Day 950: Beloveds

Today, my beloved Mazda

is being replaced by a new car.

Does it seem strange to you that I call a car “beloved”?

I be somebody who seems to be loving a lot of things in my life.

For example, there are many things in the following pictures I could call “beloved”:


Which of those photos is most beloved by you?

Some of those photos be deceptive (e. g., I don’t drink coffee).  However, one of those beloved photos contains my best beloved (even though that might be less obvious to my beloved readers).

Can you guess which photo that be?

Here’s a photo I took seconds before the one shown above:

That be my beloved son, Aaron, in a local production of

Green Day’s American Idiot, by the Arlington Children’s Theater.

Here’s my beloved niece, Victoria, also in that production:

Here’s my beloved Aaron, again,  jumping on a couch, reminding me of Tom Cruise when he was telling Oprah Winfrey about his then beloved Katie Holmes:

What is most beloved by you?

Even though my work — providing group psychotherapy for the patients of a Primary Care Practice in a Boston teaching hospital — is very beloved by me, so are beloved vacations, when I can get a beloved

I don’t know how restful my trip will be to the beloved Festival Fringe with my beloved son and my beloved ex-sister-in-law, but I be loving that we’ll be seeing beloved musicals Rent and Sweeney Todd in beloved Edinburgh Scotland, very soon.

Because I just joined a Facebook group of people who have the same belovedly unusual kind of heart that I have, I might be seeing two people with congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries (belovedly abbreviated to “cctga”) during my beloved visit to beloved Edinburgh in the beloved month of August (when I lost my beloved mother, seven beloved years ago).

Here‘s one of my most beloved songs, from Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd:

Beloved thanks to my beloved son, mother,  niece, ex-sister-in-law, Stephen Sondheim, groups, hearts, cars, and you — of course! — for be loving whatever you do, today.

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28 thoughts on “Day 950: Beloveds

  1. It doesn’t surprise me at all that you call your car Beloved. Another friend of mine called her car Fritz because it was “always on the…” We should never love possessions more than people, but it’s still okay to love the inanimate objects (is a car inanimate? it does move) that make our lives better–or at least more interesting, and naming them is one way to do that. I’m writing this on my beloved laptop I call Emily, after a beloved poet.
    I love all these pictures–and anything from “Sweeney Todd”–but what I love most is the idea of taking Boston’s best sightseeing tour.

  2. You be loving your new Mazda, Ann, your vacation, your Red Sox, your non-idiot son, your cats, your plays, your ex-sister-in-law so splendido, your new great-hearted friends, BF Michael and life in general. We be loving you.

    • My new Honda, Mark! I still be loving you, despite that small misunderstanding. My beloved son Aaron told me last week I am too afraid of misunderstandings. He is, indeed, a non-idiot.

      • A Honda! Best of luck with the new brand, Ann. 🙂 It was not a misunderstanding, more of a misassumption on my part. 😮

  3. I liked seeing the beloved Serenity Prayer on the white board, and your bracketing [God] so it’s up to the individual whether or not to say it or put in something else. A man we know used to say “Bob” grant me the serenity,

  4. I have had several beloved cars and motorcycles. And places to live. And animals and people. And trees. And more.
    Enjoy your beloved vacation!

  5. Ann, the first photo of the IV pole and the boots concerned me, because I thought someone was sick, but I am glad it was a play your son was in. I have had several cars that I have really bonded with, and I would talk to them and thank them for getting me places safely and in one piece and then I have had other cars I have never spoken a word to. Edinburgh sounds like it is going to be a fascinating trip. You should really rest up before you go, sounds like you will be quite busy.

    • That photo kind of freaked me out, too, SD, because it reminded me of many hours I’ve spent hooked up to an IV pole in a hospital. I am so glad that my beloved son is in a play, and not sick. I will take your advice and rest up, so I can enjoy my vacation.

  6. Anything can be ‘beloved’ if one keeps an open mind. However, in answering your question, I would say that in your images, your son would be your ‘beloved’. ‘Beloved’ may also be that time off you will have in Edinburgh, because if you worry less and just relax, you will be fine. I would say, ‘beloved’ is the present, the moment one has now, whatever comes can also be ‘beloved’, if we learn to expect less, accept what is, and relax at all times. Have you heard the phrase “this is unacceptable”? I still hear it a lot of times.

    • Your thoughts about acceptance are very beloved by me, Maria.

      • Okay, the photo with your beloved shoes which are very high quality, your beautiful park, or the “cattitude” labels on the car with “rescue mom” labels on them.

      • BTW, that cute bird on that bench is a House Sparrow, an “urban hero” for its high adaptability to city environments.

      • As always, I be loving learning from you, Maria.

  7. Please watch this, Ann. ☺ I sent this one to my adult children when they kept suggesting that I sell my “beloved” Suzuki SUV.

  8. My car is beloved too Ann. Thank you for letting me come out of the closet on this!
    The most beloved – and finny – part of this post was the Tom and Oprah spoof!! Hilariously beloved 🙂

  9. I will always enjoy my beloved musical collection that started when I was a child.

  10. I like the shot you took after the one with Aaron in it. It leaves much to the imagination

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