Day 2321: Messages

Fourteen hundred days ago (but who’s counting?), I wrote another blog post titled “Messages.”  During my first year of blogging, I wrote three posts about messages: Day 317: Challenging Negative Messages, Day 178: Feeling discouraged, what helps, and voicemail messages, and Day 144: “Emergency” messages.

My messages for today include the following:

  • Some messages bear repeating,
  • Sometimes people don’t want to hear messages,
  • Messages can be direct, implied, or unexpressed,
  • The medium is the message,
  • I enjoy exchanging messages with my son through the medium of our phones,
  • People talked about messages in a Coping and Healing group recently,
  • Mixed messages are everywhere,
  • Some messages are hard to read,
  • Clarity is important for getting your messages through,
  • Many of us have internalized harsh, critical messages from the past,
  • This week, two people shared the message that attending my groups has been “life changing,”
  • Some people prefer messages in words and other people prefer messages in pictures.














Which one of those visual messages pops for you?

Here’s “Message in a Bottle” by the Police:

If you want the messages of those lyrics more clearly, here‘s this video:

Please accept my messages of gratitude at the end of every post.


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20 thoughts on “Day 2321: Messages

  1. and some messages get lost in the ‘mail.’ they are there, waiting to be found. p.s. one of my all-time favorite songs and bands.

  2. I’m always happy that you choose to deliver your messages with words and photos, Ann. They carry equal weight with me.

  3. Have a good weekend, Ann.

  4. The orange cat is just the message I need. Thanks, Ann

  5. That the medium is the message means there’s a messsage in all things, which is a very positive message.

  6. The message is that Oscar sent a selfie, and that it doesn’t surprise me.

  7. Happy Mother’s Day! Ann.

  8. Oh for the days when messages took time to arrive

  9. I appreciate and take to heart your very positive messages, Ann. “Hope is not a plan” really jumped out at me!

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