Day 458: Anna Annadanna

When I think of responding back to somebody’s comment on a post of mine, I can hear, in my head, the voice of Gilda Radner, playing news correspondent Roseanne Rosannadanna on Saturday Night Live in the 1970s.

Rosanne Rosannadanna would  introduce her segment on “Weekend Update” like so:

“A Mr. Richard Feder, from  Fort Lee, New Jersey, writes in and says…”

and then she would read the letter and answer it, digressing all the way.

For example, here’s the beginning of her answer to Mr. Feder’s letter about smoking cessation:

Here (Internet Access willing) is that entire routine, thanks to Yahoo:

Why do I hear Roseanne Rosannadanna in my head, when I think of responding back to somebody’s comment here?  Perhaps, because

  • Gilda Radner was wonderful,
  • I watched Saturday Night Live, in the 1970s, every Saturday night, and
  • I join with her, in the joys of digressing.

Where was I?

Oh, yes!

A Sitting On My Own Sofa, from WordPress,1 writes in and says

 Will I ever be brave enough to wander into a room full of (my) doctors and snap their photos? I doubt it … but if I ever do gain the courage, I hope that I also gain that quality that you have that makes everyone adore you while you do it.

Now, just to warn my readers, I do not do celebrity impressions. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I do one.3 But that’s it.

Therefore, I will answer this comment, as me:

Sitting On My Own Sofa, thank you for writing this. While I respectfully submit that you are doing some mind reading and overgeneralization here, this comment has stuck to me, in a very helpful way.  It has helped me see the positive in people’s responses to me. That has been pure gold, especially when I am projecting my own critical thoughts and fears onto them.

See!  That doesn’t sound like Rosesanne Rosannadanna, at all!  I’m wondering, right now:  What about my readers who were expecting more from this post, regarding Gilda Radner or any of her wonderful characters?

It just goes to show you … it’s always something!

Thanks to  Wikipedia for the link and the image, to Gilda Radner, to Roseanne Rosannadanna, to Mr. Richard Feder (and anybody else from New Jersey),  to Sitting On My Own Sofa, and to you — of course! — for making an appearance, today.


 1 Which includes Fort Lee, New Jersey, among other places.

 2 In response to this post.

 3  I do an impression of Marlon Brando, as did another departed SNL cast member, John Belushi.


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31 thoughts on “Day 458: Anna Annadanna

  1. Brando, really? Hmm, never knew. My goodness, Gilda was great (as are you).

    • I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody. Instead of a bum, which is what I am. Thanks for the visit and the comment, Rob!

  2. thanks for a reminder of a sadly missed woman

  3. It is a special human trait to be accepted in the way that you are, in your life and here in blog world, too, Ann. Remember that we like you as you are, and take a little bow.

  4. loracdog

    Adorable sweet and disarmingly charming along with supersmart, effective and innovative!!! You! Xoxo CG


  5. Thanks for the visit with Gilda. I loved her on SNL.

  6. Hi Ann,
    Thank you for the huge belly laugh that overtook me as I viewed the hilarious Rosanne Rose Annadanna clip. Just what I needed! There is such a marvelous exchange taking place between you and your readers and among us all. It’s subtle but deepening. Thank you for your openness and wit. And thank you fellow readers for your observations.

  7. I like this!

  8. Hi Ann … I would have responded earlier but I was so surprised at seeing my name in your post that I fell off my sofa. I feel very honoured. And from now on I will always hear your responses in the voice of Gilda Radner. (I adored Gilda Radner, so this is an excellent fit. I am so glad that you didn’t pick Miss Piggy, say, or Alvin the Chipmunk.)

    I would love to have the talent of mind reading (which you attributed to me) and there’s even value in over-generalizing from time to time. But, I deny that I over-generalized when I said that people are always smiling at you. That’s one of the biggest impressions that I take away from your blog — over and over people smile at you when you point your camera at them. (I’m assuming that your camera is not camouflaged by a $100 bill with their name on it.) Somehow, along with the smile they give you permission to post their photo on your blog. If you think this is not because of some special and endearing quality that you have, then perhaps you’ll have a different perspective when I tell you that my own children and husband put their hands in front of their faces and run from me when I try to take their photos. Do I have a single friend who would let me post her photo on my blog? No doubt I do, but only one and she has dementia.

    Even if I didn’t see those smiling faces, I would know that people smile at you and hold you gently in their hearts because of what I read in your posts — your insecurities and hope and anxieties and warmth and humour and wide-ranging intelligence and many, many loves are a rare and bewitching mix.

    • I don’t know if this is going to spoil your beautifully reasoned and eloquent theory, but my son and boyfriend put their hands in front of their faces and run from me when I try to take their pictures, too. Although, I might try your creative $100 photo persuasion with them and see if that produces different results.

      Thank you for your rare and bewitching ways of reading and responding. The honor is mutual.

      • I take a very scientific approach to extracting data from blogs, and my research indicates that 99.9% of the photos you post on your blog that you took yourself (and that are of people looking at you) reveal smiles.

        I can’t be held accountable for things that you DON’T post on your blog, but I’m willing to bet that your son and partner smile at you an above average amount of the time when you aren’t holding a camera in front of their faces — so they fall into a special category excluded from my study, which is the category of people whose faces are never posted on Ann’s blog but who get to hang around with Ann while she blogs.

        People smile at you a lot. I’m smiling at you now. And I’m not overgeneralizing when I say that most of the time when I read your blog, I am smiling at you. That means that I smile at you for at least 15 minutes a day. Since there are maybe 7 billion people on this planet and you get more than 1 seven billionth of my smiling time (not to mention reading time), there’s very specific evidence for your gifts.

      • I can’t argue with numbers. Or smiles. Plus, I got two comments from you today!

  9. I like this 🙂

  10. I love your brain. I also share a deep love for Gilda.

  11. Gilda was comedy gold. She was right about sooooooo many things!

  12. You’ve added a whole new dimension of enjoyment to your blog! Gotta love Gilda!

  13. The Roseanna, etc. clip was a great and funny memory. I also think your being vulnerable and sharing your personal feelings was great! I remember (from childhood) when you would take a name and sing, “Anna Anna, Bo Banna, Anna!” I don’t know why, but that seemed to be appropriate to say! Smiles, Robin

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