Day 830: Keeping track

When I do my “Coping and Healing” therapy groups at work (and I did two of those yesterday), we keep track of the themes that track throughout  the group discussion.

Here are a few of those, from last night’s group:

If you are keeping track of my blog posts, you might know there are certain aspects of Boston weather that derail me, like

  • how long the winters last,
  • how much snow we get (especially this year), and
  • how agonizingly beautiful and short the spring — my favorite season — seems, especially in comparison to the agonizing-for-other-reasons winters.

Last year, I went off track during spring — for over a month — because I got pneumonia.

This year, I’ll be going off track during spring — for a week, my doctors think — because I’ll be getting surgery, which we hope will keep my heart on track for a good while.

I’ve obviously taken a track, here, away from the group themes I showed you above.

Or have I?

No matter what track we’re on right now, did you lose track of that first item shown above on my group white board ?

If you keep track of Passover, you’ll know that hail is one of the 10 plagues visited upon the ancient Egyptians, convincing them to release its Hebrew inhabitants from slavery.

This week, hail was visited upon the modern Bostonians, which did NOT release its inhabitants from the slavery of unseasonably cold and miserable weather. Indeed, if you kept track of my post yesterday, you might have seen this:

Because I keep track of my thoughts (if not my photos ) I can tell you what I was thinking when I snapped that picture:

All these birds are beautiful and IT’S FRIGGIN’ HAILING ON APRIL 8.

Ever since my heart went into atrial fibrillation in the fall of 2013, my doctors have been asking me to keep track of my weight, every day. They want to keep track of me, in case I start going in to heart failure.

I resisted keeping track that way, until this week. After all, who wants to keep track of:

  • their weight, especially if they aren’t on the same weight track they were on when they were young and/or
  • any kind of failure?

As oft happens,  I’m not sure what kind of track I’m on there. That weight gain could mean

  • Indications of heart failure and/or
  • too much fried matzo and matzo ball soup.

I guess I’ll call my doctors so we can keep on keeping track of things, together.

In case you want to keep track of what’s going on under those numbers, here it is:

Yes, it’s a stool that looks like a jellyfish.

Years ago, when I was keeping track of my son Aaron’s Halloween costumes, I posted this 2007 video on YouTube:

Lest you think I’ve totally lost track here, that video shows Aaron in a jellyfish costume I made for him, when I temporarily lost track of my usual belief that I cannot make good costumes.

Because I’m also keeping track of the time this morning, here’s a well-enough-on-track tune for you all.

That’s “Doctor My Eyes” by Jackson Browne, keeping track on YouTube.

Many thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for keeping track of me, today.

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45 thoughts on “Day 830: Keeping track

  1. Wishing you the best when you have surgery – and afterward. I greatly enjoy the way you manage to take a word and tie it to all sorts of emotions and events that you are experiencing in your daily life. Clever – and always interesting.

  2. Allbest as you head into surgery. I agree, the birds make the winter easier to bear, and looking forward to the spring

  3. I suppose keeping track is sign of strength and discipline. That costume of the jellyfish worked really well. What a sweet moment Ann.

    • I wonder if keeping track of the water one drinks is useful also, even when taking diuretics, drinking additional water may help lose some weight, because I’ve read the body retains water also. The downside is going to the bathroom a lot. 😟

    • Thank you for this sweet comment, Maria!

  4. Oh Ann, I just love that video of Aaron and the Jelly fish costume! So cute and creative – I bet it was even more amazing with glow sticks! ❤
    Diana xo

  5. I love lists, I can’t keep everything straight in my head, also it puts it on paper, so I can see it! I am not so sure I would be down for weighing myself everyday, as I have issues with my weight already, I don’t own a scale, for this reason. So I can understand your resistance to this particular request. I was not aware hail was a plague, I imagine in Egypt it would be, it hailed in CA, we all thought it was horrid too! You will be in my prayers.

