Day 1340: What you need to know

What you need to know first about this post is that it was inspired by this patient publication from the Mayo Clinic, which I was reading yesterday:


What you need to know about me, right now, is:

  1. I’m having open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic later this month.
  2. My only son is leaving for a five-year program at Edinburgh University in 10 days, and he wants to watch certain movies with me and my boyfriend Michael before he leaves.
  3. I am a group therapist who recently facilitated two groups where the members chose to focus on the topics “nature” and “appreciation.”
  4. I saw my cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem, yesterday, and he was very encouraging about my future health.
  5. I am not particularly looking forward to open heart surgery, especially because it will definitely incapacitate me from blogging daily, as I have every day since January 2013.
  6. I don’t like being incapacitated.
  7. A person I greatly respect used the words “delightful,” “brilliant,” and “resilient” to describe me yesterday.
  8. I’m very glad to know that I’m resilient, since that implies I will recover relatively quickly from open heart surgery.
  9. I like cats.
  10. I have to watch what I eat and avoid too much salt.
  11. I have handwriting that can be difficult to read.
  12. I took lots of other photos yesterday, if you need to know:



























What you need to know is that I always try to make a grreat choice for music in my blog posts.

What you need to know is that when I  first understood, four months ago, that I needed to have heart valve replacement surgery performed at the Mayo Clinic, I created this YouTube video about that and shared it in a previous blog post:

You need to know that I’m more reconciled to heart valve replacement surgery today than I was when I first sang that song on May 31.

Anything you need to know or to express, here and now?

What you need to know is that I appreciate every one who helped me create today’s post and  you — of course! — no matter what you need to know, today.

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43 thoughts on “Day 1340: What you need to know

  1. Hello kitty. you’re in good hands at the Mayo.

  2. Reconciled, resilient, ready? I am liking these “re” words!

    After your surgery, will you be able to one day return to a regular salt diet?

  3. Glad you are ready. Enjoy movies for the next ten days!

  4. I am having a mastectomy on the 20th, planning and preparing these next few weeks. I also have a genetic clotting disorder so may have a filter put back in. I’ll be with you in spirit, sending many good thoughts your way!

  5. You need to know, that you are much appreciated and that we will miss you, while you get your next surgery, Ann šŸ™‚

  6. Gene Phillips

    I would definitely agree with #7. My thoughts will most definitely be with you. (By the way, any idea why a sign for Red Sox parking has a Japanese phrase meaning “without interference [or obstruction]”?

    • What you need to know, Gene, is (1) I’m thrilled to see you here and (2) many parking lots for Red Sox games advertise easy exits without obstruction, but I don’t know why that sign is half in Japanese.

  7. What you need to know is that you are in good hands and…. all our hands and minds and bodies and hearts and souls will be rooting for you and singing your song! Much love. šŸ™‚

    And yes. What would Scoobie do?

  8. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as “useless knowledge”–I think all information is potentially useful. I’ve been told Sherlock Holmes didn’t know the Earth revolves around the Sun and didn’t care to know because he didn’t think he needed to know it. I believe our minds are capable of encompassing infinite knowledge.
    Having said that there’s still a need to prioritize and I’m glad you’re focused on what you need to know now and that you’re sharing with us that in the face of all that you need to know you can still sing, “So what?”

  9. I would agree with resilient describing you Ann. Will Michael keep us up to date on your blog?

    • You need to know that I’m discussing this possibility with Michael, Lisa. Thank you for this exquisitely agreeable comment.

  10. Wow. Open heart surgery. All the best to you Ann.

  11. You know we will all be here no matter WHEN you get back! As I am learning, your health is much more important than blogging and writing and whatever other creative outlet we have. If we don’t have health, we have nothing left for creative endeavors. Know you rock!

  12. We’ll forgive your not posting every day. Just get well and start again.

  13. Claudia and Derrick have already said it. Only your health counts.

  14. What I need to know is, will you be scheduling posts for the time that you can’t do them live? I know its important to you.
    You need to know that I would miss you, but would also understand šŸ’•

  15. You miss a few post. So what? We’ll be thrilled when you reappear in the reader! We’ll be thinking: “She’s well enough to post!!!”

  16. When does Aaron fly back to Edinburgh, assuming all goes well with the visa?

  17. Got open heart surgery March 2006. Several weeks my mind a bit scrambled and simple things like balancing a checkbook were frustrating .Was weak but moving around in just two weeks. Felt 10 years younger ! Post surgery diet changes: at the very least processed meats and fatty meats must go. No pepperoni pizza anymore. Switched to vegetable pizza and like it even better. Your whole way of looking at people and life will change dramatically.

  18. I am impressed by the amount of information the Mayo clinic gave you

  19. I really enjoyed your song, Ann. And your hospital stay appears to be well-covered…after all, the Mayo touts concierge services. Can you just tell yourself you’re going to a very large hotel with white decor? šŸ™‚ With your son leaving so soon, I would imagine it’s difficult to be separated through this surgical period and your recovery, but what an exciting opportunity for him!

  20. What you need to know is that you are in good hands!

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