Day 2616: Fear and Caution

Yesterday, I was thinking about fear as I took these photos:




I was also thinking that there is a huge difference between fear and caution.

Do you see any fear and/or caution in my other photos from yesterday?
















When I’m blogging, there’s always a ten minute window when everything feels OK.

When I

… I usually feel  fear.  Since I’m traveling  to New York City tomorrow for a week-long group therapy conference where I’ll be participating in and facilitating groups with many people from all around the world, I’m trying to transform unhelpful fear into helpful caution.

A doctor I know gave me this advice before I left  work yesterday:

Wash your hands frequently, use lots of hand sanitizer, and don’t touch anything above your neck.

Don’t touch anything above my neck!  How am going to put in my contact lenses?

I guess I can always wear my glasses.

Here’s “Caution vs Fear” by Stefanos Sifandos 

… and “Caution vs Fear” by Wayne D. Lewis.

Here‘s “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” by Robert Cray:

I’m afraid I’ll be missing a local appearance by the Robert Cray band because of my trip to NYC.

I look forward to expressions of fear, caution, or anything else in your comments below.

Thanks to all who help me create this blog with caution, every day, including YOU!



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21 thoughts on “Day 2616: Fear and Caution

  1. puella33

    I think the media puts a lot of fear in our minds. It’s more practical to use common sense. I think it’s safe to wear contact lenses if you wash your hands first. I fear that there are no sufficient kits to detect this virus as there are in other countries.. The idea that Trump and Pence are in charge is of no consolation to me- But at the end of the day it’s al about common sense. Always wash your hands, and stay away from people who are coughing.Lately i’ve been thinking of people who test positive for TB. Just because one tests positive, the disease can be dormant.. Naturually, it’s always the fear of the unknown, I know.

  2. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your week long conference in New York, Ann. Sounds pretty amazing.

  3. fear vs. caution. night vs. day. sun vs. moon. c’mon people. err on the side of caution, fear not.

  4. I know a few people who say they’ll never go to New York because they say they’re afraid of the city. I know you’ll be cautious but I’m glad you’re not letting fear keep you from a great experience.

  5. Very good advice : Don’t touch anything above your neck ! It’s uncanny how often we touch out mouth or nose, ears or eyes!. Unconsciously, of course. We need to wash our hands often – with soap. – 20 sec. OR MORE each time. And be conscious – keep hands below neck! Good reminder. Thanks!

  6. I am glad I was not in China this year with all the sickness and fear those masks annoy me and make me feel like I can’t breath

  7. I am optimistic that you will have a good and fearless time in NYC by exercising wise caution!

  8. I know you look great in your glasses, Ann. Caution, yes. I’ll be in the same state as you to the north. Anxious, that is.

  9. A nice distinction

  10. Fear and caution is trusted best from the critters, as Harley knows.

  11. I really do need to make myself a post-it that reminds me to remember to distinguish between fear and caution. In our hypersensitive environments this isn’t really the message we most receive, but it is the message we most need. Thank you for it!!

  12. Don’t be afraid… just be smart.

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