Day 2499: Please don’t die

During both of my group therapy retreats this past weekend, people honored and remembered the amazing and beloved Deb Carmichael, past President of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy.

After the retreats — which involved some small talk but mostly medium and big talk — I was thinking about all the wonderful friends I have lost over the last few months and I remembered how I’ve been saying to people, “Please don’t die.”

Then, last night at our local supermarket, I saw this:


Please don’t die, all you people who are reading this. Or, at least, do your best to stay alive as long as possible.

Here are the other photos I took yesterday:


Please don’t die, Harley and Oscar.

Please don’t die, tigers and other wildlife.  Please don’t die, cousin Lani (who sends me great photos of tigers through snail mail, which is  apparently still alive).


Please don’t die and use whatever remedies that might help you stay alive.


Dwell in possibility (following the undying words of Emily Dickinson) and please don’t die.




Please don’t die and please celebrate every day that you are alive.  YAAAAY!



Please don’t die, no matter who you are, what you are, or how you say hello.  Just don’t say goodbye.

Here‘s “Please Don’t Die” by Father John Misty.

Please don’t die,  Josh Tillman (a/k/a Father John Misty).

Please leave your undying comments below and please accept my gratitude, which does not die.



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28 thoughts on “Day 2499: Please don’t die

  1. Please fully live!

  2. We have all experienced such losses as we have aged. Sometimes we get a chance to make the plea; for some, ready to go, it would be selfish of us; for others we are given no chance.

  3. Best. Ask. Ever.
    Will try.
    (In the case of plants, I find rehoming them with others is their best chance for survival. Give me a scruffy,-looking pet fish or a street cat with a broken tail, though.)

  4. Eventually, we all will, and as Beth implores — it will be after living fully!

  5. I’ve been saying that about a few people lately. I think this is what happens as we get older, and so do our parents:-( As for plants, I gave up on that a long time ago!

  6. I shall do my absolute utmost to do as I’m told!

  7. The comedian Shappi Khorsandi is the daughter of a satirist and poet who had to leave Iran with his family in 1979 and move to England. In her memoir she writes about a time when the British agents protecting her father were so concerned about a threat they moved the family out of London to a secret location in the country. Her father promptly called up several of his friends and told them where he was so they could visit him.
    I take that as a reminder that danger is around us all the time but we should never stop living.

  8. Please have a wonderful day, Ann!

  9. puella33

    Unfortunately, death is out of our control. I don’t think there’s a conception of time with the Omnipotent- Some die young and some die old.. It just transcends human comprehension. Have a nice day, Ann

  10. Yep, we’re all going to die. So have that last cookie! I am grateful for all the things you share. I just read up on your musical choice. Bizarre but interesting. I like the freedom that not giving a care provides. Sometimes I think I’m free and then I develop a conscience. Life is interesting. And then we are done.
    Big hug.

  11. This is why, it is so important to live every day as good as possible, Ann 🙂

  12. I will not die………..I hope
    Got a whole lot more life to live

  13. I’ll do my best, Ann! It’s sobering when you go through a year like you’ve experienced with so many losses Your heightened awareness to the fragility of life is life changing, and I hope, life affirming.

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