPAP machine a “snooze-atron”. I find that adding “atron” to the end of any device makes it sound cool 🙂

    • Thank you for this comment-atron. What I’m trying to say is this: this suggestion is incredibly cool (as others here have noticed).

  4. Let’s see: Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Happy, Cheesy and Lovely – ok maybe I made some of those up!

    Ann, is that the same machine one uses for Sleep Apnea? Maybe call it the Breathe Right Tonight Delight (BRTD) 🙂

    Diana xo

    Sorry if you get this comment twice. I posted it earlier and it disappeared, so trying again. ❤

    • Thanks for your persistence, Diana. While I feel Dopey, Bashful, Cheesy and Grumpy about inadvertently causing your comments to go into my Spam folder, I now feel Happy and Lovely that you figured out the problem.

      And it is the same machine for Sleep Apnea. Thanks for the name. I’m hoping to be less Sleepy, soon.

  5. My Dad has a CPAP machine. If only your cat could teach us how to sleep. I think humans are forgetting. 🙂

  6. I’ll have to see if I can come up with a better name, but I really like dralimans suggestion. I hope you adapt to yours as easily as I’ve adapted to mine. I love it because I sleep so soundly now.

    • I really like draliman’s suggestion, too, Brad, and I really like the rest of your comment. Thanks so much!

  7. I hope that soon the machines works and you start getting wonderful nights of sleep!

  8. Robert Weir

    I’ll give it a go:

    obviously Dopey

    how did I do

    please grade me lol (Lisa Simpson)

    I’ve just been diagnosed with atrial fibrilation, awaiting a cardiologists verdict Ann. So my dwarf might well be (take it) Easy


    • You get an A+++, Robert. Some of those plusses are there because I’m so pleased to see you here (plus you got all seven dwarfs, perfectly).

      I got diagnosed with AF last October. Maybe I should (take it) Easy, too. We should keep each other posted!

  9. Dopey is the one who I related to the most, especially the mornings without my coffee (actually even with my coffee)…and I kind of like it as I seem pretty happy in the state as well 🙂 Wish you a great nights sleep with CPAP (and I like the name Snooze-atron mentioned above!). Cheers.

    • I kind of like being Dopey, too, Randall, and I don’t ever drink coffee. Thanks you for your kind wishes and for cheering me on.

  10. I will volunteer a name for CPAP in the theme of, doesn’t everybody always throws in some extra names for Snow White’s companions, Ann.


    I that would be a super name for the sleep-aider.

    • I hope the C-PAPY machine, while making me less sleepy, isn’t also making me more bashful or dopey. I just can’t think of any extra names for Snow White’s companions to counter your snappy, peppy comment. I refuse to be grumpy about how sloppy this reply is. I’ll just be happy that you’re my reader, Doc Bialczak. Bless you!

    • Hey, Mark! I hope my reply isn’t too Tacky!

  11. good to know that deodorant is gluten free… LOL
    I’d name the CPAP Sam… it’s simple, kinda like sandman…or not
    : )

  12. Wishing u restful nights with the CPAP. I have no problems sleeping at night. But, several sleep studies produced a diagnosis of sleep apnea. I will start using my CPAP, after putting it away for three months, when I return home from vacation. The start-up phase did not go well for me. Very interested in hearing more about your CPAP experience.

    • I’m not sure whether I’m going to take the machine to Edinburgh next month. So far, so good, though. Thanks for sharing (and wishing) like you do.

  13. I was gettin’ it (water, rock, water, rock, water animals etched in rock … ) until I hit that hamster pic. Now I feel dopey. But I’d also like to know what CPAP actually does. Now, if it etches pictures of water animals into stone, AND if the most famous wielders of said CPAP for aforementioned art are actually hamsters…well, then I’m back on the same page, there. I think.

    • You are the opposite of dopey, Jeff, as always.

      I wish that CPAP was as interesting as you made it here. All it does is exert continual air pressure in the human airways (using some kind of mask) to keep the breathing free and clear. It is a cure for sleep apnea.

      I don’t know if it works with hamsters or if hamsters work with it. I”m not that smart.

    • By the way, Jeff, the guinea pigs at the pet store are usually very bashful, but they wanted me to tell you there aren’t any hamsters in the post.

  14. I was able to name 6 of the 7 dwarfs – Totally forgot about bashful.

    On topic with your post:
    A RoSy Dopey moment – The first time I saw a huge billboard on my way to work that had CPAP on it – I thought it said CRAP.

    • Nice going with naming the dwarfs, RoSy. Most people forget Bashful, so you are not alone.

      And you’re not alone with your misreading of CPAP, either.

      I don’t think that’s Dopey at all!

  15. happierheathen

    We called my mother in law’s CPAP Darth Vader. 🙂

    • Probably because of the mask, right? I am very happy to see you here!

      • happierheathen

        Actually it was because of the sound the thing made, like Darth Vader’s breathing. When she got a new one it was quiet, but as the machine aged it got progressively louder until eventually we had to set it outside of her bedroom door with a very long hose. Then it was Darth Vader: ffffft psssshhh, fffft psssshhh.

      • Wow! My machine — Breezy Sam the Snooze-atron — is completely quiet. I wonder if it will get noisier as it ages? Thanks for the info. (Also, nice impersonation of Darth.)

  16. That looks like a pretty high tech CPAP machine — and the guy came and set it up? Cool deal.

    • It WAS cool and easy that the guy came to my home, trained me on that high tech piece of machinery, and set it up. I appreciated that visit very much, and I appreciate your visits, too!

      • I’m glad you’re taking precautions with your apnea — many people won’t !

        Cheers !!!

      • I’m not quite used to the machine yet (and I think we can make it work better) but I’m going to stick with it. Thanks for cheering me on. It helps!

  17. Every time I waste several minutes on a crossword clue about one of the seven dwarfs, I swear I am going to memorise their names – it only takes 30 seconds for me to forget my resolution.

    • You don’t have to memorize them, Hilary. You can just bookmark this page and cheat, from now on. In my opinion, that’s not dopey.

  18. and I hope the machine gives you deep sleep and sweet dreams.

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  20. How do your cats like the air machine?

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