Day 2431: Everything

After almost seven years of daily blogging here at The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally, I sometimes wonder if I’ve written about everything.

Fortunately, there are  always more everythings, every day, to notice and share.

This blog is everything to me, so I’m planning on including it in my five-minute “Ted Talk” about Picking up the Pieces at my upcoming 45th college reunion.

Here’s what I wrote about that, this morning:

So as I tell my story to you today, I wonder, perhaps along with you,
what has allowed me to survive, so intact, through all these years of
uncertainty and crisis? What has helped me pick up the pieces, over
and over again? As when I was a child — the love of my family and
friends sustain me. Also, about seven years ago I expanded my
network of friends by starting a daily blog. Every morning, including
today, I write about my heart, my son, my boyfriend, my work,, my
passion for the healing power of groups, my music, my cats, my
hopes, my fears, — whatever helps gird and prepare me for the day
ahead. The day after my heart valve replacement surgery is the only
day I needed a substitute blogger — my boyfriend Michael let my
thousands of readers know I had survived the complicated surgery.
The comments from my readers that day included “This is the best
news that I could receive!” “She’s going to be alright guys’ is the best
line ever!”
As I know with my work with groups, community is essential for
survival. Perhaps because of all the traumas I’ve been through, I need
a bigger group than most to keep me going. Thanks for being part of
my group, today.

I’ve written several drafts to make sure that talk is everything to me and to my listeners at the reunion.  I hope everything, above, will make it to my final speech. I’ll keep you posted about that and everything else.

Here’s everything I photographed yesterday:







Michael’s meals are everything.

Here‘s an “Everything” song:


I look forward to everything you choose to share in a comment, below.

Thanks to all for everything!



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21 thoughts on “Day 2431: Everything

  1. Your place in my world means so much to me, Ann.

  2. Your speech is so beautiful!

  3. I’m not sure that everything can be said, or done, or seen, or experienced, or given, or taken, or accepted, or rejected. There’s always that little bit more that is yet to be discovered. That’s what makes everything so good!

  4. “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?” said Steven Wright. Fortunately everything is all around us, and I look forward to you sharing with us that everything was all right with your reunion.

  5. I don’t think, it is possible to share everything, dear Ann.
    While we learn new, almost daily, there will always be new topics to write about.
    All good luck with your speech 🙂

  6. I think your TED talk will be very inspiring and encouraging to others. You speak about the connectedness we enjoy in blogging, and although that’s not for everyone, I think they will relate to how expanding our circles is important to each of us. I truly value your daily “touchstone.” You add support just by being here every day!

  7. Thank YOU for being here!

  8. Everything is everything, here, thank you

  9. That tribute has to be everything to us

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