Day 3312: People’s responses

In the past, I’ve sometimes been hesitant to say or do something for fear of people’s responses. The responses I’ve feared have included:

  • anger,
  • disinterest,
  • new upsetting information,
  • misunderstandings,
  • hurt feelings,
  • needless worry,
  • judgment,
  • more work for me,
  • disconnection, and
  • no response at all.

I continually work on the courage to say and do what’s important without fear of people’s responses.

I wonder what people’s responses will be to today’s images:

I wonder what people’s responses will be to today’s National Days? And I assume that people’s responses to Michael’s first attempt at banana bread would be similar to mine: “OMG! This is so delicious!”

This is the first thing that pops up on YouTube when I search for “people’s responses”:

It helps me to know about other people’s responses to non-responsiveness.

No matter what people’s responses are, I’m grateful for you, every day!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3312: People’s responses

  1. As herd animals we all respond to an innate fear of being disliked or shunned by our fellows. This too human trait can be and often is weaponized to control our activities. The only way to fight this attempted control is to simply be true to yourself.

  2. I would gaze at that banana bread baked my Michael much like Joan, Ann. Wow that looks good.

  3. We must be honest to ourselves

  4. We all love first responders and say thanks for doing a great job. We never seem to mention, and do the same for, second responders. I hereby declare today to be Second Responders day!

  5. Joan’s response to Michael’s banana bread seems entirely appropriate. I’ve heard we all reach a point in our lives when we stop caring about other people’s responses. I don’t know when that’s supposed to happen but I hope I’ll always be sensitive to people’s feelings.

  6. my response is happy surprise as i see joan is now an adjunct professor in your teaching/counseling sessions. well done

  7. I really love your water pictures and your lovely meals. And that bread in your super clean oven looks scrumptious. My oven needs to be cleaned, but I can’t make myself do it until I can open the windows.

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