Day 2381: Roadmap for a respectful culture

Hello, my respectful readers!

Yesterday, I noticed this big roadmap on the office wall of our Senior Director of Social Work and Patient/Family Engagement at the hospital:


Respectfully, I realize that parts of that important roadmap are difficult to read.  I hope this helps:

Version 2

In case it doesn’t, I respectfully submit this list of behaviors promoting a respectful culture:

  • Intentionally engaging and including all constituents by participation and information sharing
  • Spending time with people
  • Introducing new employees via walkabouts through the department
  • Saying thank you
  • Asking questions
  • Listening more, talking less
  • Paraphrasing to check understanding
  • Coming up with at least 3 possible rationales for an action
  • Making eye contact
  • Saying “hi” to everyone
  • Helping those who are lost
  • Smiling
  • Show gratitude frequently
  • Asking for and accepting help when needed
  • Asking for feedback across, down, up

Yesterday, I met our neighbor Will Isenberg,  who is offering a roadmap for a respectful culture …




I’m voting for Will on September 10 because I believe his roadmap will lead to a more respectful culture.

Today, I will be respectfully appearing on the podcast Heart to Heart with Anna, in which Anna Jaworski and I will be intentionally engaging and including all listeners by participation and information sharing about my very unusual heart. I don’t yet have a specific roadmap to my episode, but I’ll insert that link later today.

Here’s the link to the podcast. The first airing will be noon USA Eastern time.

And this link lets you listen at your convenience.

I respectfully submit all my other photos from yesterday, wondering which offer a roadmap for a respectful culture:

What music comes to mind when you think of a roadmap to a respectful culture?

This is what comes up on YouTube:

This shows up, too:

Now I’m asking for feedback across, down, up, with a respectful roadmap to the comments section, below.

Since gratitude is such an important part of a roadmap to a respectful culture, thanks to all who helped me create this blog post and — of course! — to YOU.



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22 thoughts on “Day 2381: Roadmap for a respectful culture

  1. I like your list; of those on the notice board the first, respect all roles, is one I practiced. Great coastal sunsets

  2. I would like to listen to your podcast, Ann. Will your link work tomorrow or do I have to catch it in real time?

    I like your list of things that can help us be more respectful.

    Good luck today!

  3. May your listeners today respect your experience and knowledge, Ann.

  4. This world of ours could use more road maps to respect.

  5. I respectfully say that this post is excellent, and the Culture Musical Club video is divine. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  6. I like that I can easily read the Promoting Behaviors on the roadmap but not the Undermining Behaviors. I hope I’m not engaged in any undermining, but I’m just going to assume everyone hates me, since I’ve been assured everything will be fine if I do.

  7. Being respectful should come natuarly but sadly it doesn’t

  8. I respectfully say your sunset pictures are excellent and lovely. And I listened to the podcast. You are having an amazing life–and I’m glad you’re here with your blog!

  9. A kinder, gentler world is possible, and this post gives a lot of direction. For those too busy to work through it all, just listen to Thumper – aw, it all goes back to this:

    • It’s easy to say something nice about you! Thanks for the direction you give us all.

      • I’ve reached that age where I have opinions on everything. LOL! Bark long enough, and eventually you’ll scare up a squirrel.

  10. Kathy

    Wow Ann! All of the behavioural themes are incredibly important to respect but also human connection. Everyone should have a poster like this 🙂

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