Day 3313: What’s really on my mind

I like to express what’s really on my mind, and I’m so grateful I get to do that here, every day.

What’s really on my mind today is

  • the state of the world,
  • the state of the nation,
  • the state of the state,
  • people’s mental health,
  • people not getting back to me,
  • my birthday a week from today, and
  • bringing our very shy and anxious cat Harley to the vet this afternoon.

Harley is so shy and anxious that we’ve only had home-visiting vets treating him since we adopted him seven years ago. What’s really on my mind about Harley is that

  • the first vet who did that called him “a very fretful fellow”,
  • he got so scared the last time Michael tried to put him in the carrier that he gouged Michael’s arm with his claws,
  • he needs to see a full-service vet because he’s getting up there in age (like me!),
  • he had a mysterious ailment last week that seems to have disappeared,
  • Michael considered using the “towel technique” to capture Harley and deposit him in the carrier,
  • it was really on our minds last night so we discussed it many times, and
  • Michael discovered, much to our amazement, that Harley will go into the carrier if he puts his favorite treat in there.

What’s really on my mind right now is something Michael says a lot: “It’s never what you expect.”

What’s really on my mind is to share my images for today.

What’s really on my mind, here and now, is that I have a great spouse in Michael and that tomorrow is National Chocolate Cake Day.

This comes up when I search YouTube for “what’s really on my mind”:

What’s really on my mind is to express gratitude to my spouse Michael, to the Incredible Mr T, and to all those who help me blog every day, including YOU.

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12 thoughts on “Day 3313: What’s really on my mind

  1. What a great video that was. Thank you.

  2. puella33

    I see your post of Welcome to Florida- are you planning to go there soon?

  3. I don’t know if Harley would benefit from melatonin, or maybe his favorite treat is all he needs.

    • Harley refused to take the bait of a treat to get into the carrier for the trip to the vet (cats are so smart!), but Michael somehow got him in there anyway. Harley has recovered completely and actually more quickly than me or Michael! I got a favorite treat on the way home from the vet, which is featured in today’s blog post.

  4. what a mix – harley, moira, michael, joan and peanut brittle – a full day of good things and surprises

  5. I’m hoping Harley’s good surprises continue, Ann.

  6. I sure hope Harley is not too stressed by the visit to the vet! Our poor pets! I get stressed with medical appointments, too. And an early happy birthday, dear Ann!

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