Day 2501: Everything you’re handed

Everything you’re handed includes today’s blog and this image I captured with my hand  yesterday:


Ready to be handed my thoughts about that?

  • Eeek!  A talking napkin!
  • I appreciate statements that start with “Please.”
  • I try to compost when I can and feel guilty when I don’t.
  • Unless somebody hands me a napkin, I often forget to get one.
  • Something I have in common with my teacher, friend, and  comedian’s comedian Ron Lynch is that napkins don’t like to stay in our laps.  During a restaurant meal, I often have to reach down with my hand and retrieve an escaped or escaping napkin.
  • You have to hand it to me: I’m a creative name-dropper (and napkin-dropper).

My hands have now rewritten the title to this post several times …

Day 2537: Everything we hand you

Day 2537: Everything I hand you

Day 2537: Everything I’m handed

Day 2537: Compostable

Day 2537: Hand outs

Day 2537: Everything

… before returning to my original title.  As my fiancé Michael says,  “First guess, best guess.”

Now you’re going to be handed more images my hand, heart, and mind have chosen.








Sometimes, everything you’re handed can feel like too much. Please keep these thoughts at hand when you’re overwhelmed:

  • Shame and self-judgment don’t help.
  • This too shall pass.
  • You are not alone.

Here‘s Marc Cohn with “The Things We’ve Handed Down.”

Now it’s time to hand you my gratitude for all who help me create these posts with my own two hands, every day.


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21 thoughts on “Day 2501: Everything you’re handed

  1. Your fiance, Michael, is handy with sage observations — as he is with so much else. I wish you both happiness and health.

    Napkins soak up small messes and are compostable. If only there were napkins for the bigger messes in life, though. Wouldn’t that be sweet

  2. My mother, a young parent during the war, cuts all the paper napkins she has handed to her in the care home into 4 and saves them for later.

  3. puella33

    When “destiny” hands me a burdensome circumstance I say to myself, as you wrote above, ” this too shall pass” – and when it does, I ask myself, ” I wonder what will take its place ahahha

  4. I’m trying to keep everything in hand and get a handle on things. As a left-hander I’ve thought it might make sense to hold a ukulele backward, and I’ll take Michael’s wise advice that the first guess is best. If it doesn’t work out I can try again.

  5. Everything you’ve handed to us makes very good sense!

  6. don’t hand me stuff I am likely to drop it

  7. I enjoy your name dropping! 🙂 And I think your suggestion to remember that we’re not alone in our struggles is particularly helpful. I had an occasion this week to talk to someone who’s been going through something for the last three years, an issue that I’ve only recently encountered, and her sharing her own experience was helpful. You handed me encouragement as well, Ann.

  8. Thank you, Ann. You always hand me something I can use. I think of you when I catch myself engaging in negative self-talk. Love the lily photos!

  9. The napkins on my lap also seem to always slip-slide away with a mind of their own, Ann. Paper or cloth, light or heavy.

  10. i never really use napkins either. i’m kind of messy like that though

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