Day 1339: What’s missing?

Whenever I facilitate a therapy group, I write all the themes I notice up on the board. Because the discussion is always so rich, the themes I don’t miss will cover the entire board, from top to bottom and side to side.  Then, I ask the group, “What’s missing?”

Yesterday, when I asked that question, one of the group members did not hesitate to respond: “Love.” I didn’t miss the opportunity to add “love” to the themes I’d already written on the board.


What’s missing from that photo?  Dozens of other themes we discussed yesterday in that therapy group.

What’s missing from this post?  Perhaps my other photos from yesterday?











What’s missing from those photos?  Captions?

What’s missing for me is an explanation of this photo:


That was an assignment I gave somebody (and myself) yesterday:  Whenever you imagine that people are angry at you, visualize that angry face changing into a neutral face.  What’s missing for many people is the ability to reality-test their fears that other people are having negative reactions to them.

What’s missing from this post?  Music?

What’s missing, now?

For me, it’s this: Since I’ll be missing six weeks of work when I go out on medical leave starting September 17, I have not missed opportunities to discuss with my patients how missing people can affect them.

What else is missing from this post?

Gratitude, of course, to all those who helped me create this what’s-missing post and to you, especially, for not being among the missing, today.

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19 thoughts on “Day 1339: What’s missing?

  1. thanks for being present today and for being present for all of those who need your good work )

  2. Thank you for sharing another wonderful post. 🙂

  3. Ears, hair and a body?… 😉
    Love this post Ann!

  4. I like the fairy door

  5. Wishing you all the best for the next few weeks!

  6. Ann – thanks for linking the older post because I really enjoyed it – and that jelly fish costume rocks. also – enjoyed today’s post….
    esp this:

    What’s missing for many people is the ability to reality-test their fears that other people are having negative reactions to them.

    and best wishes on your medical leave….

  7. Many things are missing in life just don’t go out in public with missing clothes aka naked that isn’t a nice look people generally don’t look good naked just saying, also not good missing posts unless you are in are a car accident and just miss a post as in power line post those posts it is good to miss just saying

  8. Nothing is really missing Ann.

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