Day 3270: What I’m waiting for

What I’m waiting for includes:

  • the next step to repair the damage to our home caused by a leak in the upstairs shower,
  • an in-person appointment with my Primary Care Physician on Thursday,
  • an appointment with a veterinarian on Friday to find out if Joan’s ear infections have come back,
  • information on how to deal with food allergies if Joan’s ear infections have come back,
  • a decision about what song I should sing Friday evening for my first open mic in months (candidates include a new original song and a Sondheim song),
  • Christmas and New Year,
  • finding out where my son will be attending a PhD program in mathematics next year,
  • the end of the pandemic,
  • justice for all, and
  • your thoughts and feelings about the contents of today’s post.

I’m also waiting for inspiration to finish my latest original song — “Spoiler Alert” — which includes rhymes like toxicity, authenticity, and epiphany. Here’s a Sondheim tune I might sing on Friday instead of “Spoiler Alert”:

Now, of course, I’m waiting for your comments.

If you’re waiting for my thanks to you, wait no longer!

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17 thoughts on “Day 3270: What I’m waiting for

  1. puella33

    I’m waiting for the senate to find a way to override Mansion’s and Sinema ‘s phoney ideology so the bill can be passed/

  2. You and Joan have a lot going on! Nevertheless, I believe that on Friday you will sing your song about toxicity and epiphany with felicity and creativity, only a little flippancy and considerable synchronicity. I hope you have fun!

  3. I try not to step out of line waiting for anything, because it all comes and goes so quickly. I’m always waiting to see my grandkids every chance I get, though! That’s never-ending ….

  4. Love the song Pretty Women, and I’m waiting for an irritating cough to go away!

  5. I’m now waiting for a copy of Women Who Run With The Wolves to be available at the library because, in a strange coincidence, it seems like just the thing to help with some writing I’m doing.

  6. I waiting to have another day filled with unexpected moments

  7. I’m waiting for things I can’t control to control themselves, Ann.

  8. I’m waiting for my poor sick doggy to feel better! She’s being seen by a vet, but not improving too quickly! 😦

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