Day 2382: Big Fear

Here and now, what’s your big fear?


Take a moment.

Breathe, close your eyes, and allow your mind, body, AND soul  to respond to that question.

Again,  here and now, what’s your big fear?

Does your big fear have to do with …

  • money?
  • people’s responses to you?
  • being judged?
  • the unknown?
  • changes you’ve chosen?
  • changes you have not chosen?
  • stagnation?
  • being trapped?
  • betrayal?
  • abandonment?
  • authority figures?
  • being misunderstood?
  • being manipulated?
  • being ignored?
  • time running out?
  • being forgotten?
  • forgetting things?
  • feeling too much?
  • feeling too little?
  • knowing too much?
  • knowing too little?
  • having too much?
  • having too little?
  • loss?
  • anger?
  • guilt?
  • shame?
  • being hurt?
  • hurting others?
  • turning out just like so-and-so?
  • family?
  • strangers?
  • people?
  • animals?
  • bugs?
  • not knowing what to say?
  • saying the wrong thing?
  • not being seen?
  • being seen?
  • your behaviors?
  • other people’s behaviors?
  • order?
  • chaos?
  • limitations?
  • failing?
  • succeeding?
  • heights?
  • depths?
  • violence?
  • the past?
  • the future?
  • aging?
  • pain?
  • death?
  • fear itself?

Do you see big fear in my other big photographs from yesterday?









What helps you deal with big fear?

  • Naming it?
  • Sharing it?
  • Calculating the possibility that it will come true?
  • Accepting it?
  • Letting it go?
  • Self care?

When I search YouTube for “big fear” I find this 


… and this:


Fear not! All comments about big fear are welcome, below.

Big thanks to all who help me create this big blog and all who read it (including YOU).



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28 thoughts on “Day 2382: Big Fear

  1. Easy – it’s heights

  2. That I might die before my two cats and they, together their entire lives (brothers from the same litter…) would be separated. If you don’t have pets, this may seem trivial, yet that WAS my greatest fear. Fortunately, I have a commtment from the person who gave me the cats to take both if I should die first. She is a veterinary technician by training (one requires daily heart medicine, so I know she knows how to deal with older cats and their needs). Best of all, she loves animals! Worst fear dealt with!

    That is the clue there – deal directly with your worst fear. Too often, people are paralyzed by their worst fear because they don’t think they have the strength to conquer it. Sometimnes they need someone like you to help them find the direction through the tangle of “what ifs” and “I can’ts” they build around that fear, and that’s OK, too, but most people have all the strength they need to conquer that fear if they just look it straight in the face and decide they have all they need to overcome it if they wish!

    • Thanks for your big heart, my fearless friend.

      • I’m not totally fearless, I’m sure. I just haven’tbeen paralyzed by a big fear in a long time, short of the kitty business. Even that was just believing in a solution to come. I never anticipated the one I got, but I couldn’t be more relieved that the answer turned out to be the person who was the source of my adventure with the two Persian kitten brothers!

  3. What helps me deal with fear you ask? Running from it!! Not one to face my fears, I think that is overrated 😀 Have a great day Ann!

  4. I am never afraid to read your posts, and when dealing with fear, I try to consider the fact that the great majority of the time, nothing bad will happen.

  5. I was anxious enough before reading your list of possibilities, Ann!

  6. Your fearful list is fearlessly long,
    I’ve the fear of more fearsome strokes

  7. When I am afraid, I focus on my family and people I love and how lucky I have been to have them in my life. That is the only thing that works for any significant fear, for me

  8. My biggest childhood fear was the creature I was convinced lived in the attic next to my bedroom, which I named “Suspiria”. As an adult when I had a dream I met Suspiria again, and that she was weakened, perhaps dying because I was no longer afraid of her, I felt sorry for her. Then I worried that, to something that lived on fear, sympathy would be painful.
    I hope I really am someone who doesn’t want to cause anyone or anything–even my own nightmares–pain.

  9. Getting an MRI. Not looking forward to this hour long procedure, lying motionless in a cramped, dark chamber with weird noises coming from the headset.

    • I appreciate you sharing your fear, Dennis. I don’t have to fear MRI’s — I can’t have them because of my Implantable Cardiac Device. Maybe I should loan you mine!

  10. What? Me worry! – Alfred E. Newman

  11. My big fear is becoming a burden on my family

  12. I feel less fearful reading about the whole variety of fears there is. And it’s funny you should post this blog, because I’ve been thinking about my fears! I think identifying them helps enormously. Thanks for a fearless blog!

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