Day 855:  Hello, It’s Me

Hello, it’s me,

  • having trouble sleeping in the hospital,
  • grateful for all the wonderful care I’m getting here, and
  • happy that I feel well enough to write this daily blog post.

Hello, it’s

beautiful Boston, around 5:45 AM yesterday.

Hello, it’s

my cardiologist’s Volvo, dropping me off at the hospital yesterday before 6 AM.

Hello, it’s

the sign greeting me in the Electrophysiology Lab, at 6 AM.

Hello, it’s

one of my favorite t-shirts.

Hello, it’s

Dr. Estes’s diagrams explaining Plan A and Plan B for my surgery yesterday.

Hello, it’s

Dr. Bader, who remembered me from a meeting of many cardiologists where Dr. Estes said, “Hello, it’s Ann,” about 400 days ago.

Hello, it’s

Diane, the awesome nurse who introduced me to my room, where I spent the night.

Hello, it’s

Meg, my overnight nurse, who tried her best to keep me comfortable when I was dealing with some discomfort.

Hello, it’s

me, again, trying to take a selfie in the middle of the night with my non-dominant arm and hand.

Hello, it’s

Todd Rundgren, performing music I hoped would help me sleep last night.

Hello, it’s you, dropping by here to get greetings and gratitude, from me.

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66 thoughts on “Day 855:  Hello, It’s Me

  1. I still have my heart shaped pillow they gave me at the recovery room after my open heart surgery March 16, 2006. I’ve slept with it every single night since then. It’s my “old man’s teddy bear”. Regards for speedy recovery.

  2. Rob

    Nothing personal, but I would’ve washed my face a little more carefully before I took that selfie! Nice to see your human angels all around you. I hope you sleep better tonight when you return to your own home :-).

  3. Hello Ann it’s me! You are amazing!! I hope the recovery goes well-was it plan A or B? 🙂 rest well my friend ❤ ❤

  4. So awesome to hear from you ~ and a great music to enjoy thinking about you as well. It looks like you are in great hands and wishing you well Ann.

  5. Any news from you today is good news…..hopefully all went well.

    • Hello, Ray! Thank you for the good news of this comment. Everything went as well as it possibly could.


    Thank you for posting today. We all feel better. Love, Karen

  7. yeoldefoole

    (stands on head!!!)

  8. Hello it ME! I thought about you for a long long time yesterday!! Glad it went well and nice to have Todd Rundgren playing in your head!

  9. Hello, it’s MB. You are the posting champion. I can’t wait to read you when you’re making splashes on the other side of the Docs, Ann. Best thoughts, best thoughts, best thoughts …

  10. Get well soon, dear:

  11. Praying for you, Brave Lady. You are a total inspiration and I wish you a complete and speedy recovery.

  12. So glad to hear from you and know you’re doing well. Hope you’re out of there soon and back home. Stay well.

  13. Hello, you! I’m so glad to see your happy, relieved, uplifting post. Your cardiologist dropped you off? That says it all. Everybody loves you, Ann!

  14. Wow, how impressive that you posted from the hospital and have retained your sense of humor!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  15. Hello Ann, it’s me praying for your quick recovery. ❤
    Diana xo

  16. Hello Ann,
    It doesn’t matter what you have to say. Just glad to hear from you.
    Prayers that were, thankfully, answered for a successful proceedure, wil now be followed with those for a speedy recovery.

  17. May your recovery be as swift and comfortable as possible, Ann. I enjoyed your update and the song.

  18. I am glad to see you posting the next day which means you are doing well. Please take care and well rested.

  19. * am glad you are posting
    * am glad surgery went well
    * am glad you are smiling (despite the pain)
    * am her along side you for the ride
    * am glad you’re still takin’ pictures
    * take your time recovering — there are tons of sunrises and sunsets yet to see

  20. Hello Ann! Happy Tuesday evening. I’m happy to see you well enough to write and read and do such a lovely post. 🙂

  21. Hello back at you, I haven’t been a patient in a hospital for many years, when Jessica was in hospital recently she found 99% of the staff wonderful, kind and helpful but there was one nurse who didn’t seem to know what she was doing

    • Hello, Joanne. So pleased to see you. I have had similar experiences to Jessica and I’m glad you haven’t been a hospital patient for many years.

  22. Hello it’s Annabelle, admiring your positive attitude and wishing you home and well soon, sooner, soonest! 🙂

  23. Glad that things went so well! Take good care.

  24. Hello to you, it’s lovely to hear your voice again, though the selfie’s are wonderful pictures of a dark night.

  25. Well, having looked backwards, I found your Todd Rundgren song I love!! (Mentioned a few moments ago on another post.) I hope all is well by the time you see all of my belated messages. You are so active in writing, I am impressed, Ann. Nothing gets you ‘down and out’ and you will soar!

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  28. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and hope you are fully recovered

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