Day 2033: Good Bye

Good day, everybody.  Today I’ll be wishing a good bye to one of my incredibly good cardiologists, Dr. Mark Estes, who has appeared in a good many blog posts (including here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

What makes a good bye, especially when you do NOT want to say “good bye” to somebody?

Most importantly, let the good person know how important they are to you.

How will I let the good doctor know how important he is to me? My good bye, on this good day, will probably include these good things:

  1. Reminiscing about how good Dr. Estes has been to me over a good thirty years.
  2. A good greeting card.
  3. Good words, written and spoken.
  4. A last good look.
  5. A good cry.

My good reader, what do you think makes a good bye?

Here‘s a good 2007 video showing my good doctor briefly talking about a procedure he also performed on me in 2015.

Here are some good photos I’ve recently taken:











That good panel from that good Dove Chocolate advertisement shows these good words:

Find someone you didn’t mean to lose.

I didn’t mean to lose Dr. Estes, but he is moving to Pennsylvania because of family reasons. I’m glad I’m going to find him today, as we say our good byes.

Before I say good bye for today, I’ll share some good thanks to Dr. Estes and everybody else who has helped me create good blog posts over the years and , of course, to all my good readers, including YOU.




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27 thoughts on “Day 2033: Good Bye

  1. Well that title was a bit of a fright!

  2. That will be quite a day

  3. I did take a quick breath at the headline, Ann.
    A good goodbye, I guess, is leaving full of the things each other had to offer.
    I’m sure you and the good doctor will experience something like this. Sad, still.

  4. All good byes are temporary, simply because life is so unpredictable, and it’s a word, after all:

    “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.”-
    Mahatma Gandhi

  5. When we know our hearts are in good hands, it’s hard to let those hands go. Your heart is as strong as it is today because he took the time to hold it in caring hands. What’s wonderful is that even in good-bye, there are other hands holding your heart with care. How lovely! ❤

  6. The last time my father was hospitalized, they decided to send him home to hospice. His cardiologist came to see him. We saw her in the hall and she was so kind. She said to us, “I’m not going to tell him good bye. I am going to tell him not to be afraid”. She was one of the most empathetic, kind people. My father adored her. He died a week later. I hope that he was not afraid.

    A good doctor can heal on so many levels. I know you’ll miss your friend.

  7. A friend wrote in my high school yearbook, “See you later. ‘Goodbye’ isn’t in my vocabulary.” We haven’t seen each other since then but it could happen. You may not see Dr. Estes regularly but I hope both of you will see each other again.
    And like all others I’m very glad this wasn’t your blogging farewell but simply a “See you later.”

  8. When I read “Goodbye,” I thought your dentist had experienced a devastating complication after his lung transplant surgery and you were writing about a final goodbye. It took me awhile to figure out that I was reading g about a different doctor because my brain froze. I even thought the video was an interview with a dentist who had revived a patient in cardiac arrest. I had to watch the video to figure things out. Yikes!

    I think this is what you mean when you talk about catastrophizing.

    Saying goodbye to Dr. Estes is a very big thing, though, as he has been such a support to you for so many years. He has helped keep you alive and feeling good and feeling hopeful. I remember you writing about him in the past and how much you liked and appreciated him. I know you will miss him and I hope , whatever his family reasons for moving are, life has many good things ahead for him.

    You have had some very big worries lately haven’t you? Now I understand better some of your recent posts about worries.

  9. PS, I am very happy that Dr Del Castillo is doing well. He is probably even reading your blog. I am not going to catastrophizing any more today.

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  11. I wish the good doctor happiness!

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