Day 2253: Every object has a story

I hope you don’t object to the idea that every object has a story, including all the objects in the photos I took during the last day and night of my week-long visit to Los Angeles:


I go for days like yesterday, with many objects having interesting stories (did you notice that the popcorn at Dynasty Typewriter had the story that it was “world famous?”)

Last night, I shared stories with the object of my long-time admiration, affection, and gratitude, Ron Lynch.


I don’t think other comedians would object to my describing Ron as a comedian par excellence and the host of the  Tomorrow!, show, now at L.A.’s Dynasty Typewriter at the Hayworth. I didn’t object when Ron asked me to warm up the audience last night at Tomorrow! last night, so I performed my original song with the perhaps objectionable title “I Don’t Like You.” 

Don, one of the guys working the show last night …


…. didn’t object to capturing the story of my performance with his cell phone. The story Don gave me is that he is going to send me the video of that performance soon.

My story right now is that I am exhausted from my early morning flight back to Boston, so I’ll have more stories tomorrow.  I look forward to the objects of your stories in the comments section, below.

I will now end this post with objective and subjective gratitude to Ron,  Irv Yalom (who was interviewed via Skype on the last day of the American Group Psychotherapy Association conference), the Westin Bonaventure Hotel,  Dynasty Typewriter, Don, the other people at Tomorrow! last night,  the city of Los Angeles, the L.A. Central Library, Ron’s and his girlfriend Shelly’s  Corgi-mix dog (an object of three of the photos above), every other person, animal, location, and object who helped me with today’s blogging story, and — I hope you don’t object to being last on this long list of thanks — YOU!

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25 thoughts on “Day 2253: Every object has a story

  1. Wow, that was a big collection object’s photo, but I can’t object, because I looked at every one of them !!

  2. There are so many stories here, and I’m glad you’ve shared a few of them. It must have been an amazing experience to see both Ron Lynch, whose comedy is brilliant, and Irving Yalom, whose book Nietzsche Wept I saw in a long gone bookstore back when I was reading a lot of Nietzsche, but still haven’t read. Fortunately the book, and its story, is still available.

  3. What great lighting

  4. Gosh, that meal is so inferior to Michaels careful creations. No objections for you to get home safely 🙏

    • After I got home safely, Val, I shared your comment with Michael. We both love your stories and reminisced about how great it was meeting you. ❤

  5. Hell yeah and some of those stories are horrible and not what we like to hear

  6. After such an intense conference schedule I’m so glad you finished your time in Los Angeles enjoying a comedy experience with Ron Lynch, including your own performance warming up the crowd. You make the most of your opportunities, Ann, and you inspire me to be more “open,” per your previous post. 🙂 I took a few minutes to read about Irving Yalom, and I’m attracted to some of the themes in his writing. Isn’t it great that at 87 years of age he is still inspiring other professionals and able to be present at your conference through SKYPE. He definitely has a story, I’m sure.

    I hope you recharge quickly, my friend, and have a wonderful week. I am at the Los Angeles Public Library frequently and will see the Bonaventure, and always think of you!!

  7. Glad you’re back! What nice night shots you took.

  8. i love the fountain with the fish!!!!

  9. I do not object to your L.A. stories, Ann!

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  12. Every object has a soul. ♡ω(=^・^=)ω♡

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