Day 2322: We want to know what you think!

I don’t know what you think, but when I see a sign that says people want to know what I think …


… I often think this:

They want to sell me something.

I think I might be too suspicious, especially since I always tell people in my Coping and Healing groups that I want to know what they think.

I let people in my groups know that I want to know what they think (and feel) by naming what I’m curious about in the moment, which often includes

  • their experience of whatever mindfulness exercise we did at the beginning of the group,
  • everything that’s happened since the last time I saw them,
  • what’s going on for them in the moment (including thoughts, feelings, and body experiences),
  • anything they’re aware of that might be contributing to what’s going on for them in the moment, and
  • many other curious thoughts I’m having.

Then I shut up, to let them know I’m more interested in what they think than I am in what I think.

I want to know what you think about my other photos from yesterday.


























I want to know what you think about things I might do during my week off from work, besides

  • walk and observe nature,
  • see lots of flowering trees,
  • spend time with friends,
  • enjoy delicious food,
  • complete a *%$*&#@ form for the Internal Revenue Service,
  • chair a board meeting of group therapists,
  • let people know about the Northeastern Society for  Group Psychotherapy‘s June conference,
  • celebrate Mother’s Day,
  • miss my late mother, and
  • appreciate each precious moment.

I want to know what you think of this song:


We want to know what you think of this post, of course.

Do you want to know what I think?  I’m thinking thoughts of gratitude for all those who helped me create today’s blog and — of course! — for YOU.




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14 thoughts on “Day 2322: We want to know what you think!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day. I love your photos. I hope every day of your week off brings you something wonderful and some good memories.

  2. A lot of people seem to want to know what I think quite often. Perhaps the question I hear most often is “What were you thinking?”

  3. I’m thinking it’s sad to see another ghost bike. But it’s also nice to be reading your blog again and seeing its pictures.

  4. Who wants to know what I think……………..
    No one……………….
    That’s ok

  5. I wish you didn’t have to complete Inland Revenue forms.

  6. I did want to know more about your photos, and Google helped me. I read about the bicyclist who was killed and the “ghost bicycle” memorial. I was very moved. Your list of what you do when you’re not working is excellent! Wonderful ways to “de-stressify,” Ann! 🙂

    • I actually saw the scene of that fatal accident the day it happened — a crumpled bicycle in the middle of a busy intersection near where I work. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Thanks for another thoughtful comment, Debra.

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