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Day 3284: Roads not taken

All of us have roads not taken. Some of us have regrets; some of us have reached a level of acceptance about the choices we’ve made.

Last night, I took the road of asking this question on Twitter:

My roads not taken include (1) finishing my thesis on the modern movie musical to get my Masters degree in Film Studies, (2) traveling more, (3) getting a dog, and (4) show biz. The first one I’m good with; the others still seem like possibilities to me.

Do you see roads not taken in my other images for today?

The roads I’ve taken include this: I’m revealing my Film Studies road-not-taken on National Short Film Day! Also, the rocky road to chocolate candy might not be taken by me today, even though there’s plenty of it around.

Here’s Robert Frost reciting his poem “The Road Not Taken.”

I’m going down the familiar road of including a Stephen Sondheim song in my blog posts.

The road not taken for me, up to this moment, includes sharing my attempt to do justice to a Stephen Sondheim song with my voice and my new ukulele.

Another road not taken for me includes doing a version of that I’m happy with, which might be further up the road.

As we move on to the end of this blog post road, I’ll take the opportunity to thank all who ease my way along the road of life, including YOU.

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Day 3270: What I’m waiting for

What I’m waiting for includes:

  • the next step to repair the damage to our home caused by a leak in the upstairs shower,
  • an in-person appointment with my Primary Care Physician on Thursday,
  • an appointment with a veterinarian on Friday to find out if Joan’s ear infections have come back,
  • information on how to deal with food allergies if Joan’s ear infections have come back,
  • a decision about what song I should sing Friday evening for my first open mic in months (candidates include a new original song and a Sondheim song),
  • Christmas and New Year,
  • finding out where my son will be attending a PhD program in mathematics next year,
  • the end of the pandemic,
  • justice for all, and
  • your thoughts and feelings about the contents of today’s post.

I’m also waiting for inspiration to finish my latest original song — “Spoiler Alert” — which includes rhymes like toxicity, authenticity, and epiphany. Here’s a Sondheim tune I might sing on Friday instead of “Spoiler Alert”:

Now, of course, I’m waiting for your comments.

If you’re waiting for my thanks to you, wait no longer!

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Day 950: Beloveds

Today, my beloved Mazda

is being replaced by a new car.

Does it seem strange to you that I call a car “beloved”?

I be somebody who seems to be loving a lot of things in my life.

For example, there are many things in the following pictures I could call “beloved”:


Which of those photos is most beloved by you?

Some of those photos be deceptive (e. g., I don’t drink coffee).  However, one of those beloved photos contains my best beloved (even though that might be less obvious to my beloved readers).

Can you guess which photo that be?

Here’s a photo I took seconds before the one shown above:

That be my beloved son, Aaron, in a local production of

Green Day’s American Idiot, by the Arlington Children’s Theater.

Here’s my beloved niece, Victoria, also in that production:

Here’s my beloved Aaron, again,  jumping on a couch, reminding me of Tom Cruise when he was telling Oprah Winfrey about his then beloved Katie Holmes:

What is most beloved by you?

Even though my work — providing group psychotherapy for the patients of a Primary Care Practice in a Boston teaching hospital — is very beloved by me, so are beloved vacations, when I can get a beloved

I don’t know how restful my trip will be to the beloved Festival Fringe with my beloved son and my beloved ex-sister-in-law, but I be loving that we’ll be seeing beloved musicals Rent and Sweeney Todd in beloved Edinburgh Scotland, very soon.

Because I just joined a Facebook group of people who have the same belovedly unusual kind of heart that I have, I might be seeing two people with congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries (belovedly abbreviated to “cctga”) during my beloved visit to beloved Edinburgh in the beloved month of August (when I lost my beloved mother, seven beloved years ago).

Here‘s one of my most beloved songs, from Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd:

Beloved thanks to my beloved son, mother,  niece, ex-sister-in-law, Stephen Sondheim, groups, hearts, cars, and you — of course! — for be loving whatever you do, today.

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