Day 3623: My bad

Yesterday, our home repair contractor and I both said “my bad” when we missed a meeting with each other.

That got me thinking about “my bad.”

Starting a thing, is it my good for spending so much time yesterday focusing on group therapy and/or is it my bad for therefore having so few images to share with you today?

Somehow, I can’t imagine the Daily Bitch saying “my bad.”

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “my bad.”

My good for remembering to thank everyone who helped me create this “my bad” post, including YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Day 3623: My bad

  1. Most of us non-orange humans don’t like pushing ourselves forward. We feel uncomfortable takign credit for things. Well, my good for coming up with one possible solution to your puzzle 😉

  2. Speaking of places that scare you (riffing off the book cover you posted), I am at the airport on my way to visit my daughter in Toronto. Terrified of flying and nervous about being in a plane filled with viruses, too. But, here I go! Trying to do stuff. 🙂

    I don’t really use the phrase “my bad” although I have heard it, but I don’t believe anything is ever your bad, Ann, because you do so much good

  3. Steve Allen said that if he didn’t like a comedian he just wouldn’t talk about that comedian. He didn’t like saying anything bad about other performers. That was his good.

  4. my good could be a t-shirt

  5. Being a sports fan, I do notice plenty of athletes taking post-play action that signifies ‘My good,’ Ann.

  6. I’m not a fan of the “my bad” intrusion into our routine speech. I don’t know why this has annoyed me as it does, but maybe you’ve given me the reason. I must have subconsciously been thinking, “where’s the my good?” 😍

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