Day 2500: It’s My Least Favorite Time of the Year

It’s My Least Favorite Time of the Year

(to the tune of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”)


It’s my least favorite time of the year.

The events I remember

in the month of November put a dent in my cheer.

It’s my least favorite time of the year.


It’s those dark, time-changey days of the fall

When my sleep is disrupted,

Politicians corrupted can make my skin crawl.

It’s my least favorite time of them all.


People’s moods will be changing

There’s the stress of arranging

Parties that need lots of work.

There’ll be cooking and baking

And the need to be faking

A smile when encountering a jerk.


It’s my least favorite time of the year.

I know I’ll get through it

I’ve been able to do it without drinking beer,

Through my least favorite time of the year.

© Ann Koplow, 2019

Thanks to all who help me go new places with hope every day I’m given, including YOU!




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35 thoughts on “Day 2500: It’s My Least Favorite Time of the Year

  1. Thanks for the morning laugh- I will have that tune stuck in my head all day 🙂

  2. hahahahaha – cheers

  3. I absolutely love these lyrics, and I agree with every line. Humans should be able to hibernate in winter. Energy is naturally low at this time of year, and Crimbo craziness is the last thing we need!

  4. Luis Del Castillo

    Hahahaha….love it!!!

  5. You surely are something special, Ann.

  6. Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year so it’s inevitable that what follows will be something of a letdown, but your song brightens the gloom.

  7. The song your rewrite is based on is one of my least favorite songs ever. I remember driving to a therapist appointment one December in the late 90s and that song came on. I had recently been dumped, gotten downsized, and my last remaining grandparent had died within a 10 day period, and I distinctly remember thinking, “That song makes me want to drive my car into the concrete retainer here on the interstate.”

    I didn’t, but that song just makes me SO MAD.

    So, here’s what I can tell you – the same person who wrote that also wrote the theme song to Gilligan’s Island. Which makes me smile a little.

    The holidays are hard. It helps to have a sense of humor.

  8. Now I have an ear worm. I don’t care. I’m going for the cheer!

  9. puella33

    You’re funny, Ann – I like your song. During this least favorite time of the year we need you to cheer us up with your humor and message that we’re not alone.

  10. Ann, Great lyrics!
    But remember…it’s always darkest before the dawn.

  11. My least favourite time of year is…………………………….
    I have no idea, maybe Easter because dad died on Easter Sunday

  12. Skip the parties, switch off politicians (the bad ones anyway), give jerks a leftover Halloween treat, have a beer if you want one, and turn this month around!

  13. PS I look forward to you singing it live, here at the YoLN-J

  14. Interesting lyrics–made me smile.
    There is truth in your words.
    One year I was singing my own words to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”
    Christmas greed, Christmas greed
    How much will we buy
    we’re celebrating Christmas
    and don’t remember why….ooooh…..

    Instead of bringing tidings of comfort and joy, the months of November and December often cause stress for a lot of people.

  15. Perfect lyrics, Ann. I sang right along with you. I hadn’t really thought about it, but it is quite honestly my least favorite time of year as well! 😦

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