Day 2430: What would you like the power to do?

Yesterday, when I had the power to return to my work as a group therapist at a powerful Boston hospital, I saw this sign:


I would like the power to:

  • reverse climate change,
  • increase the love in the world,
  • return the missing to their loved ones,
  • fight for what I believe in,
  • change many of the world’s leaders,
  • offer support to all who need it, and
  • stop myself and others from unhealthy patterns of thoughts and behaviors.

I don’t think I have the power to do all that, but I do have the power to share my other photos from yesterday:



















What would you like the power to do, my lovely readers?

I also have the power to share this song:

You have the power to comment and I have the power to respond.

I also have the power to express my gratitude for those who help me create these daily blog posts and for my powerful readers, including YOU.



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32 thoughts on “Day 2430: What would you like the power to do?

  1. You are fortunate to have the power to help many people as you live your daily life, Ann.
    My wish is to leave situations better for my participation.

  2. You have the power to inspire my day. Thank you Ann πŸ’›

  3. Great post Ann and you are amazing to share your power with us πŸ™‚

    I would like to have power to: make peace in our world, remove lots of leaders in the countries and replace them with some, who really wish to save our planet. The most important, I think.

  4. I would like the power to educate everyone in the world that there is no “they” who will sort everything out, only “we” who have to work together to fix the world.

  5. I would like the power to teach a newcomer how to cook a full meal for his 6 housemates using Canadian appliances, by this Friday. 😊

  6. Alot of good positive inspiration in today’s post. I like all the negative emotions/words you crossed out. We all need to cross them out of our lives.

  7. While you may not have the power to do many of the things you want to do alone, when you consider what helps, the antidotes, and how many of us have your back I hope you’ll realize that there’s a lot we, working together, because this is our fight, can do.

  8. that’s a power-ful wishlist!

  9. Ann, You have the power to address your list above. Simply do so in prayer. God will answer: either, yes, no or wait. Imagine what could be accomplished if we all targeted your list in unified prayer. Only skepticism blocks the way.

  10. puella33

    If I had the power, it would be Utopia

  11. I would like the power to stop judemental people, judging before they know the facts

  12. Gosh if we’re really talking power here, I mean POWER, it would be nice to heal the world, wouldn’t it? But for now, I enjoyed your Fringe picture again and all those helpful phrases.

  13. Sometimes I like to amuse myself thinking of what I’d change if I had the power! My list is very close to yours. But absent that power, I have to acknowledge I have the power to accept my limitations. Powerful post, Ann. πŸ™‚

  14. When I was pre-Kindergarten, I could fly if I extended my “wings”, ran into the wind, and hopped! Then someone told me little boys can’t fly. I lost the power instantly! I would like that power again, a combination of belief and imagination.

    Then, in that same time, I also believed I could levitate to the ceiling if I held my breath and wished it. That was pretty cool, too! (I used that power to be the proverbial “fly on the wall” spy, as I recall.)

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