Day 2383: Keep doing what you’re doing


“Keep doing what you’re doing” is

  • something I’ve written on my white board and on prescription pads at work,
  • often a validating, supportive, and encouraging phrase,
  • a non-judgmental acceptance of habitual behavior, and
  • a new title for this blog.

Because WordPress and my laptop keep doing what they’re doing,

  • I can’t save a post while I’m writing it and
  • only some of my photos are loading today.

Keep doing what you’re doing, including smiling,








noticing signs,




avoiding danger,




and focusing on what’s important to you.




I keep doing groups and I keep doing rhymes.  Yesterday, I wrote this rhyme in a group focusing on “the unexpected.”

The unexpected

Needs to  be respected

And not neglected

And definitely accepted.

People keep listening to this podcast interview about my heart keeping on:

I keep sharing what I’m sharing in this blog, including this song by Anita Wilson:

Keep doing what you’re doing and if that includes commenting on this blog, thank you!

I keep expressing gratitude every day for the help I receive from others, including YOU.



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22 thoughts on “Day 2383: Keep doing what you’re doing

  1. A car once ran over my foot while I was on a zebra crossing. Fortunately it was going fast enough to do no harm

  2. I have had that saving problem recently, too

  3. The unexpected
    Needs to be respected
    And not neglected
    And definitely accepted.

    I love this.

  4. Luis Del Castillo

    I agree with the title!, specially about your blog, big fan!

  5. Came back today to see what’s going on with you, Ann. Going to go listen to your podcast.

  6. After listening to your interview on the Heart To Heart podcast I’m going to keep being amazed by your life experiences and also, among other things, glad that Aaron’s hearing is normal.
    And I like the new title too.

    • I’m glad that you keep doing what you’re doing, Chris, and I always feel heard by you. By the way, that title is just for today’s post; this blog will keep doing what it’s doing as “The Year(s) of Living Non-judgmentally.” (I keep doing ambiguity in my writing, no matter how hard I try not to.)

  7. Keep right on to the end of the road – but don’t rush!

  8. Keep doing what you’re doing Ann! New title? Exciting!

    • I keep confusing everyone with my ambiguous writing, Lisa. I meant it was a new — never-before-used — title for a blog post. The blog will keep doing what it’s been doing with the title “The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally” and I hope you keep reading !

  9. Keep doing what you’re doing, Anne. I love have ukulele, will travel!

  10. I loved your podcast, Ann. I just listened to it for a second time. So moving and funny. I remember very well the difficult decision-making process you went through before surgery, and all the consultations. I remember how stressful and scary that time was, and how well you recovered (and then the unfortunate follow-up surgery). I lived it with you again as you took us through it so succinctly on the podcast, framed this time only by your story of your heart since birth. At the time that you were making that decision, I saw each of your posts in the context of all the other things I knew about you — your anxieties (as disclosed on the blog), your compassion, your love for your son and the day to day details of your life with Michael and Aaron at your work. I grasped the stress of your decision and your distress but I didn’t know how many battles you’d fought before, how many times you’d had to choose between different options, how huge your first pacemaker was. Your podcast really taught me how much of your own hard work goes into looking after your very unusual heart.

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