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Day 3330: Safe Spaces

As I prepare another presentation about therapy groups, I know I need to talk about how to make safe spaces for people within a group, so that they’ll feel safe enough to share important thoughts and feelings.

Do you see any safe spaces in my images for today?

I’ll probably spend Global Movie Day in a safe space reading my birthday present — the wonderful autobiography of the amazing Mel Brooks (who’s aging like fine wine).

Here’s Joan in some safe spaces:

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “safe spaces.”

I hope the comments section, below, is a safe space for you to express any reactions you have to this “safe spaces” post.

Thanks to all who help make spaces safe, including YOU.

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Day 3312: People’s responses

In the past, I’ve sometimes been hesitant to say or do something for fear of people’s responses. The responses I’ve feared have included:

  • anger,
  • disinterest,
  • new upsetting information,
  • misunderstandings,
  • hurt feelings,
  • needless worry,
  • judgment,
  • more work for me,
  • disconnection, and
  • no response at all.

I continually work on the courage to say and do what’s important without fear of people’s responses.

I wonder what people’s responses will be to today’s images:

I wonder what people’s responses will be to today’s National Days? And I assume that people’s responses to Michael’s first attempt at banana bread would be similar to mine: “OMG! This is so delicious!”

This is the first thing that pops up on YouTube when I search for “people’s responses”:

It helps me to know about other people’s responses to non-responsiveness.

No matter what people’s responses are, I’m grateful for you, every day!

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