Day 2435: Reduced guilt

For many of us, reduced guilt would be a blessing.


I love the idea of reduced guilt mac & cheese! I also love the idea of reduced guilt for

  • not being able to do it all,
  • making mistakes,
  • inadvertently hurting somebody’s feelings,
  • over eating,
  • wasting time,
  • wasting money,
  • making unhealthy choices,
  • not exercising enough,
  • being selfish sometimes,
  • getting angry,
  • being sad,
  • having moments of despair,
  • being ambivalent,
  • being needy,
  • not knowing,
  • making missteps,
  • making noise,
  • speaking up,
  • not speaking up,
  • eavesdropping,
  • being lazy,
  • missing people,
  • resenting unfairness,
  • making comparisons (and other cognitive distortions),
  • feeling less than,
  • feeling better than,
  • having a faulty memory,
  • just wanting to have fun,
  • not always following the rules,
  • not always getting what’s going on,
  • having unkind thoughts, and
  • being human.

Here and now, I’m practicing reduced guilt about all of the above, especially having unkind thoughts about some national leaders (who might benefit from having INCREASED guilt about their behaviors).

Because confessing my guilt reduces it, I have reduced guilt about the other photos I took yesterday.



















I have reduced guilt about buying that dress for my upcoming college reunion, because it was such a bargain!

For more reduced guilt, you could try this guided meditation by The Honest Guys:

Honestly, I don’t know those guys, so here’s  “Guilt” by Marianne Faithfull.

What are your thoughts and feelings about reduced guilt?

Increased gratitude to all who helped me create this “reduced guilt” post and — of course! — to YOU.




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24 thoughts on “Day 2435: Reduced guilt

  1. I never feel guilt about sharing a path with someone, but maybe there’s some etiquette I’m missing, so I’ll be sure to check that I’m always passing on the left and stepping off the path to talk.

    • Thank you for your exquisite etiquette, Chris. As always, I’m so grateful and honored to share a path with you here.

      • Ann! The strangest thing! The responses to this blog post are disappearing as I try to scroll through them. First I went to look for your answer on my comment. I could see my comment but when I touched it to scroll for your response it disappeared. And then when I touched it again to other comments disappeared and now there are only two left! how is that possible? I have never seen this before

      • I don’t know why you’re experiencing reduced comments, Maureen, on this “reduced guilt” post. I can’t explain it, although I’ve certainly experienced many WordPress glitches of my own over the years. Perhaps you should contact WordPress help?

  2. As you say, this is a goal for many of us

  3. I do my best for not feeling guilt, as this feeling isn’t good for much, Ann.

  4. I’m all for reduced guilt. I do wish that people would stop apologising for things that happened before they were even born. Let’s move on and concentrate on not adding any more things to feel guilt about.

  5. puella33

    Hi, Ann, it\s interesting how you mention confessing reduces guilt- it makes me think of going to Confession. I wonder if that’s why it individuals attend even though it\s considered a sacrament. But that\s a discussion for another time. Lamenting about leaders, is only a reaction to their comportment’ I feel guilty when I hurt another’s feelings. I feel frustrated when I overeat, because I ask myself,”where is my discipline?”. Have a nice Sunday I

  6. What a pretty dress, Ann, and you sure got a great price on it!

    That leaf looks a lot like a heart.

  7. Guilt???????
    Do I have it????????
    However, what’s the point?????
    Stuffed if I know

  8. I almost always have some of that wonderful Trader Joe’s mac and cheese in my freezer! It’s rich AND I can eat it guilt-free! 🙂 I appreciated reading your comprehensive list, Ann. I do feel guilty a lot–and most of the time for things that have absolutely nothing to do with me or are completely out of my control. Yuck! 😦

  9. That is a wonderful choice for your college reunion, Ann. You will marvelous for the big occasion.

  10. That dress looks wonderful on you! But I have to ask, and I don’t feel guilty about it–what on earth are “Ultimate Ears”?! I’m imagining all kinds of things…

  11. Ann I love that dress! It looks great!

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