Day 2406: Everybody’s somebody’s _____

Last night, I sang my latest original song — “Everybody’s Somebody’s A–hole” — at the Jam’n Java Open Mic in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Everybody’s somebody’s

Everybody’s somebody’s …




proud partner,






feartrigger, time off, safety, news, danger, clickbait, health, illness, stillness, trip, and


talented local performer.

I’ve asked the coordinators of the Jam’n Java Open Mic if I could be a featured performer some day and they replied, “We usually book people who’ve had a show elsewhere.”

I’m working on it.



Everybody’s somebody’s observer, so feel free to leave any observations in the comments section, below.

No matter what I am to anybody else, I’m always grateful to be your blogger, every day.




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10 thoughts on “Day 2406: Everybody’s somebody’s _____

  1. Everybody’s somebody’s featured performer. Maybe yours hasn’t had a show somewhere else yet but everybody’s got to start somewhere.

  2. Inspiration. Thanks for being that for me

  3. Everybody’s somebody’s Favourite Fringe Performer.

    Okay. Not everybody. But you are mine.

  4. Encouraging post, Ann 🙂
    You are a huge inspiration.

  5. We must collectively focus our energy and support on getting you that spot on the “headliner” roster! You have a fan club, you know, and that should count for something! 🙂

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