  6. I LOVE that jellyfish costume! Aaron is so lucky to have a jellyfish-magic-making mom like you. That is one of the best costumes ever. I like to look at the jellyfish at the local aquarium sometimes, and Aaron made some very convincing jellyfish moves there.

    I hope that your weight gain is due to matzoh and not to anything else. I am on pins and needles for you all the time these days. Pins, needles, anxiety — all forms of emotional hail, maybe? You’re going through a lot and somehow managing to offer therapy to others. How do you do all of this? I want to learn this from you.

    • How do I do it? I share my pins, needles, anxiety, jellyfish, weather, and everything else with you, every morning. That’s my secret, which keeps me on track.

  7. suzicate

    Hope your surgery goes well.
    Now, that is an awesome jellyfish costume! And I add it’s the only kind of jellyfish I want to encounter…they can be beastly here at the beach!

  8. Plus or minus a pound can just be gas, Ann. For me, make that plus or minus two pounds.

    TMI? It’s a guesstimate. I don’t keep track.

  9. Fantastic jellyfish. I loved making fancy dress for my girls all through their childhood. I wish I could send you some of the lovely weather we are having here. Spring will reach Boston soon, I’m sure.

  10. I hope all goes well for you with your help

  11. I like keeping track of how many days I’ve spent in a city, because after a while I need some country days:

    • I like keeping track of all the great music you send me, Maria, including lots of Neil Young!

      • Neil Young has been ranked in the top 50 of the greatest guitarists of all times (Rolling Stone’s list). I remember him because a good friend in my freshman year in college played his albums very loud in the dorm.

      • I like the way you keep track of things, Maria. And I also listened to Neil Young albums with friends when I was a freshman in college.

      • 😀

  12. I can’t imagine hail and storms this late in the season. I am quite impressed that you have any sense of humor left at all. You are made of resilient stuff, Ann! I hope this surgery is just the ticket for renewed health and maybe an opening to stop needing to keep close track of quite so much!

  13. Great post, and fascinating introduction to your blog world (thanks for the chance “follow” that finds me on your doorstep). I’m not much for keeping track of anything, with one glaring exception – weather. An admitted weather fanatic, I can’t get enough of foul, nasty weather. Once we were in Havana as a tropical storm hit – just short of a category one hurricane. We were on the roof (hotel pool located up there)as staff frantically hustled guests off the deck.I stood at the railing – hanging on as incredible wind gusts drove needles of stinging rain into bare skin. Mesmerized as lightning struck all around, watching funnel clouds form and touch down within blocks. Hotel staff literally dragged me from the roof – I was so mad.

    You put a smile on my face knowing we share admiration for Neil Young 🙂 Let me share one of my musical obsessions, Playing For Change. Give the video in these posts a listen – hoping they make you smile 🙂

    • You put a smile on my face with this comment and by introducing me to Playing For Change. I’m so glad we met here!

  14. I hope you are track 🙂 Thank you for bringing Dr. My Eyes. It is one my fav. good to get come to hear it again.

  15. I love the jellyfish costume you created. About tracking your weight, I’d give anything to have your numbers. My doc asked me to do the same because he’s worried my numbers are edging toward pre-diabetic. I do keep track of my weight – for all the good it does me – and I also have to exercise more.

    Jackson Browne’s “Doctor My Eyes” – a great tune to jump start my morning. 😉

  16. Pingback: Day 1339: What’s missing? | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  17. really enjoyed the group themes shared – and hope your heart and whole body is doing well – sending good thoughts your way. 🙂

  18. PS the jelly fish costume is amazing – and did you say he was a highway? Now that has me curious….

    • Thank you! The highway was a black tracksuit with white tape for lines, then we glued toy cars on it.

      • oh – thanks – I can imagine that. and in the 80’s – my friend and I were dice – we took two large boxes – painted them white -a dded black spots for numbers – and had fun at a party as we rolled for doubles. actually twisted….
        but that jellyfish is so cool and I bet the lights added a nice touch too –

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