Day 3284: Roads not taken

All of us have roads not taken. Some of us have regrets; some of us have reached a level of acceptance about the choices we’ve made.

Last night, I took the road of asking this question on Twitter:

My roads not taken include (1) finishing my thesis on the modern movie musical to get my Masters degree in Film Studies, (2) traveling more, (3) getting a dog, and (4) show biz. The first one I’m good with; the others still seem like possibilities to me.

Do you see roads not taken in my other images for today?

The roads I’ve taken include this: I’m revealing my Film Studies road-not-taken on National Short Film Day! Also, the rocky road to chocolate candy might not be taken by me today, even though there’s plenty of it around.

Here’s Robert Frost reciting his poem “The Road Not Taken.”

I’m going down the familiar road of including a Stephen Sondheim song in my blog posts.

The road not taken for me, up to this moment, includes sharing my attempt to do justice to a Stephen Sondheim song with my voice and my new ukulele.

Another road not taken for me includes doing a version of that I’m happy with, which might be further up the road.

As we move on to the end of this blog post road, I’ll take the opportunity to thank all who ease my way along the road of life, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 3284: Roads not taken

  1. Roads not taken seems to have featured in many posts I’ve read over the past few days. Appropriate to the season perhaps!

  2. regrets, i was asked to law a wreath on Bastille day years ago, this elegant woman approached me, and was giving me this wreath,my shyness perhaps, but if i had,well, have a great 2022.

  3. I think you and Michael will get a dog!

  4. Barb C

    I would have to say singing

  5. I’m often lost and therefore find many roads less traveled, but I find these are some of the best places to visit and learn from

  6. Certain choices I made led to things I never would have expected which turned out to be truly rewarding, so no regrets. Perhaps regret at not standing up for myself when I was younger and allowing people to take advantage of my better nature. But learning to do it as I got older

  7. Any road that leads to you singing is one I’m glad to have traveled. And I do sometimes think about marine biology and whether I missed something by not pursuing that as a career, but nothing in life is certain. Also I was led to think of the short film “Kick Me” by Robert Swarthe which was nominated for an academy award and seems to have many roads in it.

  8. I have managed to do a little bit of everything and I like that poem also. I used to listen to Gil Frondsal’s Buddhist perspective on it:

  9. puella33

    I like that song you sang, Ann, I wish you a lot of happy trails on your roads yet to be taken.

  10. Sometimes I wish the Tell it how it is road is one I could not take

  11. I was texting with my college friend just a week or so ago, Ann, and we recalling how we both faced a similar fork between radio and print journalism in our early path. Both of us went for the newspaper, and we’ll never know what would have waited down that other road.

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