Day 2369: Live with intention.

Yesterday, when several of us were living with intention and saying goodbye to our long-time social work manager (who always has the best intentions), I saw this:


live with intention. walk to the edge. listen hard. play with abandon. practice wellness. laugh.  risk love. continue to learn. appreciate your friends.  choose with no regret.  stand by your family.  celebrate the holidays that make sense.  lead or follow a leader.  do what you love. live as if this is all there is.   — mary anne radmacher

I copied those words-to-live-by with intention, so I could “remember and do what matters” (another intentional quote by Mary Anne Radmacher).

Steve, the social work manager who is retiring, has lived with intention where we work for almost forty years.  If it wasn’t for his intention, I would not be living and working with intention as  I am now.  Steve posted my position eight years ago through the Northeastern Society of Group Psychotherapy, intentionally stating he was looking for somebody with “a passion for groups.”

Last night, I told Steve that I had quoted him, with intention,  in my group that day, as follows:

Never worry alone.

If you click on that “Never worry alone” link with intention, you’ll see that I quoted Steve in this intentionally daily blog one thousand, five hundred and sixty-six days ago (but who’s counting with intention?).

Steve spoke with intention last night, ending with “I love you all.”

I shall now share my other photos from yesterday, with intention.









I organized those photos with intention.

Here‘s Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith with “An Intention”  live on Soundcheck at WNYC.

I invite you to comment with intention, below.

Every day, I express gratitude, with intention, for all who help me create these intentional posts and — of course! — for YOU.



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17 thoughts on “Day 2369: Live with intention.

  1. never alone.

  2. I’m with you in spirit always, Ann.

  3. live with intention… such powerful words, Ann. They resonate with me this morning.

  4. Great post Ann!!!

  5. It’s my intention to enjoy life, and I’m glad there’s so much out there, and so many people, who help with that.

  6. An intentionally joyful post! I love it.

  7. Excellent intentions to live by

  8. Very good advice! Intentionality gives us a better chance of sensationality! You’re so clever, Ann ❤️👍🏽

    • It takes one clever person to intentionally know another one, Jan!

      • You’re the clever one, my friend. Thank you for the assumption. Some days my clever light shines brighter than other days. Some days it seems to need new batteries!

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