Day 3624: Find

I find it useful to define my terms, so here’s a definition of “find.”

I always appreciate what people find in therapy, discovering that they can find resilience and hope in the midst of emotional and physical pain. I find we keep learning important lessons over and over again, perceiving new understanding every time.

Yesterday, I was grateful to find, again, that I can use my adult wisdom and capabilities to react more effectively to situations that trigger painful childhood memories.

I find that this newly installed pipe …

… can either obscure my view or help me see more clearly. And if I find that I don’t like looking at it, I can always have it redone.

Here are the images I find on my phone this morning:

I find that

  • I’m trying to obsess less about shit in general,
  • I’m grateful to have a roof over my head,
  • I like to play outside with Joan the cat, and
  • the Daily Bitch calendar is a real find (as is Joan).

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “find.”

It took me several careers to find my main passion, which is group therapy. I’m hoping to find more time to pursue my other passions, including travel and songwriting.

If you find you have something to share about this “find” post, please find the comments section below.

Thanks to all the finds who find me here on WordPress, including YOU!

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10 thoughts on “Day 3624: Find

  1. I find engaging with your blog one of the delights of my life, Ann.

  2. Wow, That is a very intriguing pipe, Ann! Is it a vent pipe? An exhaust pipe.for a fan?

    I wonder if you could hang a bird feeder from it so that Joan could enjoy the view too?

    • I find your comments so illuminating and creative, Maureen! That’s an exhaust pipe for our gas fireplace, which was harming the siding and which got extended recently. I didn’t anticipate that the extended pipe might be visible that way.

  3. I always wonder what Joan finds on her walks. A cat’s perspective is very different from ours but I’d like to find out how they see the world.

  4. I find it hard to believe that any living being could find a better place to be than Joan the cat lying in the sun, relaxed and happy.

  5. I find your photos, particularly the ones of Joan, very pleasing. Thank you, Ann. 😉

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